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30 Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles - Learn Different Ways

BY The WMG Bride | 17 Jul, 2020 | 203447 views | 6 min read

Every time one plans to invest in an designer bridal lehenga, common thoughts that often arrives in the mind are 'is it worth investing since I won't be able to wear it more than once' or 'how to wear lehenga dupatta in different styles so that it can be repeated again'!

Well, nothing changes up your look faster than a dupatta drape (nothing non surgical anyway! ;) You could have worn your anarkali/ lehenga once and had your photos all over Facebook but change up the drape the next time, and it will look like a spanking new outfit. Even for brides - adding a new dupatta, or re-draping an old one is a sure fire way to stand out. While there are some standard drapes that everybody knows- we compiled the mother of all lehenga draping styles in one post! Plus, as a bonus, we even have different dupatta draping styles based on materials!

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta In Different Styles

While those are double dupatta draping styles, we take you through all the ways we know- single, double- all the gyan we can give, put together for you to browse and compare at a glance!

  • Single dupatta drapes
  • Double dupatta drapes
  • Different dupatta material draping styles

Single Dupatta Draping Styles

Here are all the single dupatta draping styles we recommend for brides- these are usually popular for the smaller functions, but some brides choose a single dupatta even for the wedding day.

Drape 1: Pinned low on the bun, and pleated over one shoulder

Image via @aashnaparikh27

Drape 2: Pinned on the head, and brought over one half of the blouse and arm

Image via @throughthebarrel

Drape 3: Pinned on the head, and one side pinned to wrist

Image via @ajstudioofficial

Drape 4: Single dupatta taken around the neck

Image via @kashifrashidofficial

Drape 5: Draped over the head, over one side and brought forward through the other elbow

Image via @palwashaaminhas

Drape 6: Single dupatta taken low over both elbows

Image via @eugene_kam_photography

Drape 7: Dupatta over one shoulder and arm

Image via @theweddingshades

Double Dupatta Draping Styles

Here are some double dupatta draping styles we have been loving off late, some of which are tried and tested, some of them, new!

Drape 8: One over the head and over the shoulders, the other like a pleated saree with a waistbelt

Image via The Wedding Story★ 4.2

Drape 9: One over the head and brought to the front on both sides, the other draped like a deep U

Image via Sam & Ekta - Sonder Frames★ 4.8

Drape 10: One over the head, the other diagonally like a pleated saree pallu

Image via Artfoto Studios★ 5

Drape 11: One dupatta draped over the head and the other tightly with a part tucked in the front

Image via Reelsandframes★ 5

Drape 12: One over the head, the other left straight over one shoulder draped at the bottom

Image via @aligphoto

Drape 13: One over the head, the other with just a short pleated side over the shoulder

Image via Fotowalle - The Story Folks★ 4.9

Drape 14: One pleated like a saree, the other over the head and brought forward from one side

Image via Baraati Inc★ 5

Drape 15: One over the head, and the other over the shoulder and arm from behind left home

Image via Wedding Art★ 4.8

Drape 16: One over the head and brought in front tied on the wrist, the other like a pleated saree

Image via WeddingNama★ 5

Drape 17: One over the head, and the other one brought diagonally, but low, and taken over elbow

Image via Sunny Dhiman Photography★ 4.9

Drape 18: One on each shoulder, in two contrasting colours

Image via Matsya by Utkarsh Ahuja★ 4.6

3. Different dupatta material drapes

Bridal dupattas are of a lot of different materials and types, and while some draping styles are common, others can differ due to the hold and the fall of the material. Here are some draping styles for single and double dupattas, categorised by the dupatta material.

1. Net dupatta drapes

One of the most popular dupatta material for brides, especially for the one over the head, thanks to how light and dainty looking the material is.

Drape 19: Simply over the head and brought to front on both sides

Image via @milighosh

Drape 20: One over the head, one over the chest

Image via Sunny Dhiman Photography★ 4.9

Drape 21: Open drape around the neck and chest

Image via Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla★ 4.9

2. Georgette dupatta drapes

A very flowy material, this one needs to be pinned well to be kept in place, but looks very elegant.

Drape 22: Single dupatta taken like a cape

Image via Ombre by Harsheen Jammu★ 4.8

Drape 23: Dupatta opened up and draped over body diagonally

Image via Beginnings For You★ 5

3. Lace dupatta drapes

These are not so common with Indian brides, but they do look amazing, and mostly come on net.

Drape 24: Lace dupatta on the head left loose on sides to show it off, the other tightly around the chest.

Image via @lucier.photography

4. Silk dupatta drapes

Very very flowy and silky, this one needs to be kept in place! Benarasi ones are easier to handle though.

Drape 25: Over both the elbows from behind, but draped over one of the arms too.

Image via @ishamultani

Drape 26: Over the shoulders

Image via Through The Barrel

5. Printed dupatta drapes

They are the new dupattas on the block, and are very trendy right now.

Drape 27: Dupatta pleated and pinned to a shoulder, and then other corner pinned to lehenga near the bottom

Image via The Royal Affair★ 5

Drape 28: Tucked into the waist and taken over the opposite arm and shoulder

Image via Artfoto Studios★ 5

6. Velvet dupatta drapes

A staple for winter weddings, this one has a very heavy look, so has to be included in the bridal look wisely.

Drape 29: One over the head, and the velvet dupatta draped loosely over the chest to show the blouse

Image via Oleg & Diipa

Drape 30: One over the head and then brought over shoulders, the other draped like a Gujarati saree

Image via The Wedding Story★ 5

7. Embroidered dupatta drapes

They look lovely, but can look too busy sometimes with the bridal look, so need to be draped wisely as well.

Drape 31: Over pleated neatly the shoulder left to show off the embroidery

Image via @ibtida.co

Drape 32: Over the shoulders neatly on both sides like a jacket

Image via @rohan.foto 

So out of all these unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga, which ones did you love?

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