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15 Things to check BEFORE you leave the Salon for your wedding !

BY The WMG Bride | 18 Nov, 2014 | 1864 views | 6 min read


Photo:Ombre by Harsheen Jammu★ 4.9

> Is there enough loose dupatta fabric between the top of your head and shoulder: The number 1 mistake makeup artists tend to make while pinning dupattas? They pin them on the head and take them straight down to pin on your shoulder. Result: Your head is frozen in place and you cannot move. There should be enough loose fabric between the pin on your head and the one on your shoulder Quick fix: Remove the pin on your shoulder, let there be some loose fabric and then put the pin again so that you can move your head freely   > Do you need to pee : Use the loo. Especially for the long business... again, before you wear your lehenga/ saree. You won't be able to excuse yourself later, and it'll be a pain to use the washroom in that grand outfit. Quick fix: Well..umm. Go pee.!   > Are your teeth brushed:  Okay so you probably need to check this before makeup starts but red lipstick or hot pink lipstick tends to make teeth look yellower . You need your teeth to look as white as they can, especially when using red lipstick, and this will also help control bad breath later as you will have to keep quiet once you're on the stage.   > Have you clicked a photo with and without flash:  Mirrors at salons can be deceptive, and you NEED to make sure that your foundation will not look ashy or too white when the flash is used (though we have to admit camera phones end up making all brides look a bit ghostly) . Also, it should match the colour of your neck. If something looks wrong in the photos, ask the makeup artist to fix it, even if it means removing it and reapplying it.   > Has your photographer taken a photo of you with your girls : Some of the cutest wedding photos involve the bride getting ready surrounded by her friends and family. Make sure your photog snaps these up   > Have you fluffed your can-can: Right before you make your grand entrance into the venue, take a moment to fluff up your can-can underneath the lehenga so that the lehenga reaches its full flare. This basically involves taking the end of the can-can and pulling it upwards   > Is there Nail Polish on your toes: Most of the wedding ceremony will involve you lifting your lehenga and doing all sorts of rituals with your toe kept on a wooden plank. Not only is this the time to show off your anklet but you don't want to be caught polish -less.   > For brides wearing off shoulder / lower necklines on their engagement: Have you put double sided tape to make sure things stay in place?   > Have the clothes you came in been packed up to be sent home: SO you are getting ready for the big day but don't leave behind your previous outfit at the salon :p   >Have you applied perfume:  Apply anti-perspirant deo, not just any other on the big day... you don't want sweaty underarm patches while wearing that gorgeous lehenga! You might think that you can skip it cz you don't sweat that much, but it is going to be a long long night!   > Have you walked in your footwear for a few hours : This might not be a step right before leaving the salon, but make sure you have tried wearing your footwear for at least a few hours days before the wedding. This is to ensure that you don't get shoe-bites and can walk comfortably, no matter how high the heels are. Also, getting gel insoles for the heels is going to be a decision you will thank yourself for later!   >For coastal brides: Have you applied  Makeup spray! This is a very important step, especially if you're in a coastal city like Mumbai or Chennai! Something like Kryolan's Dermacolor spray will work better than Mac Fix+, which is more for a dewy finish and hydration- enemies of sticky weather!   > Rethink those 'flicks' :  A lot of makeup artists love to put em, and it may look nice on you. But remember, you might not be able to push them back if they stick to your face later, and they cannot be deleted from photos! We've seen some pretty brides being ruined thanks to 'flicks'   > Have you told your sister to carry a pain killer and vaseline:  Carrying a crocin pain relief or Combiflam may sound like an extreme measure, but when your earrings are weighing down by the two kilo earrings and your ten kilo lehenga is digging into your waist and your neck begins to give way- trust us a pain killer will be very handy. Just make sure you dont eat it empty stomach. In terms of Vaseline- most bridal lipsticks are ultra matte and a few hours into the night can end up feeling super dry. Use vaseline on your lips and also on your heels to prevent shoe bites.   > Message/call your husband-to-be right before you leave. He's probably more nervous than you are!   > Have you got a mental map of where you are going to enter from and take the path to the stage: You can get lost in a sea of people staring at you!   > Are you wearing your engagement ring: Might seem like a 'DUH' thing but we know of girls who have removed their rings for the Haldi so it wouldn't get ruined and then forgotten to wear them on the big day.   > For morning weddings: Have you carried your sunglasses? Nothing is cooler than Indian Sikh brides rocking those sunnies with their anarkalis for thier morning wedding. Make sure you carry yours   > And last and the most important, do not forget to carry the bridal emergency kit ! Hand it to your sister or your best friend... you never know when emergency strikes!   Last (but definitely not the least) thing to check, do you have that Smile on??  :)   [handbook] Getting hitched? Find your makeup artist, photographer, bridal designer and more on Wedmegood Vendor showcase
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