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Getting Fit for D-Day: Real solutions for the bride on the go!

BY The WMG Bride | 18 Jun, 2015 | 523 views | 4 min read

We have always maintained that no matter your size, a happy bride is the prettiest of all brides. However with the wedding season, comes a sleuth of feasts, dinner parties and countless aunties trying to feed you all the food in the world! Not only does your skin-care routine go for a toss with all that sugar but your wedding fitness regime can also be affected due to it. So it makes sense to put a fitness routine to at least maintain the weight you are at Start Early: You should start your fitness regime at least 3 months before your D-day if not more. This will help you plan better and also accommodate your wedding planning frenzy!   Involve another person: A good way to ward off all people feeding you is to include them! Start a fitness program with your friends or a couple of cousins. This will help them understand your position when you say no to aamras-puri and also fend off unnecessary laddoos!   sevenminute Download the 7 Minute Workout app : We love the 7 Minute workout app. For brides with no time (I mean brides are busier than prime ministers lets face it) , this app will remind you to take out just 7 minutes every day and take you through a range of exercises of 30 second each which range from simpler ones like jumping jacks to more complicated ones  but you will finish the seven minutes being thoroughly exhausted and worked out. Also see: Fitness apps for the bride on the go   Cut out Caffeine, Mangoes, Deep fried stuff: If there are some things you can do to ensure good skin- cut out caffeine. It is a zit-generator. Same with Mangoes, they generate body heat and can cause a lot of acne. Deep fried stuff is bad all around so lets skip that all together   Shorter Workouts over longer ones: Shorter workouts kick-start your metabolism and burn more fat than longer sessions do. In fact, you'll trim 30 percent more fat by doing three 10-minute spurts of high-intensity cardio like skipping, dancing, or speed walking throughout the day than one prolonged 30-minute session   Meal timings are important: Used to waking up with just a glass of milk and then going hungry till lunch? WORST thing you can do people. Also- no matter how small a meal you are having, if you are eating after 8 pm then that's not good . Eat the heaviest breakfast you can and try to eat dinner before 8 and hit the bed before 11.30. 11351241_10203446354599712_5466209272198577183_n For flat abs, take the 30 Day Ab workout: Need to get fab-abs for the lehenga?  The 30 day Ab workout is absolutely perfect. Every day you get a new set of exercises to do, and the entire group does it with you virtually. While you won't turn into Deepika Padukone instantly, the programme is really simple to follow, and you can share your progress with the facebook group. For toning your arms, the 30 day Arm workout is here: Wearing a strapless gown on the engagement and the thought of flabby arms while you perform on stage freaking you out? The 30 day Arm Workout is another great way to stay in shape and focus on a few problem areas.   Hydrate: We know you’ve heard enough, but drinking at least two litres of water is a must. Add in a couple of cups of green tea too! Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism up and gives you necessary fuel for workouts.   Increase Snooze time: To lose weight, it's important to get enough sleep. When you're not well rested, leptin and ghrelin, two hormones that regulate how full you feel, become unbalanced and tell you that you're hungry. To keep those levels in check, aim for seven to eight hours of undisrupted sleep each night.   Get fittings right: The main reason while we emphasised on starting early in the first point is, so that your bridal wear fittings don’t go for a toss in the last few weeks!   So get ready to rock your toned and sculpted bodies in those fabulous wedding lehengas.
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