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25 Wedding Day Hacks That Will Make You Get Through The Day #LikeaBoss

BY Apoorva | 10 Sep, 2016 | 2266 views | 5 min read

There's so much to take care of when it's your big day. And whether you're a bridezilla or a chilla, there are a few things every bride should know to make her day awesome. Because while the bigger matter are all taken care of by your planner, you're left with the tiny things that really can make/break your day. That's why every resourceful bride needs a good hack. Here are the top 25 wedding hacks that will save your day in every way possible - a gift for you, from us. 1464288993_Wedding_480

Shiv Sharma Photography★ 4.9

  • Worried how your pictures will turn out? Give your photographer ample lists:  HEre is a shot list for reference
  • Hide a tissue in your floral bouquet or in your jaimala to tackle shiny spots and sweat.
  • If you drop wine or food on your dress during one of the events, just ask your bridesmaid to fill that with a pinch of table salt - the stain will lighten up so you look good. Attend to the lighter stain later, professionally.
  • You want your perfume to linger on for a long time? Just use a bit of Vaseline on each of your pulse points wherever you spray your perfume. The jelly makes the perfume stick on longer instead of dissolving.

The Royal Affair★ 5

  • Drinking at your cocktails and worried your teeth will stain? Just drink sparkling water after every glass of red and lo, the carbonation will make sure your teeth stay sparkling.
  • If you're a DIY bride, then I'll say use chalkboard signages through your ceremonies so you can reuse them at multiple events.
  • Always make sure your fridge keeps two tea bags that are used already in the freezer. Just place them on your eyes to depuff on the big day so your dark circles or sleeplessness don't show.
  • Got a big pimple on the big day? Rule number one, don't ever pop it. Grab an ice cube and massage it on the pimple for 5/10 minutes and the swelling will come down. To top it off, rub another ice cube all over your face for an instant ice facial - it freshens your face BTW.
  • Bought shoes last minute? We've all been there. The last-minute switcheroo. But what are you supposed to do when the shoes are too tight and you have to spend the better part of your day on your feet? Grab your thickest pair of socks and a hairdryer and get stretching. You'll want to blast the heat for about 10 minutes in the tight areas.

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks★ 4.9

  • Most wedding shoes are brand-new, so rub the bottom with sandpaper before wearing to de-slick the soles.
  • Also, put in a bit of talcum powder in those soles your feet smell fresh all day long!
  • There’s nothing worse than paying for your hair and makeup and then ruining it all by pulling your shirt over your head. Make sure to wear a button down shirt or a bathrobe while you’re getting primped.
  • Get instantly plumper lips when you add a few drops of essential peppermint oil to your lip gloss. As you reapply throughout the day it will give your pout that "just-bitten" lift! Kama Ayurveda has a great Peppermint Oil.
  • Have a lot of candles at the smaller events that you DIY-ed? Just freeze candles and tealights the night before so they last longer while they burn!

Picture Courtesy: Tanisha's Wedding / Stories by Joseph Radhik

  • Want to customise your wedding shoes for the big day? Just take old nail polish of any hue you like and paint the bottom in that colour. Teal blue heels, anyone? So what if they're not Louboutins.
  • If you are not used to wearing heavy jewellery but your wedding jewellery has a heavy jadau earings, ask your jeweller to give you a support chain over the ear or that can be pinned in your hair to give you adequate support.
  • Use duct tape to remove dirt from your wedding lehenga if it gets soiled during photos or in the outdoor lawn. Place the duct tape and pull the dirt off - even waxing strips help.
  • While carrying  the cake, have the guys scraped a few edges of the icing making it look unkempt? Just pick a few flowers from the venue and place them on the sides to cover it up. Plus, the cake will look even more pretty!
  • Stay away from dairy, a natural inflammatory, for three days leading up to wedding to de-bloat naturally.

Shiv Sharma Photography★ 4.9

  • Keep a baby wipe or two on hand for stains. Baby wipes are our go-to for stain removal. They take off everything from makeup to sweat stains.
  • Instead of carting your foundation, cream blush, or moisturizer around with you on the big day, squeeze a single-use amount into the closed compartments of a contact case. The case is small to carry around and won’t leak in your bag!
  • Rent, rent,rent! If you aren’t big on spends tons on money on a lehenga / dress for "Middle" ceremonies or even just welcome lunch or to wear in between your big day- rent one! Right from Anita Dongre to anything, you can rent it for almost 1/10th the cost at Flyrobe.
  • The best things to give out when making your guests go from one venue to another? Snack packs! Pack a few nuts and a bottle of water so they can munch on the way.
  • Feel bloated on your big day? Drink mint tea! It helps remove heartburn and indigestion and keeps you calmer too.
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