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The Last Minute Wedding Checklist: The Only List You Need To Check Before You Head Out!

BY Apoorva Pagar | 18 Mar, 2017 | 261 views | 4 min read

In the final weeks, and then days, until your wedding day, it's all about getting everything done. But figuring out the logistics and last-minute details can be stressful. So we made the ultimate list of last minute things that you need to take care of!

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  Break In Your Wedding Shoes We all have heels we can go for hours in, and another pair where getting from the door to the car is a struggle. Put on sweatpants or jeans and walk around your apartment for a couple of days. Get them comfortable and safe to walk in so you can last as long as possible before being forced to change. Get Bride To Wife Bag Ready You know that bag you need on the night of the wedding. When you head from the venue to your hotel- it needs to have a comfy nightsuit, a change for the next day, tons of makeup remover and whatever else you need for a night spend. Ensure that is ready and packed. Count your accessories Yup, Count them. The only way to ensure you don't forget wearing something. Once you know you have 6 baubles all around you, you will remember and count before you head out. Confirm & Pay Your Vendors Do a final confirmation with all of them and pay them whatever is required. If any vendors need to be paid on the day of the wedding, rope in a cousin or uncle to manage that bit. Wedding Day Itinerary Create a mini-itinerary for the wedding day like what time you should start your hair and makeup, what time should you leave for the venue & so on. Share it with the people who will be with you. Always pencil in a few extra minutes for safe measure.   Outfit Run Through Do a little outfit run-through with your all your outfits a week before the functions start. This way you can get your blouse altered in case you’ve lost or gained a few kgs or even check your outfit for any changes. Get your groom to do it too! Me Time Schedule some alone time or girl time—no wedding agenda allowed. Give yourself a day to read a book, lie in your bed, grab happy hour with the girls, whatever relaxing activities you have in mind. This will be good for your sanity. Grand Rehearsal Do your final sangeet rehearsal two days prior to the sangeet. This way people are not too exhausted on the actual day! Honeymoon Bag If you are leaving immediately after your wedding for your honeymoon, get a separate bag packed the week before.

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Bridal Kit Prep your “Bridal Emergency Kit.” By putting one of these together you’re saving yourself from the scary “what ifs” of wedding prep. Odds are you won’t need everything in it, but extra preparation can’t hurt. Point Person Have a designated friend or cousin who can be totally trusted. Your wedding room key should be with her who will house all your jewellery and outfits. Confirm Travel Details If you are going on your honeymoon straight away, check that nothing has changed for your flight, hotel, or other bookings abroad. Knowing all of the details are the same—or adjusting for what is different—will let you pack appropriately and speed off to the airport with excitement, rather than worry. Talk To Your Photographer Your photographer may know a few people, but talk to him about the shots you want or the people you want photographed without fail. Like your jaimala or maybe even an emotional mom-moment! Check With Décor Have a cousin or friend go prior to the time and check whether the décor and caterers are putting up stuff on time. Prepare Cash Tips If you plan on tipping vendors on your wedding day, pull out all of the cash a week in advance and seal it in envelopes so they are ready to go. Make sure you delegate this task to one of the groomsmen or cousin. You DON’T do it! Destination Wedding Packing Pack properly and triple check things because you can’t expect to buy a blouse when you are in South Goa. And always have a friend or cousin fly out after you so that in case you miss something, they can get it. Eat and Drink Not alcohol! Have a good breakfast on the morning of the wedding and don’t forget to hydrate. Going through the day on an empty stomach isn't helpful in dealing with all the excitement. Now go, get married!!
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