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8 Techy Things No Bride Should Do! ( Yes, We Are Looking At YOU!)

BY The WMG Bride | 28 Sep, 2015 | 887 views | 4 min read

When it comes to wedding planning, it's all about planning it right and following a good idea. In these modern times, planning isn't just kidsplay - with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it's getting crazier and crazier. There is inspiration of course, but there is also a lot of confusion. And just so you don't get the two mixed up, we decided to give you a nice little lesson on tech etiquette - especially if you are a bride-to-be looking for the right resources! 1439533307_2

Perfect Pixels Production★ 4.5

1. Pin but not plan

Admit it, all your inspiration comes from Pinterest or WedMeGood . Many a bride comes to the vendors and give Pinterest boards as reference points - but first, do a cost check, then an aesthetics check and then see if your theme allows this pin to be part of your wedding decor or plan. Pinning is great, but planning is what you need.

2. Announce your engagement/ proposal on Insta before telling your family

So this has happened people. He went down on one knee, and you excitedly Instagrammed a photo telling all your friends, and then your mom finds out from a random friend who congratulated her half an hour later. The first people you need to tell about your proposal- your parents ! Save the Instagram pictures later. 1427694960_62-pre-wedding-shoot-withballoons-up-theme-3

The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

3. Show all and sundry your wedding lehenga pictures and share

Keep this in mind: Only 3 people need to approve your lehenga - mom, bestie and your fiance (so he can match it with his sherwani).  While we are all for brides who are not secretive, you also want to keep that special outfit...well...special .

4. Create a Facebook event of your wedding & invite people there

So we get it ! You are super excited and raring to go , So 6 months before the wedding day you create a Facebook group and invite people on it. Ermm, chances are you are going to run out of things to say by day 2. PLUS as much as we understand that you are so excited that your decor theme is now pink and turquoise, your friends might not be that ecstatic about it. 1436853145_19_elegant_diy_engagement_sydney__19_

Picture Courtesy: Hemant & Preeti's DIY Engagement 

5. Think Insta and Snapchat are your Wedding  Photographers 

Yes, you have a #hashtag and a nice Snapchat ID - but really, prioritise time with your photographers over clicking selfies. Tell him you want these candid ones - you throwing your head back and laughing, your groom looking quizzically at you - anything and everything, even those embarrassing moments. Don't keep some moments for traditional pics and the candid ones for Insta - both need to be on the same platform! 1436205885_IMG_7764

Morvi Images Photography★ 5

6. Paper Invites win over online ones. Anyday! 

Sure, Paperless gives you a neat online invite but that is not enough. Your guests will be pleased that you have taken the trouble to print out an invite and sent it to them. You make a call and that's even better! If hiring a graphic designer is too expensive for invites to smaller events, just print them out. Online resources have a helluva lot of printables! Just make sure you have a digital invite and a physical one - it adds to the charm! 1425536887_1420708536_1-selfie-stick

Picture Courtesy: Varsheeni & Leela

7. Being too secretive about social media

This one's a big bummer. Yes, you hate social media and you like it subtle. But don't make blind rules about this and ask your friends to cut out social media completely. A bit of Insta and FB is really okay so don't be a grinch about it. Use it well by giving them a hashtag but don't avoid it altogether!

8. Accidentally send a wrong message to the "Wedding group"

Yikes. So there is that fun wedding group your entire family is a part of , and while chatting with someone else you accidentally texted something on to the entire wedding group. EEEEEEEPPPP! Groups can be confusing specially with a drink or two down your system so be a bit careful.
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