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Best Marriage Dates For Your 2019 Wedding: Auspicious Hindu Dates

BY Apoorva | 02 Jan, 2019 | 176531 views | 8 min read

Are you looking to be a 2019 bride? Then the first thing that you need to lock in is your wedding or marriage date! While in most Indian households it’s the pandit who finalizes the wedding dates, it’s usually from the same list as per a Hindu calendar. And while Panditji is finalizing his dates, you can have a look at all the available dates right here with us. That way you are one step ahead when it comes to all your prep!

Image via Akanksha Negi Invitations★ 4.9

Hindu Wedding Dates For January 2019

Wedding Date  Auspicious Days

 Shubh Muhurat / Best Timings

17th January,2019 Thursday 10:34 PM to 7:31 AM
18th January,2019  Friday 07:18 AM to 10:10 PM
23rd January,2019 Wednesday 07:17 AM to 01:40 PM
25th January,2019 Friday  02:48 PM to 07:16 AM
26th January,2019 Saturday 07:16 AM to 03:05 PM
29th January,2019 Tuesday  03:15 PM to 03:02 AM

There are quite a few Hindu marriage dates in 2019 January and if you are planning a destination wedding, two of these fall on weekends!

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Hindu Wedding Dates For February 2019

Wedding Date   Auspicious Days

 Shubh Muhurat / Best Timings

1st February,2019  Friday 07:13 AM to 09:08 PM
8th February,2019 Friday 02:59 PM to 11:24 PM
10th February,2019 Sunday 07:07 AM to 01:06 PM
15th February,2019 Friday   07:03 AM to 08:53 PM
21st February,2019 Thursday  06:58 AM to 11:12 PM
23rd February,2019 Saturday 10:47 PM to 06:55 AM
24th February,2019 Sunday 06:55 AM to 10:03 PM
26th February,2019 Tuesday   10:47 AM to 11:04 PM
28th February,2019 Thursday   07:21 AM to 07:35 PM

A month full of marriage muhurats! And almost each of them falls on a weekend or close to one.

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 February- The weekend falls on 8th, 10th, 23rd and 24th which means you can use these days for your wedding weekend and club them with a couple of weekdays to make sure you have sufficient time to enjoy and rest!

Hindu Wedding Dates For March 2019

Wedding Date   Auspicious Days Shubh Muhurat / Best Timings
2nd March,2019  Saturday 11:32 AM to 06:48 AM
7th March,2019 Thursday 08:54 PM to 06:43 AM
8th March,2019 Friday 06:43 AM to 06:43 AM
9th March,2019 Saturday  06:41 AM to 06:48 PM
13th March,2019 Wednesday  06:37 AM to 04:22 AM

While there may just be a few in this month, March is full of back to back muhurats instead of scattered ones!

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 March- Maha Shivratri falls on 4th March 2019, which means the 2nd-4th weekend would be a long weekend.  Use these 3 days wisely to organize your wedding and reception, and use the third day to rest after all the shaadi madness.

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Image via Jennie & Roshan

Hindu Wedding Dates For April 2019

 Wedding Date  Auspicious Days  Shubh Muhurat / Best Timings
16th April,2019  Tuesday 01:51 AM to 05:58 AM
17th April,2019  Wednesday 05:58 AM to 06:32 PM
18th April,2019 Thursday  02:58 PM to 07:26 PM
19th April,2019 Friday 07:30 PM to 05:54 AM
20th April,2019 Saturday 05:54 AM to 05:58 PM
22nd April,2019 Monday 11:24 AM to 04:46 PM
23rd April,2019 Tuesday 01:00 AM to 05:51 AM
24th April,2019 Wednesday 05:51 AM to 06:35 PM
25th April,2019 Thursday  01:39 AM to 05:49 AM
26th April,2019 Friday 05:49 AM to 11:15 PM

Have a closer look- every day from 16th to 20th April 2019, and then again from 22nd to 26th has a marriage muhurat for 2019 April. This means you can allign your smaller functions and then the biggest celebrations- your wedding on any auspicious date. You will have both weekends and weekdays to your advantage, depending upon your requirements. More guests will be able to attend on weekends, while on the other hand, you will encounter less traffic if your wedding falls on a week day. So you can choose accordingly!

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 April- Another long weekend this month- from 19th to 21st, making it one of the best marriage dates in 2019 Hindu calendar for April.

Hindu Wedding Dates For May 2019

Wedding Date   Auspicious Days  Shubh Muhurat / Best Timings
7th May,2019  Tuesday  11:23 PM to 05:39 AM
8th May,2019  Wednesday 05:39 AM to 01:40 PM
12th May,2019 Sunday  05:33 PM to 05:35 AM
14th May,2019 Tuesday 08:53 AM to 11:47 PM
15th May,2019 Wednesday 10:35 AM to 05:34 AM
17th May,2019 Friday 05:38 PM to 03:08 AM
19th May,2019 Sunday  01:07 PM to 02:07 AM
21st May,2019 Tuesday 08:45 AM to 01:25 PM
23rd May,2019 Thursday 05:30 AM to 05:30 AM
28th May,2019 Tuesday 06:59 PM to 02:29 AM
29th May,2019 Wednesday  03:21 PM to 05:28 AM
30th May,2019 Thursday 05:28 AM to 04:37 PM

May seems like a never-ending month of marriage muhurat for 2019. While this is a month where most weddings happen, make sure you prep well before as vendors will be high in demand during this month.

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 May- A week full of best wedding dates in 2019 fall during May. So you will have a lot of days to plan all your wedding functions.

Hindu Wedding Dates For June 2019

Wedding Date  Auspicious Days Shubh Muhurat /  Best Timings
8th June,2019 Saturday 10:59 PM to 05:26 AM
9th June,2019 Sunday 05:26 AM to 03:49 PM
10th June,2019 Monday 02:21 PM to 05:26 AM
12th to 19th June,2019 Wednesday- Wednesday -
25th June,2019 Tuesday 05:28 AM to 05:29 AM
26th June,2019 Wednesday 05:28 AM to 11:50 PM

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 June- 15th and 16th June will be weekends that will be great wedding dates in June 2019 for your wedding. There will be full moon on 17th, which makes it one of the most auspicious dates for marriage in 2019 June.

Almost 14 days of marriage muhurat for 2019 in one single month! Let the wedding madness begin…

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Image via Romesh Dhamija Photography

Hindu Wedding Dates For July 2019

Wedding Date Auspicious Days  Shubh Muhurat /  Best Timings
6th July,2019 Saturday 01:09 PM to 05:26 AM
7th July,2019 Sunday  08:14 PM to 05:33 AM

Come rains, there are only two marriage muhurat for 2019 in this entire season. So if you are looking to do a budget destination wedding this could be a great time!

Hindu Wedding Dates For August, September and October 2019

These three months have no marriage muhurat for 2019 at all. So if you are looking to do a registered wedding or just a celebration of sorts, or maybe get married without being very particular about lucky wedding dates in 2019, this is a great time. You will also get all the vendors that you dreamt of!

Image via The Wedding Matinee★ 4.6

Hindu Wedding Dates For November 2019

Wedding Date  Auspicious Days  Shubh Muhurat /  Best Timings
8th November,2019  Friday  12:24 PM to 06:42 AM
9th November,2019 Saturday 06:42 PM to 06:43 AM
10th November,2019 Sunday 06:43 AM to 10:43 AM
14th November,2019 Thursday 09:14 AM to 06:47 AM
22nd November,2019 Friday 09:00 AM to 06:53 AM
23rd November,2019 Saturday 06:53 AM to 02:45 PM
24th November,2019 Sunday 12:48 PM to 01:05 AM
30th November,2019 Saturday 06:04 PM to 07:00 AM

Finally a bunch of marriage dates in 2019 hindu calendar after a long gap- you know what that means? That due to heavy traffic, you'll have to make all your bookings ASAP!

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 November- 9th-10th, 23rd-24th and 30th are weekends. You can fix your marriage muhurat for 2019 on those dates.

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Hindu Wedding Dates For December 2019

Wedding Date  Auspicious Days Shubh Muhurat /  Best Timings
5th December,2019 Thursday 08:08 PM to 07:04 AM
6th December,2019 Friday  07:04 AM to 04:32 PM
11th December,2019 Wednesday 10:54 PM to 07:08 AM
12th December,2019 Thursday  07:08 AM to 06:19 AM

Like 2018, December 2019 also has 4 dates only! So all brides-to-be, get your wedding caps on and start planning.

Lucky Wedding Dates 2019 December-  There will be full moon on 11th and 12th, which means  these two are auspicious dates for marriage in 2019 December.

These were all the best Hindu marriage dates in 2019. We recommend you also keep in mind the changing seasons when deciding upon a suitable marriage date, so that you know what the weather would be like around that time. This would be necessary when making bookings for your functions.

How Can Knowing The Lucky Wedding Dates Of 2019 Help You?

Ideally in Hindu families, it is the family pandit ji who decides marriage dates. However, there are some millennial couples who look for comfort rather than blindly adhering to traditions. These couples look for suitable dates that allow them good enough time to prepare for the wedding and make all arrangements, and at the same time, are also lucky wedding dates of 2019. This article will particularly help all such couples!

Knowing all the possible auspicious dates for marriage in 2019 will help you understand and decide the timing, and season in which you wish to get married and plan your leaves for the wedding week accordingly.

How Is Muhurat For Marriage Calculated?

Wedding astrologers calculate the muhurat for marriage according to the positions of the planets and the Sun. These dates are then considered auspicious to carry out any puja, or for major life decisions like a wedding. Irrespective of the culture you belong to, or wish to get married into, these auspicious dates for marriage in 2019 are important if you wish to do everything for your wedding keeping your traditions and customs in mind.

We have come up with an updated list of Hindu marriage dates in 2019, along with auspicious days and shubh muhurats for each of these marriage dates. You can now use these charts to plan one of the most important days of your life.

PLEASE NOTE that these are generic muhurats and you will still have to consult your pandit for the exact date based on your kundalis!

Now that you have a better idea of best wedding dates in 2019,  if you are planning a 2019 wedding, download the WedMeGood app right now for the most perfect wedding you can have. All you need to do is enter your wedding date and you will get the ideal checklist for your wedding preparations!

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