20+ Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces That Blew Our Minds!

By Apoorva | 12 Sep, 2019

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A Sabyasachi lehenga from the Sabyasachi Mukherjee★ 4.9 bridal collection is on the list of many brides from the very first day they plan their wedding. Brides want the latest pieces while not caring about the price or cost of it. But new on the list is Sabyasachi jewellery! The Sabyasachi jewellery collection that is from the House of Sabyasachi himself is mind blowing to say the least. Along with a Sabyasachi lehenga, you can pick a wide variety of Sabyasachi jewellery from the unique Sabyasachi jewellery collections that he has launched.

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Along with the exclusive Sabyasachi bridal collection in Sabyasachi jewellery – they also have multiple pieces in wedding jewellery that you can pick up if you are a sister of the groom or bride. While most of these pieces in the Sabyasachi jewellery collection, are super-exotic when it comes to the diamonds and other stones used so we can only estimate how much does Sabyasachi jewellery cost!

We picked out 20+ of the latest Sabyasachi jewellery pieces from the Sabyasachi jewellery collection which were earth-shattering to say the least! The pieces are absolutely unique and not massy – so you won’t get typical trends. But you will get some unique pieces that are lovely. From emeralds, diamonds to beautiful polki work – the Sabyasachi jewellery collection has it all. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the exclusive wedding jewellery pieces here.

Some of the beautiful Sabyasachi jewellery collection pieces are:

  • Bib Necklaces
  • Emerald Work
  • Uncut Diamond Work
  • Multi-String Necklaces

Emerald Love

This gorgeous wedding jewellery piece literally took our breath away. It’s a 366 carat (now we really want to know how much does Sabyasachi jewellery cost) Colombian emerald which is strung on a delicate brilliant cut and rose cut diamond chain. It’s delicate yet perfect enough for brides to don!

Victorian Diamond Madness!

OH MY GOD! That is the only exclamatory sentence you can say and feel once you take a look at this gorgeous Victorian diamond set. This is one of Sabyasachi designer pieces out of the latest Sabyasachi jewellery collections.

Bib Bridal Necklace

The bib trend is still going on strong when it comes to wedding jewellery for brides. This is an intricate bridal necklace in uncut diamonds, hand-woven with clusters of tiny Basra pearls. How beautiful is that?

For Brides That Love A Little Bit Of Everything!

If you are a bride to be who doesn’t care about the price or cost of the wedding jewellery that you buy – pick this one. It’s an heirloom piece for sure! A classic necklace structured out of Mozambique rubies, Zambian emeralds, rose-cut and fine-cut diamonds, all set in 18 karat gold. What more do you want?

A Little Dose Of Sapphire

Not someone who loves typical greens and reds? Opt for this uncut diamond and yellow sapphire necklace with hand-carved peacocks in 22k gold. It’s unique than the rest of the pieces in the Sabyasachi collection! The peacocks bring out the regal factor in the entire intricate work on this piece while the sapphires would look fantastic on a bridal red lehenga. So if you are looking to pick a bridal red Sabyasachi lehenga, think about wearing sapphires, instead of the usual emeralds and diamonds!

5-String Necklace Beauty!

If you love dainty pieces but they have to look like bridal and wedding jewellery then go for this beautiful delicate – string diamond necklace with an uncut diamond in the pendant. We would dig this even if was on the sister of the bride or groom!

Boys too can have fun!

The Sabyasachi collection doesn’t just make wedding jewellery for brides, but for everyone. We love this gorgeous layered set that would look amazing on grooms who love Sabyasachi jewellery too. Quick tip for brides – if your grooms get these pieces, chances are they will never wear it again except on the wedding day, so you can get a chance to wear them later!

Oversized Chandbalis

Spotted in the Sabyasachi online collection, Sabyasachi jewellery has single pieces too that you can pick instead of full wedding jewellery sets. These oversized chand balis have our heart!

PeeCee’s Wedding Jewellery

How can we do this list without mentioning the gorgeous jewellery that PeeCee wore for the Hindu wedding? Along with that stunning Sabyasachi lehenga in red, she wore all her wedding jewellery pieces from the Sabyasachi jewellery collection. Her wedding jewellery was crafted with uncut diamonds, emeralds and Japanese cultured pearls in 22 karat gold and had delicate tiny stars in uncut diamonds to give a sense of whimsy to an important traditional piece.

PeeCee Reception Jewellery

For one of her many receptions, PeeCee wore this strapless Sabyasachi lehenga in navy along with a Victorian necklace in rose cut and fine cut diamonds. We loved the way she styled this lehenga more like a gown with that strapless blouse. It’s a perfect neckline to show off that beautiful neckpiece.

Who Doesn’t Like Rani Haars?

Rani haars are such a beautiful piece of wedding jewellery that you can pass on as an heirloom piece to your daughter or daughter in law. This traditional rani-haar from the sabyasachi bridal collection, is strung together with uncut diamonds and tourmalines.

Esha Ambani Piramal’s Graha Shanti

The Ambani –Piramal wedding wasn’t a wedding that we would easily forget! And the looks of course. For her Graha Shanti pooja, Esha wore a beautiful custom made Sabyasachi lehenga which was hand-painted, hand-embroidered with tilla-work and an antique bandhej dupatta along with a necklace and earring set featuring uncut Syndicate diamonds and Zambian emeralds from the Sabysachi collection

Give Us Some Choker Lovin’

The DeepVeer wedding gave us wedding goals to another level. For her Bangalore reception, Deepika donned this beautiful emerald choker which was a cluster of rare Colombian emeralds and rose-cut diamonds. This was a Sabyasachi designer piece that we are still ogling on the Sabyasachi online site!

Bib Necklace + Oversized Maangtika

For her Sindhi-Punjabi wedding, along with that beautiful bridal Sabyasachi lehenga Deepika donned two major jewellery trends with her wedding jewellery. She went all out and wore a beautiful bib necklace along with a multitude of midi rings and an oversized maangtika.

Deepika In A Emerald Choker

While Deepika gave brides enough looks to create a mini-Pinterest board of Sabyasachi online, her looks as a guest are breaking the internet too. Along with this plunging neckline black Sabyasachi lehenga, she wore this gorgeous emerald choker. This look was from the #NickYanka reception party!

Uncut Bib Necklace

Along with a bib-like style, this necklace from the Sabyasachi collection is perfect for uncut diamond lovers too. If you are one of the many 2019 brides and love her bling – this is the one gurrrl!

Stunning Diamond Cluster Necklace

While uncut diamonds and polki have their own place, there is something intricately charming about an only-diamonds bridal necklace. It’s classy yet looks beautiful enough for a bride to wear!

Another Diamond Beauty!

This one’s for the keeping! A stunning piece out of the Sabyasachi jewellery collection, this rare old-mine cut Golconda Diamond necklace is set in platinum.

Colours Glory!

This beautiful real bride who wore an absolutely gorgeous sage green colour Sabyasachi lehenga, adorned it with this magical necklace full of colours. This Sabyasachi jewellery piece was fashioned out of uncut diamonds, pearls, unpolished corals, tourmalines and desi meena!

Mini Choker

If you love layering with smaller pieces instead of buying chunkier ones, this is a must have on the list. It’s a beautiful mini-choker with emeralds and a mid-set ruby!

Layered Jewellery

And while we are talking about layering your wedding jewellery, you can take inspiration from these two lovely pieces from the latest Sabyasachi bridal collection. The first one is a beautiful choker with danglers and the second Sabyasachi jewellery piece is five layered set with dangling emeralds to match the choker!

Stunning Mini Pearl Choker

If you love pearl wedding jewellery as much as we do, you will love this piece. It’s a mini pearl choker set with light green emerald earrings from the Sabyasachi collection! What’s lovely about this piece is that how even a small piece of jewellery can make such a huge impact on your entire look. You can dress this down by simply wearing this as a single piece or you can layer it with a multi string necklace and amp up the glam factor within seconds!

Navratna Love!

Navratna sets are so versatile. These uncut diamond navratna pieces can be styled with any look – from a lehenga to a simple anarkali – you name it and it will look stunning! We love the dose of colour they bring to a wedding jewellery piece.

Go Big Or Go Home!

This one’s from latest Sabysachi designer collection called Fiza! This piece is for someone who loves their bling and isn’t afraid to carry it off. We love the delicate kaaragiri work throughout the necklace and just a pop of colour with that mid-set emerald in the pendant at the end.

All images are from Sabyasachi Official and Sabyasachi Jewelry

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