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6 Simple Things To Carry That Can Really Be Handy On Your Wedding Day! *Tips & Hacks!

BY Sakshi | 22 Aug, 2018 | 2564 views | 3 min read

We know you're excited about your wedding day, but get it together! There's a wee bit more to do than just dressing up and looking gorgeous! A practical bride is a smart bride, and carrying a bridal emergency kit of sorts is something we highly recommend- after all, emergencies can strike anytime, and when you're the bride, that can put you in full on panic mode! So here are 6 simple things we recommend you carry with you on your D-day, things that can really come in handy, especially if you're having a destination wedding!

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Clear Nail Polish

Now while of course it comes handy to paint the nails, on the wedding day it can double up for a lot of other things too- like using it as glue to stick back some embellishment on your dress or smoothen out some work that's poking you! It can even fix broken jewellery, shoes in an emergency with this!

Panty Liners

Not for the intended use, but for your sore feet! Yes, even if you have broken your shoes in before the wedding, any heels or even juttis can lead to a nasty bite while dancing, so stick the small panty liners on the back or side of the shoe- whatever is biting you for some quick relief! Another great hack with panty liners is to stick them to your underarms to avoid excessive sweating from showing up on your outfit!


While double tape can come in handy to make sure your blouse has a proper fit and to fix minor problems in the outfit, normal tape can help in aching feet- just tape together your third and fourth toes together which apparently helps a lot in relieving foot ache which could happen due to heels or dancing! Another great hack for the double tape is to keep your maangtikka or mathapatti in place- just put a little bit behind the dangly part and stick it to your forehead- you won't have to keep adjusting it all night!


Every bride gets emotional at her wedding, and one way to ensure that doesn't take a toll on your makeup is by ensuring you have Q tips handy. They are better than your fingers or anything else when it comes to removing makeup precisely without disturbing the base, so keep some (soaked with a little bit of makeup remover preferably) to remove running eyeliner or mascara without effort!

Bobby Pins 

Yes, we know there are 50 of them in your head already, but still carry more! Not only can a bobby pin come to your aid when you're having a hair emergency at a wedding, but it can even come in handy to fix your falsies that are coming off (blunt end of course!)  

Rubber for ear backs

Keep a few of them handy in case your earrings start getting too heavy to handle! Not only will it stop them from drooping and dropping, but gives them enough support at the back which can relieve the heaviness!

Want to carry a full-blown bridal emergency kit to your wedding? Click HERE to find a printable checklist!

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