Hair Accessories For the Perfect South Indian Bride

By Meenu | 21 Feb, 2020

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The minute we think of bridal hair accessories, the first few things that come to our mind are a maangtikka or mathapatti. Then, of course, a passa. Oh and also the juda pins or chains, if the bride is trying out a bun.

So what are those make or break accessories to ace the South Indian bridal look? We all know that the South Indian brides go for braids predominantly. These are the accessories that can work on a classic braid and equally well on a fish braid, and most of these can be worked into a bun too! So drive through and bookmark what you love!

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The most important and mandate accessory of a South Indian Bride! Jasmine still takes the crown whether it is woven intricately over the braid or bun or done in loops. Some brides prefer flowers like roses or any small flower to adorn their hair. If you are not a traditional flower person, go for baby breath as a choice! The white and green, when interworked with some temple jewelry billas, will be perfect too.

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Instead of loops of flowers, the bride can always choose a poolajada or a braid of flowers, where there is a pre-stitched flower base that can just be fixed to the hair.

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The Billas/Stones

Billas are those stone-like jewels that accessorize the braids along with the flowers. The choices for these are endless! You can go ahead and pick a simple gold set or the one with stones. You can add this to each row of your braid from top to the bottom. If you are ordering a 'poolajada' or a 'jada set' you get to customize these billas by adding more flowers, temple jewelry and more (we have even seen baby Krishna adorn these). They look beautiful and without a doubt complement the South Indian bridal hairdo!

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The Raakodi

Raakodi is another must-have in a South Indian bridal lookbook. It is like a giant juda pin, mostly in temple jewellery, having rubies and emeralds, that is kept at the start of the braid. Raakodi can also be used as an accessory if the bride opts for a bun. For those brides who are not a fan of a whole lot of flowers, this adds the classic glam to the bridal hairdo.

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Venis are small strings of flowers - mostly artificial flowers. These are tied to the start of the braid just beneath the raakodi. They use multiple venis that match the bridal saree. Those brides who do not want flowers can opt for a Raakodi at the base of the braid followed by three venis, and then a braid. Venis can also be used if the bride prefers a bun or even a half updo for a pre-wedding function.

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Complete Braids

Whilst there are so many individual accessories, the bride can get away with all of them and instead try one of these complete braids and still ace the South Indian bridal look. This comes in an antique gold finish, stone set and a plethora of options, and you can just fix it after getting your actual hair braided and pinned under.

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For the rest of the options, you can add a parandha or the South Indian version of the parandha namely the Kunjalam. Kunjalam is mostly in black with the ends made into balls and has caps of temple jewelry.

So when you are shopping for hair accessories or talking to your hair stylist stick to this list! This will surely make you rock your South Indian Bridal hairdo.

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