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20 Things To Do Right After You Tie The Knot!

BY Sakshi | 26 Oct, 2017 | 3209 views | 6 min read

You would think you can take it easy right after the wedding is over, but let us tell you it's not even gonna be close to relaxing! There is so much to be done within the first couple of months after the knot is tied, and getting all this done ASAP is the best way to go about it- procrastinating on these things is definitely not a good idea! So get up and cracking, especially if you guys plan to move countries right after the wedding!

Image via Zaheer Molu


Now that's the first thing you guys need to do- the time right after the wedding can be hectic too, with meetings, greetings and parties, but make sure to take a day or two off- probably in a local resort or hotel to just rejuvenate from all the wedding madness! You can also use this time to chalk out how you want to go about finishing all these tasks!

Cross-check whether all the vendor payments have been cleared

Right from the decor guy to the DJ, cross-check with everyone on the payment status and clear pending dues, if any. 

Send Thank You notes to all those who matter

Your friends and family traveled from all parts of the earth to be with you on your special day, and they probably got you nice things as well! So both of you should take out some time and send out thank you notes, whether online or printed ones, make sure to do this! 

Take your hardworking family and friend crew out

For the ones who were a part of everything, make sure you make them feel extra special by taking them out and thanking them in person! You could even arrange a special brunch for near and dear ones!

Register your marriage

Now this one is important, especially since you'll be fined if you do not within 30 days of your marriage! This is especially important if you guys intend on moving abroad. Read here on how to go about getting it done!

Update your marital status and address

There are a lot of documents that need updating, even if you're not changing your name. You need to get your spouse's name attached to your Aadhar, Insurance, Bank accounts and even Passport, although it's not mandatory. You might have to even get your communication address changed everywhere, so get that done ASAP. 

If you are getting your named changed officially, kickstart the process

If you're planning to, then get it started! Changing your name on Facebook and Twitter is the easy part, but you also need to make time to do it legally. In India, the whole process of changing your name on every legal document takes about a year, so get it started as soon as possible!

Organise all your legal documents as a couple

You never know when this might come handy, especially in case of moving to a new country. This would include filing together your certificates, permits, licenses, passports, and so on. This will make it easier later on to retrieve important papers. You will thank yourselves when the time comes to pull out these documents!

Keep your finances in check

Will you two be having a joint account or continue with separate ones? Review your joint assets ad investments to get a realistic idea of what you guys are worth. Plus, decide on how you intend to spend or invest the cash you got at the wedding. As a couple, you have to keep your finances in check and the best and most transparent way. 

Get bridal lehenga cleaned and packed professionally

If you're planning on keeping your lehenga for posterity, then get it professionally cleaned as soon as possible and packed properly. That way you get rid of any stains and smells quickly and can store it without ruining it. You've spent so much on it, might as well go a wee bit extra to make sure it stays pristine!

Decide where to store your jewellery

All that jewellery lying around the house is not a good idea! Decide what to do with it- whether to store it with parents, in a lock or somewhere else safe. 

Do a detox diet

All that drinking and dancing during the wedding would have taken a toll- do a detox diet with just fruits or juice for a day or two to cleanse the system and get your energy back!

A facial or massage to ease the post-wedding blues

This is taking the stress-relief a step further! Book a facial or massage, whatever pampering you want to relax your body and mind!

Sort out the gifts you received at the wedding

Whether in cash, kind or online, keep a note of what all you got. Sort out the gifts in terms of what you want, what you want to give to your parents or things you want to store to pass on to someone later or donate to charity! This will also help you decide what you need or don't need to pick for your new home later!

Take down your wedding website!

If you're paying to host your wedding website, you'll definitely want to take it down after the big day to cut costs. 

Decide what to do with the personalised wedding decor

So there are a lot of elements which are personalised which you might have ordered for the wedding. Whether you want to preserve and display them at home, use them in some other way or discard it, take a call. 

Share the digital album with the guests

After you've posted the digital images of your big day on social media, you might forget to create an album IRL to share with your guests, so that they can browse the photos too! 

Start following up on your wedding photo album and videos

Start following up with your photog. Once the processed images come, schedule a weekend date to choose your favorites and order your album. Some couples can sit on this one thing for months, and to think you've already paid for it!

Get prepped and excited for your honeymoon!

If your honeymoon or minimoon was right after the wedding, then you can get all this mentioned above after it, but if there is a break between your wedding and honeymoon, then start making plans, shopping and getting excited about it!

And last, but not the least... review your vendors!

Your wedding vendors worked day and night to make your day magical and special, so return the favor by posting a great review on WedMeGood, especially if you were happy with their work! Express your gratitude, it's always a nice thing to do!  

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