Stop Everything…!!! We Found The Coolest Ways To Deck Up Wedding Chairs!

Gone are the days of Nilkamal and foldable metallic chairs – weddings these days come with fancy-schmancy floral additions and quirky decor. To soothe our crazy Monday, we thought we’ll cheer ourselves up with a few pretty chair decorations and ideas that will make any wedding a fancy one in minutes. Go, take a look!

  1. Woven Fabric Chairs 

3 Productions

Picture courtesy: 3 Productions

Weaving only the top part of the chair is easy and fun, so it seems!

2. The Side-Sash Tie-up

Picture Courtesy:

Like a beauty queen, this one needs to tie in with the pretty bow in tow!

3. Corsage Chairs 

Ajay decorators

Picture Courtesy: Ajay Decorators

A corsage can make a big difference instead of just regular flowers!

4. Photograph Hangings

bridal guide magazine

Picture Courtesy: Bridal Guide Magazine 

Memories on a chair – sounds interesting. But make sure that the frames are small and the pictures, fun!

5. Burlap Knots

Picture Courtesy: Chelsa Yoder

Perfect for a green wedding, these burlap straps with delicate baby breaths just make us smile!

6. Gajras on Chairs

devika narain

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain

We did mention these beautiful chairs a while ago, but really gajra? Who would have thunk?

7. Knotted Woven Backs 


Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain

Not just the top part, the entire chair can be woven beautifully!

8. Coloured Cushions

Elusive Dreams By Pooja

Picture Courtesy: Elusive Dreams by Pooja Gupta

The most simplistic thing you can do is to make the cushions colourful.

9. Rhinestone Band 


Picture Courtesy: Etsy/ Wedding Jewel

Shiny and sweet – rhinestone bands can make any wedding chair uber glam in minutes!

10. Paper Cut-outs


Picture Courtesy: Etsy / The Path Less Travelled

Heart-shaped cut-outs and really, any kind of cut-outs – this one is so quirky!

11. Floral Garlands

floral garlands

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

A small floral garland is good fun!

12. Different Kinds of Chairs 

green wedding shoes

Picture Courtesy: Green Wedding Shoes

Choose different kinds of chairs to add character – if you can!

13. Tassels and Tie-ups 

henna bespoke weddings

Picture Courtesy: Henna Bespoke Weddings

Very Arabic influences, these tassels really are miracle-workers!

14. Ruffled Bottoms

henna bespoke

Picture Courtesy: Henna Bespoke Weddings

Colourful pastel ruffled bottoms are a real treat!

15. Colour-blocked Chairs

Impact Production, Agrawal Wedding, Long Beach

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain

When it looks boring, you just colour-block the fabric on the chairs!

16. Side Ferns

luxury weddings by abhishek

Picture Courtesy: Luxury Weddings by Abhishek

Side ferns are interesting – so rustic, yet so chic!

17. Indian Flowers

style me pretty 2

Picture Courtesy: StyleMePretty

Marigolds are beautiful things to hang on chairs – so pretty! Choose smaller ones so as to not make it look like it’s too much!

18. Flower Bouquet

mpire weddings

Picture Courtesy: Mpire Weddings

A fresh bouquet of flowers will solve any problem!

19. Bangles as Chair Decorations

nayantara & sourabh

Picture Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja Photography

Best way to use bangles – mehendi decor symbolism!

20. Pretty Hangings

simi & amar

Picture Courtesy: Dot Dusk Studios

Little things, fun knick-knacks – just add a string and make ’em dangle!

21. Paper Flowers


Picture Courtesy: Sajawat 

Don’t underestimate the power of paper flowers – they stay up for a longer time and look fresh as ever!

22. Lace Tie-Up 

want that wedding1

Picture Courtesy: Want That Wedding 

A lace cloth and a cute orchid – sounds like a good plan!

23. Flower Frames

silhouette events

Picture Courtesy: Silhouette Events

A frame along with a bouquet of flowers gives it a 3-D effect of sorts!

24. Ribbon Love 

style me pretty

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Wedding Invites

Wanna go super simplistic? Then a small neat bow will do that for you.

25. Ribbons Galore

style me pretty1

Picture Courtesy: Style Me Pretty

If you think you want to go colourful – then, multiple ribbons are it! Go pastel to make them look more delicate and effortless!

26. Mason Jars

the wedding chicks

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Chicks

We love how mason jars can be used beautifully to create a romantic vibe!

27. DIY Beads

tulle & chantilly

Picture Courtesy: Tulle & Chantilly

Beads and trinkets – best way to keep it glam, if you ask us!

28. Peacock Feathers

6958a7a7cfc18c70f9e68924b7e2117e (1)

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Indian-inspired looks will always get you brownie points!

29. Chair Covers

Picture Courtesy: The 

Go for the entire chair instead of just a bit of it – match those covers to your theme!

30. Floral Knots 

wedding wire

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Wire 

A pretty floral printed tie-up can give the chair a vintage Parisian look!

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