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101 Guide on Bridal Maharashtrian Jewellery!

BY Apoorva | 21 Oct, 2020 | 49880 views | 6 min read

Maharashtrian jewellery has a unique charm of its own. From its signature patterns and designs to its little intricacies, it always has us mesmerised. Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Maharashtrian jewelry, where every piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. The signature patterns and designs woven into each ornament create a mesmerizing tapestry of culture and heritage.

Image via Vedhika and Kamlesh

So we decided to share a complete 101 guide on what are the different types of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that a Maharashtrian bride dons on her wedding day. From head to toe, we have you covered!

Kolhapuri Saaj

Image via Girish Katkar Photography★ 4.1

One of the most popular and stunning looking designs when it comes to marathi jewellery,. The kolhapuri saaj It is made with jav mani (golden beads) and 21 leaf-shaped pendants. Every pendant has its own meaning. Out of these 21 pendants, 10 pendants define the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, 2 pendants have ruby and emerald stones, 8 pendants are for ashtamangal (ashta means eight and mangal means good) and the last pendant is a taviz.

Bakuli Haar

Bakuli Cha Haar" stands as a cherished Maharashtrian necklace, carrying profound cultural value and frequently gracing special events and festivals. Distinguished by its intricate artistry, this necklace is a replication of the bakuli flower (bel phool) and looks so elegant and classy!

Brahmani nath

Image via Girish Katkar Photography★ 4.1

The Maharashtrian nose ring, known as the "nath," is renowned for its distinctive design. Unlike conventional pin or ring-shaped nose pins, the Maharashtrian nath takes the form of a bow. Typically crafted with pearls, rubies, or emeralds, these Brahmani naths come in diverse shapes and sizes.

Historically, these ornate nose rings were a symbol of a family's prosperity, serving as an indicator of their wealth. Many individuals opt for Brahmani naths made from real gold, adorned with pure pearls and diamonds, further emphasizing their cultural and aesthetic significance.


Image via Vedhika and Kamlesh

A Maharashtrian kambarpatta is a kamarbandh or gold belt that is worn by the bride over the saree on her waist. It's made with variety of metals and has a huge array of designs. 

Kolhapuri Thushi

Image via Maharashtrian Bridal Looks

Kolhapuri Thushi is a choker style necklace in pure gold beads with an adjustable dori at the back. This way this neckpiece can be worn loose or tight, depending on how you want to style it. One of the most popular marathi jewellery styles for bridal jewellery.


Image via PN Gadgil

This is a bun pin with tassels and embedded stones, used as a hair accessory.


Image via Pinterest


A long necklace with gold beads is called a mohanmaal. Mohan maal (maal means string style necklace) is a layered necklace and layers may vary from 2-8 strings.



Image via Pinterest

Literally translates to an ear! A traditional ear cuff in all-gold and sometimes with pearls to be worn on your ear.

Rani Haar

Rani haar is a long pearl necklace set with three layers of pearl string as well as a pendent in the middle.


Image via Pinterest

An armlet in all gold with a major precious stone like an emerald, ruby embedded in between and adorned with mini gold chains. It can be worn in either arms or just one too.


Image via Saga Weddings

An ornament made in all gold and pearls and worn on the ear's helix. You can also get an all-diamond variant in this now.

Hirva Chooda

Image via The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

Maharashtrian brides wear a green chuda at their weddings, which are odd-numbered green glass bangles. Green is the symbol of fertility and they are mixed with real gold bangles while wearing them.


Image via Pinterest

Image via Waman Hari Pethe

Paatlya are flat bangles with intricate design worn at the start or middle of the hirva chooda. These are usually worn by brides post the wedding too as they are easy to wear and not too heavy.


Image via Pune Dusk★ 4.4

It’s a pearl choker necklace interspersed with several decorated pendants. This is perfect for layering your jewellery as this again comes with an adjustable dori.


Image via Pratik Bhegde

One of the heaviest bangles in the hands of a Maharashtrian bride, tode are thick bangles/kadas interlinked without any soldering. These are mostly worn at the start or middle of the traditional green chuda worn by brides.

Vaati Mangalsutra

Image via Gautami Deshpande

The traditional Maharashtrian mangalsutra has two vaatis (bowl-type pattern) as a pendant which is strung with black and gold beads. Many brides now opt for a diamond pendant or even other gold pattern pendants instead of the vaati style.


Image via PN Gadgil

Beautifully crafted out of real pearls, this is a favourite ear stud among Maharashtrian brides. Kudi or kudya are also available in diamond and gold in varied patterns.


Pichodi are a type of bangles that are worn at the end of the green chooda. The design consists of one smooth round edge and another elaborately carved one, giving it its unique look


Image via The The Cheesecake Project★ 4.8 and  BrideMeUp★ 4.9

The tanmani is a classic three or four strings pearl necklace with a pendant in the centre. It’s usually comes in different colours or even a mix, like the navratna. It has an adjustable dori at the back allowing you to wear it at the length of your choice!


Jodvi is a set of silver toe rings which is gifted by the mother in law to the daughter in law. They are worn in specific toes to activate different pressure points.


Image via Pinterest

Painjan are anklets made in silver, usually with some ghungroos to be worn on both feet. Maharashtrian brides cannot wear anklets in any other metal traditionally. 

There are various other designs and patterns in Maharashtrian bridal jewellery like surya haar, champakali haar, bor maal, lakshmi haar or putli haar, jondhale haar, dholki necklace, moongachi maal, kothameerechi maal kolhapuri belpan tik and rudraksha maal.

You can always keep an eye here for the latest Marathi jewellery and traditional Maharashtrian jewellery inspiration!

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