15+ Unique Finger Mehndi Designs That You'll Absolutely Love

By Garvita | 03 May, 2021

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Ever had a moment where your mehendi artist has put in absolutely zero efforts to create a unique finger mehendi design? Imagine your palm donned with gorgeous, intricate henna details but you pay no heed to your finger design because there's nothing creative out there. It's just repetitive and unappealing! Mehendi designs for fingers can be tricky and you definitely want them right!

While internet overflowing with stunning finger mehndi designs, our 'mehndi wale bhaiya' couldn't care less! So to help you sail through this, we have made a pool of finger mehndi designs for you to flaunt. Without a further ado, bookmark these images for oodles of inspiration and breathtaking feast for your eyes.

Mehndi Designs for Hand Fingers! 

Nobody’s going to deny the fact that we usually miss out on the finger mehndi design. We are so busy in pinning the mehndi designs overall that it is almost missed out. We have seen so many designs, right from geometric to minimal. Well, fret not, we have listed some wonderful hand finger mehndi designs, well, you know the drill? Screenshot your favorite design and show it to your mehndi waale bhaiya!

Those details are so on point!

Traditional yet trendy, this royal finger mehndi design is simple and perfect to bring magic to your fingers. It's minimalistic and can be rocked effortlessly, this stylish design for fingers needs nothing to compliment, it’s a beauty in itself.

Image via hennackg

And this one doesn't even require any addition

For all those who like some rich, full henna fingers this one is perfect. It's bold, gives a fuller and a very traditional feel, giving you a touch of royalty!

Image via asma_aaira_henne

For the foliage fans

Like being out of the box? This simple hand fingers mehndi design is all you need. These twisted turns of the floral mehendi design is very sophisticated and artistic, it gives you the modern edge you need, it is consistent and very calming to look at.

Image via fusionfashionista

This one's absolutely picture perfect

A very unique hand finger design, it has floral, dots and a variety of patterns giving you shades and some depth to your henna, this design can compliment both traditional and modern vibe you are looking for!

Image via hennackg

Strike a balance between traditional & modernity with this finger mehndi design

Distinct patterned lines and some floral motifs to top it off, this design has a balance, taking inspiration from the same you can go with a more minimal hand mehndi design. It is definitely a classic!

Image via Cinnamon Pictures★ 5

Jaal design is our favourite for obvious reasons!

The jaal mehendi designs are usually jewellery patterned and compliments the hands in its own way, it gives a sense of ancient palaces and the designs are interrelated to nature, architecture , kings and queens. It's sure a very elegant pick for you !

Image via nurahshenna

Love how the patterns on fingers is delicately done 

Subtle yet eye-catching, this design is a very unique one, very sophisticated and detailed, if you want to stand out and get your mehendi finger game up this should be the one.

Image via Pinterest

Minutely detailed and it looks great! Doesn't it?

Geometric Designs and some unseen patterns are seen in this finger mehendi, giving you the modern edge and the touch of creativeness you need.

Image via Pinterest

Can’t stop admiring this artsy design

Elegance in its truest form, this design is an epitome of creativity, it's super artsy and eye catching.

Image via nurahshenna

Oh well! Simply twirl it around

Super unique and bold, this design is definitely adored by all!

Image viamehndiartist_hira

This one is so unique and different

If you are someone who adores repetitive patterns save this elegant mehendi finger design photo !

Image via mehndiartist_hira

A sight to sore eyes! Isn't it?

Want the taste of both Indian and Arabic designs? This minimal yet full mehendi finger design is the one you are looking for!

Image via hennabynayalesh

When you want a design less than minimal :D

Less is more, and this design is the exact definition to it. Sleek, classy and trendy all in one!

Image via Pinterest

Extremely easy pattern which is fresh and pretty

Very attractive and minimal, you definitely will make some heads turn with this one !

Image via Pinterest

This attractive design is to die for

Artsy and topped up with some floral motifs you really have to try your hands on it !

Image via Pinterest

Can't wait to have look at this design's stain

This one gives a feeling of luxury! Definitely a showstopper!

Image via hennackg

Tips to Darken Your Finger Mehndi!

Who doesn’t love dark mehndi stains after all, spending hours sitting getting your dream design. We have listed some tips you can follow to darken your finger mehndi design - 

Use a Mix of Lemon & Sugar 

This is one of the oldest ways to keep the stain intact. The moment your finger mehndi dries a little, dab this mix on your mehndi. This will help it stick on your hand for longer and make it darker. 


Take 7-8 cloves and heat it in a pan. Once you remove your mehndi, keep your hands on clove fumes. Cloves are warm in nature and warmth helps in turning your mehndi darker. 

Mustard Oil

Here is another home remedy to darken your mehandi. It is the simplest hack, just apply some mustard oil on your hands. Let it stay for 5-6 hours and see how it helps you. Psst...it also softens your hands. 

Tea or Coffee in your Mehndi Mix

You can ask your mehndi waale bhaiya to add some coffee or tea to your mix. These two components really help in giving your mehndi the right amount of darkness. 

Stay away from Water

Do not ever wash your mehndi. Always let it dry naturally and keep it away from water. Water can lighten the stain. So avoid water for a while. 

Apply Eucalyptus Oil

After all, essential oils can be of great help and it is one of them. If you are not a fan of mustard oil, you can pick eucalyptus oil and apply it to your mehndi designs on fingers.

Well well well who thought that finger mehndi designs could be soo fresh and next level exceptional! It's time to stop settling with those average finger mehndi designs, and go ahead with something that you love! Also, don't forget to tell us which designs out of these got you hooked?

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