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Real Brides Reveal: The Best Advice They Got From A Dermat That They Follow!

BY Apoorva | 15 Sep, 2017 | 3682 views | 4 min read

Each day there’s a new ingredient, technique, or product on the scene with a bevy of skincare tricks to go along with it. Don’t get us wrong, we love it! But what do the experts say? What are the best skincare tips of all time? You’ll have to keep reading to know them!

Image via Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla★ 4.9

Esha says

“My dermat taught me the ultimate facial massage which is like a super skin care secret according to me. We frown too often leading to frown lines and crow’s feet. To relax my face, she taught me to do facial acupressure for a few minutes at bedtime. Press above your inner eyebrows, temples, and next to your nostrils, holding for 10 seconds each. Best advice ever!”

Shruti says

“Dr Jaishree gave me a quick tip for a glowing skin - the night before a big event, exfoliate skin and use a hydrocortisone cream in lieu of moisturizer and eye cream. It's an anti-inflammatory that takes care of any swelling, under eye bags, puffiness, and redness. You need to do this only for like super special occasions as this can have side effects!”

Image via The Powder Room★ 4.9

Vedika says

“Every single person that I have interacted at Kaya Skin Clinic has one mantra that your diet is super important. . Avoid starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates like white bread and rice and instead opt for foods high in omega 3's and fatty acids like avocados and flaxseeds to help give you that youthful glow. Always have chia and flaxseeds stored post this!”

Netra says

“I got married when I was barely 23 and at that point you don’t worry about lines. I just wanted my skin to glow 24/7. But Dr Trasi told me that a smart person would invest in their skin as early as they could so that you don’t have to worry about get rid of those problems later. I started applying eye creams, masking, taking multi vitamins and overall taking care of my skin immediately. I haven’t hit 30 yet but I can already feel the difference as my skin looks so much better than my friends. I think it was the best piece of advice I ever got!”

Pooja says

“My dermat gave me this tip ages ago and I don’t know why people don’t know about this yet! Its not just about applying your creams and potions, whenever you feel but also pairing them right. A 'cross-training' regimen is the key to amazing skincare. Creams like sunscreen and antioxidants are to be applied in the morning and retinoids and peptides at night. They work better as a team! Also, since my skin is dry she insisted on layering one on top of each other – serum, facial oil, moisturizer and sunscreen! Thinnest to thickest helps the skin to absorb each layer most efficiently. It’s like a routine for me now which pays off brilliantly"

Image via Cupcake Productions

Leena says

“Dr. Rajshree Patil has always insisted on knowing your ingredient is key. Like what you are putting on your skin. I am not a needle person so she suggested that I try products with Ginseng. Ginseng works to stimulate blood flow in the capillaries giving you that plump and firm glow. You can add in hyaluronic acid product and my skin will be perfect! Every skin type has certain ingredients that work well. Identifying and using them is what you have to do”

Bella says

“I started seeing a dermatologist in my teens because of PCOS and that’s when I hit the golden goose. My dermatologist told me one thing – think long term over short term. I love foaming face washes but they are the worst as they make your skin look squeaky clean immediately but in the long run strip the skin, leaving it tight & dry. Even exfoliating too much can cause literal tearing in your skin. So always pick long term over short term good skin!”

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