The Most Creative Phoolon Ka Chaddar Ideas For Your 2017 Wedding!

Well, well, it’s a new year and of course, a new beginning. That’s why we decided to take a look at reinventing some of our cool traditions. First up: Phoolon Ka Chaddar. This cute ritual isn’t the same without some new ideas so we decided to give you a peek at the coolest ones we’ve spotted in the recent months. Our advice – Take some cues and add your own twist.

The Perfect Floral Umbrella


Pic via Raj & Roshini’s Wedding

This cutesy floral umbrella with real flowers is just so princess-y and perfect! Such a cool idea, innit?

Flower Shower


Image via Karishma & Ashwin’s Real Wedding

This one’s as simple as they come. A flower shower is the perfect way to go up the altar.

Floral Exotica

punit and amit jade

Pic via Punita & Amit’s Wedding; Pretty Parsi Wedding

Go innovative with your chaddar and opt for just greens, just ferns. It’s new and awesome!

Red flowers #forthewin


Pic via Weddarazzi Films

Whether they’re real or fake – a traditional bride needs her share of reds! And this creative chaddar is all happy and shiny!

Dried Flowers


Pic via Richa & Arjun’s Wedding 

Why go for real ones when you can try the awesome dried flowers to create a vintage chic look?

Go for a different shape

tanvi and avinash rohan & aakriti

Pic via Tanvi & Avinash‘s Wedding; Rohan & Aakriti’s Wedding

Don’t go for the straight ones. Try the cool round-shaped chaddar or even a palaquin-shaped one to add more style to your look!

Just opt for Lace

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 5.26.08 PM

Pic via The Wedding Salad

A pretty lace chaddar along with fairy lights? Sign us up!

Lotus Buds Chaddar

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 5.25.55 PM

Pic via Amar Ramesh Photography

South Indian weddings nowadays are teeming with lotus buds and this delicate one paired with mogra is all we need today!

Floral Rickshaw


Pic via Katia Peshkova 

Decorate your rickshaw with florals of your choice and take a spin – how cute is that?

Mogra magic

coolbluez hari photo

Pic via Coolbluez Photography

Bulky mogra garlands are used these days to cover up the chaddar and they are as grand as they come! A white chaddar? You get it?

Sheer Dupatta


Pic via Amrit & Krutika

The bride ordered another dupatta that suited her style and let the sunshine through – whattay idea?

Fringe galore


Pic via Shreya and Vivaan’s Wedding

This bride handmade this beauty from scratch – she added colourful big fringes to a sheer dupatta to create a boho look!

Baby breath love

ankan and neha

Pic via Shutterdown 

This circular frame and cute baby breaths on it – that’s the way this bride rolls and we love it!

Bead Kaleere

akash photoworks

Kaleere are the biggest draw these days – both as decor and as ornaments. This is one new way to use them innovatively and it looks oh so traditional.

Add a fabric you love to the mix

A-Cube Project

Pic via A-Cube Project

This cutesy and modern chaddar has a pretty fabric and sweet tiny things like flowers, paper lanterns and butterflies to it.

Palaquin princess

anupa shah

Dress up the palaquin with modern flowers like baby breaths, gladiolas and thai flowers to give a traditional theme a contemporary twist.

A sheer dupatta with fireworks

cam catches

Amazing fireworks and a matching dupatta – as spectacular as it can get!

Bunch of cute wild flowers

Cheesecake Project

Pic via The Cheesecake Project

Cutesy mixed florals are the shizz – so use them well and give your chaddar a boho/ wild look!

Marigold madness

elan events

This yellow and blue wonder is as rare as they come! And…it matches the bride’s outfit!

Florals + Bubbles = Awesome

girl in pink

Inverted roses and lots of bubbles – this one is sure to hit the high stakes!

Big umbrella fun


Pic via Nupur & Gautam’s Wedding 

Umbrellas are the coolest things to happen to a bride and add florals to it for maximum awesome!

Know nay cool bridal entries in cute chaddars? Tell us!

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