Mistakes Most Brides Make While Choosing a Bridal Outfit

Okay we get it, you saw THE ONE the other day and now you just cannot get it out of your head (Insert Kylie Minogue song ) . You are certain you want that coveted piece of clothing that will make you look like  a million bucks on your big day. But wait a second, because you might be falling prey to one of these styling mistakes while you are all googly -eyed with love.


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1.) Choosing an outfit because they love the color of the skirt

So you want that special Pantone shade of coral. Listen up girl, -paying attention to fabric, how it fits your body and how the pattern makes you look is something to note . A beautiful fuschia lehenga that falls stiffly around you doesn’t do you any good does it ? Besides more than the color of the skirt, pay attention to the color of the blouse since it is closest to your face.



2.) Not paying enough attention to the blouse

We have said it before. You will be photographed sitting down for a large part and your blouse is whats going to show the most. Don’t keep it as an afterthought. You really need to pay attention to the color of the blouse and how vibrant it makes you look since it is closest to your face.



3.) Taking two dupattas just because they are ‘ in’

Not all lehengas require two dupattas. Specially if you have a lehenga which has a lot going on with a lot of different colors you may not need the two. Read our guide on whether you need a second dupatta or not.



4.) Trying on a lehenga you can’t afford

We have no way to sugarcoat this. The more expensive a lehenga, the chances are you might find it more beautiful. Ofcourse designer wear is gorgeous . But if you are going to start trying those on, lets just say everything that’s in your budget is just going to look pale in comparison.



5.) Buying jewellery after you buy the lehenga

Here is the thing- your wedding set is a much more expensive investment than your lehenga right. It just makes more sense to get your wedding set (don’t get the final colored beads at the end of it put just yet if you want to match but atleast choose the design) first.  Then based on that you can get your blouse neckline designed and choose an outfit to complement. If you do it the other way around, then your options for jewellery get limited and customising jewellery to suit your outfit is much harder than the other way round.


6.) Thinking velvet makes you look fat

It doesn’t. Yes velvet on your sleeves makes you look bulky as well as on the blouse. But a velvet skirt is probably more flattering on a heavier bride than a stiffer raw silk skirt . Georgette and velvet are fabrics which are fluid and fall in an A-line fashion.



7.) Choosing silk sleeves 

If arms are a problem area for you, then you need to go with the lightest possible fabric on your sleeves. A beautiful fitted net or georgette sleeve that is sheer is WAY more flattering than getting a bulky fabric on your sleeve. The more heavy a fabric on your arm is, the more heavy you look.

8.) Not choosing the right sleeve length

SO important. While caps sleeves are cute, they do end up looking casual. Three quarters, elbow length and even full sleeves look more regal.



9.) Not noticing the inner facing of the dupatta

The dupatta you will take on your head- there is usually a strip of fabric around the edges on the underside. When you place this on your head, and photographs will be taken from the side, this color will be visible. Having a dark inner facing can sometimes not look great and reduce the radiance on your face because its the color closest to your face.

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  1. Alok Sahu says:

    your post is a good source for brides for getting wedding ideas. You explain everything very easily about jewellery and clothes. I must say your post can make every bride’s work easy.

  2. Silvee says:

    Truly helpful article. But my question is on point 9. May be some suggestions of color options on the INNER FACE of dupatta

  3. Jyoti says:

    I have something to ask about – Velvet
    Is it true that velvet is a fabric that can be given as heirlooms to future generation ?
    I have heard Benarasi lehenga can be passed down to generation. So, is it same with Velvet also ?
    And also, if I a designer charges me more than 25K just for replacing the fabricfrom raw silk to velvet, then do you think is this a fair deal. The same lehenga in raw silk is 75K while if it is done with velvet, it will be 1.10 Lakh.

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