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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For 2020 As Per Tamil Calendar

BY Meenu | 27 Mar, 2020 | 5144 views | 6 min read

In these testing times of COVID 19 many weddings have been postponed. If you are confused about the next Muhurtham date or the auspicious time that is just right for your dream wedding check out this exclusively curated Muhurtham dates so that you can plan your wedding for the later half of the year or choose a later date if your wedding has been postponed with your WedmeGood App!!

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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For May 2020

Though there are auspicious days in May we would advice you to postpone your wedding to the later part of the year for safety reasons. 

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For June 2020

1st June 2020                                                                      Monday

3rd June 2020                                                                      Wednesday

7th June 2020                                                                      Sunday

10th June 2020                                                                    Wednesday

11th June 2020                                                                    Thursday

12th June 2020                                                                    Friday

24th June 2020                                                                    Wednesday

With a great number of Muhurtham dates especially closer to weekends plan the pre wedding ceremonies accordingly. Also dear wedding guests, you have your hands full as there are consecutive Muhurtham days!!

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For July 2020

1st July 2020                                                                                         Wednesday

2nd July 2020                                                                                       Thursday

8th July 2020                                                                                        Wednesday

9th July 2020                                                                                        Thursday

11th July 2020                                                                                      Saturday

12th July 2020                                                                                      Sunday

With the tamil month of Aadi which is around mid July the number of Muhurtham days start dwindling as no auspicious events are to be performed in the month of Aadi. Some people wait for Aadi to get over (mid august) to get married. Also if you are planning your wedding post Aadi start prep before Aadi starts. Many people do not encourage starting wedding planning in the month of Aadi. The same applies to predominant South Indian weddings.

Image Via: Weva Photography

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For August 2020

               16th August 2020                                                                Sunday

               17th August 2020                                                               Monday

               21st August 2020                                                               Friday

23rd August 2020                                                               Sunday

24th August 2020                                                               Monday

28th August 2020                                                               Friday

30th August 2020                                                               Sunday

31st August 2020                                                               Monday

After Aadi month the next round of weddings starts post 15th. With most of the Muhurtham dates near the weekend you can plan a blast. For those who have to get married on the Monday Muhurtham days choose an early morning time and go crazy with the pre wedding festivities.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For September 2020

4th September 2020                                                         Friday

14th September 2020                                                      Monday

16th September 2020                                                      Wednesday

September announces the onset of the festive season. This month we have only three Muhurthams. This gives you the time to plan for the festivities post your wedding too!!

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For October 2020

18th October 2020                                                             Sunday

26th October 2020                                                             Monday

29th October 2020                                                             Thursday

Another month of festivals and weddings. The three muhurthams are in the second half of the month. With the weather also pleasing, it would be a fun set of weddings. If your weddings are in the South of India plan well as it is the North west monsoon season.

Image Via: Focuz Studios

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For November 2020

4th November 2020                                                          Wednesday

6th November 2020                                                          Friday

 9th November 2020                                                         Thursday

11th November 2020                                                       Wednesday

12th November 2020                                                       Thursday

13th November 2020                                                       Friday

19th November 2020                                                      Saturday

20th November 2020                                                       Friday

22nd November 2020                                                      Sunday

23rd November 2020                                                      Monday

26th November 2020                                                       Thursday

27th November 2020                                                        Friday  

30th November 2020                                                      Monday

So many Muhurthams this Diwali month. Plan very meticulously as the number of Muhurthams are high. Do all the bookings well in advance to avoid confusions. Since its Diwali month, everyone will be busy. Take care to ensure that your plans go the way you want it. Wedmegood helps to plan your wedding the way you want it!!

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December 2020

3rd December 2020                                                         Thursday

4th December 2020                                                          Friday

 9th December 2020                                                         Wednesday

10th December 2020                                                        Thursday

11th December 2020                                                        Friday

The winter month has five Muhurtham dates. Many do not do weddings post December 15th till Jan 15th during the Tamil month of Marghazi. This gives us time to plan for the crazy wedding season that again starts in Jan. Weddings in December are beautiful with the weather being at its best.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For January 2020

19th January 2020                                                             Sunday

20th January 2020                                                              Monday

26th January 2020                                                             Sunday

27th January 2020                                                              Monday

30th January 2020                                                              Thursday

 31st January 2020                                                               Friday

The wedding season in the South takes a small break and starts full force in Jan. So gear up!!

Image Via: Focuz Studios

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For February 2020

    4th February 2020                                                Tuesday

    5th February 2020                                                  Wednesday

     6th February 2020                                                   Thursday

  7th February 2020                                                      Friday

   12th February 2020                                                    Wednesday

  13th February 2020                                                      Thursday

14th February 2020                                                           Friday

20th February 2020                                                           Thursday

21st February 2020                                                           Friday

 25th February 2020                                                          Tuesday

26th February 2020                                                           Wednesday

The month of love has so many Muhurtham days where valentine’s day and a unique date (20/2/20) is also special. Isn’t this reason enough to choose one of these days to get married??

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For March 2020

1st March 2020                                                                 Sunday

2nd March 2020                                                                Monday

5th March 2020                                                                   Thursday

6th March 2020                                                                   Friday

11th March 2020                                                                Wednesday

12th March 2020                                                                Thursday

13th March 2020                                                                Friday

22nd March 2020                                                                Sunday

 26th March 2020                                                                  Thursday

  27th March 2020                                                                  Friday

 29th March 2020                                                                  Sunday

30th March 2020                                                                Monday

Though March has many Muhurtham days, post the second week we saw intimate, subdued and even postponed weddings due to COVID-19. Do not get worked up. Think that this is giving you more time to make your wedding more special.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For April 2020

With the lockdown and COVID fears these Muhurtham days only call for extremely intimate weddings. Better yet postpone it a little further as there are so many days in the coming months.

Though these are the Muhurtham dates, for each one it would be a special date based on your star and horoscope. Take it up with your elders if needed and choose a date that works well for all of you. For planning and shortlisting vendors to make your D day the best, you have WedMeGood!!!

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