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Real Grooms Reveal: What REALLY happens at Bachelor Parties

BY The WMG Bride | 13 Jul, 2016 | 468 views | 3 min read

We've all seen 'The Hangover' and the travails of what can go down when 5 guys, a lot of alcohol and an exotic location are thrown together. But what REALLY happens at a bachelor party? How crazy does it really get? Is it even worth all the hype? Well, we spoke to some boys (who of course preferred to remain anonymous) as they dished the secrets on what went down. 1445075860_tshirt

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"More Drunken Mess, Than Anything Else" Groom-to-be S says "While the movies might portray Bachelor parties to be a sex fest, it's not so much that as it is just a drunken mess. The single guys try to pick up girls, they urge the attached guys into doing things they probably shouldn't. This is why girls might want to have a talk about boundaries before hand with their guys. But really, it's more about a group of 5 guys getting drunk out of their minds and making a fool of themselves, rather than crossing any legit boundaries." "Almost a real-life Hangover" Groom's friend T says "Any bachelor trip abroad is usually accompanied with a pub crawl. On one such night the group split up, and while by 3 am, one group returned to the hotel, there were 2 guys who went missing. We couldn't reach their numbers and their girlfriends were calling on our phones!! We were worried sick by 7.00 am and almost ready to call the cops, when half an hour later they simply strolled in with waffles in their hand. Apparently, they just decided to head to a few other clubs and went for an early morning breakfast cart for waffles. Needless to say, they had some amount of explaining to do to their girlfriends. "The Groom doesn't even know what's usually planned" Groom's bestie P says "The groom usually has no idea which strip club, or stripper or act is planned for him and in most cases, it's a guy who is genuinely in love and committed to his girl. On my best friend's bachelor's, we arranged for a strip show for the groom in Spain- on a boat. It was the weirdest experience for him! All of us egged him on and hooted while he was of course given a lap dance from the stripper. The poor guy was of course, visibly uncomfortable. Also, I don't know what perception of strip shows women have, but they are not sleazy women out to sleep with your fiance, they are just professionals doing their job" "Making the groom look silly" A big part of Bachelor parties is honestly just to embarrass the groom, reveals Groom's friend M. This could be by just being the most embarrassing wing men possible, convincing him to try and talk to the most 'out of his league' girl who will never even look at him  or getting him to do things he would never do otherwise. "What happens there, stays there" Groom L says "Look. Whatever does happen there, has no bearing on how loyal, committed or in love we are. Sure it's a night of fun, and we typically know better than to do something we would later regret. But whatever you girls do at Bachelorette parties, we pretty much do the same ;). "Casinos, Clubs, & Male Bonding" "When you are on a bachelor trip together, it's really more about male bonding than anything else,"  says Groom M. "We would hit a couple of casinos, lose some money, hit the best clubs or bars and just be silly and relive the good old days"
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