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Lehenga Colors Based On The Horoscope For Our 2021 Brides-To-Be

BY Garvita | 18 Feb, 2021 | 10636 views | 4 min read

While everyone's settling with a new normal around us, one wedding task that hasn't changed a bit is brides easily picking their wedding lehenga! Locking a hue is as daunting as it has always been. But fret not, WedMeGood comes to your rescue with a list of ideal lehenga colors based on your horoscopes.

We know some modern brides are not superstitious about lucky colors et al, but take it as friendly advice! What if these hues end up being your favourite too? It'll be a win-win situation and you get to tick this off your wedding checklist by the end of this article. So, dive in and see what fits your sun-sign.


Image via Sara Idrees Portraits

An Aries possess strong leadership traits, and are passionate and super enthusiastic! Since it's a fire sign, shades of red are considered to be lucky for you. 

Colours to avoid: blue, black, and green

TAURUS- Lotus Pink, White

Image via Instagram

Image via Siddharth & Vera 

Taurus symbolizes the earth element, hence lighter hues are more pleasing for you! Take the offbeat route and opt for Lotus Pink or White outfits, leave everyone around you spellbound.

Colours to avoid: yellow and red

GEMINI - Green, Yellow 

Image via Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla★ 4.9

Image via Safarsaga Films★ 5

Gemini is a dual sign. hence this year. they get to experiment with two vibrant hues; yellow & green! You can either pick monotone lehengas or opt for color-block and add both these colors to your outfit. Psstt.. you can also fetch pink or white lehengas, if these do not match your style.

Colours to avoid: blue and red

CANCER - White, Silver

Image via Gaurav Gupta★ 4.9

Image via Razz Films And Photography

Cancerians prefer to go out-of-the-box with their choices and thus, we aren't surprised with their 2021 lucky colors! White, cream, silver, and lemon yellow best suit this sign. In short, it is recommended to pick lehengas in softer shades.

Colours to avoid: dark and bright hues

LEO - Orange, Gold

Image via Razz Films And Photography

Image via Rimple and Harpreet Narula★ 4.9

A Leo is warm-hearted and cheerful, hence colours associated with the sun, light, and fire are perfect for this zodiac sign. Keep it classic n traditional bridal hues like orange, gold, or red in 2021!

VIRGO - Blue

Image via Feather Tree by Aviraj

Virgos are practical, patient, and perfectionist at heart therefore only certain hues can make them highly successful in 2021. The colors symbolizing the earth elements like blue, green, white, and light yellow would be the best pick for 2021 Virgo brides-to-be!

Colours to avoid: red

LIBRA - Orange, Light Blue

Image via Anita Dongre★ 4.9

Image via Masoom & Shailin

A Libra woman embraces elegance but with a hint of a wild element to it. Lehenga colours that can bring good luck and prosperity are orange, light blue, and white! Minimalism game strong, eh?

Colours to avoid: red

SCORPIO - Chocolate Brown

Image via Pinterest

Let's talk about being unique, and you'd only think of Scorpions! Then why would they get a good 'ol, regular hue? The Scorpio brides should wear a Chocolate brown lehenga and if that's way out of their leagues, they can settle with white, red, or orange hues.

Colours to avoid: blue and green


Image via Vivek Krishnan photography

Sagittarians are funny, optimistic, and love their freedom, then what better than a shade of yellow to add joy and luck to their celebrations! Pick a dark yellow or orange lehenga to add a charm to your special day.

Colours to avoid: blue

CAPRICORN - Purple, Black

Image via Ishita & Aman

Image via Pinterest

Capricorns are stylish and sophisticated and prefer a mix of comfort and trends! You should totally eye for lehengas in darker shades like black, purple, dark brown, or dark green. Honestly, we're extremely excited to spot our Capricorn brides.

Colours to avoid: red and yellow

AQUARIUS - Light Blue, Shades of Purple

Image via Picture Art Company

Image via Beginnings For You

Being an Aquarian is about being creative & unique so, you've got obsess over fresh, bright hues like light blue and purple.

Colours to avoid: dark blue and green

PISCES - Pink, Yellow

Image via Sunny Dhiman Photography

Image via Vivek Krishnan photography

Pisces are true romantics and prefer delicate styles, so they ought to pick a lehenga in charming hues like pink, orange, and yellow that'll add vividness to their 2021 celebrations.

Colours to avoid: black, dark, and bright colours

We hope these color suggestions will help you pick your dream wedding lehenga! Don't forget to tag us when you post.

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