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The Ultimate Color Guide For Picking Your Second Dupatta

BY The WMG Bride | 30 Aug, 2017 | 8344 views | 3 min read

Alright then, you have decided that one just isn't enough and you want to add a little something extra with a second dupatta. Great- atleast the first dilemma of 'Should I, Shouldn't I' is out of the way. But when it comes to choosing a second dupatta- which colors work with your lehenga? We put together a neat little guide for you to refer to , and also some ground rules for the same. Well, there aren't any ground rules as such- just stuff that makes us feel a bit more important ;)

If your lehenga, blouse & first dupatta is monotone

If your lehenga is top to toe the same color, then as a second dupatta, you should probably look at either

  • Using the same color as you existing lehenga 


  • Using a different color that is similar in tone. (Pastel with pastel, jewel tone with jewel tone)


  • Using the same color in a lighter tone (Eg Light pink second dupatta when lehenga is raspberry pink , or light green dupatta when lehenga is dark green)


If your lehenga , blouse , dupatta span 2 colors

Let's say your lehenga and blouse is one color and your first dupatta is a seperate color. Or, your lehenga and blouse is diff colors and your first dupatta is one of these colors. All these are scenarios where your dupatta , lehenga, blouse already have 2 different colors. In this scenario, the general rule of thumb would be :

  • Pick the second dupatta in the same color which is least represented .


Eg: If your blouse and lehenga is red, and your first dupatta is green. Then green is the least represented color and your second dupatta should be green too. If your blouse is aqua, and your lehenga and dupatta is pink- then aqua is the least represented color and you can pick the second dupatta as aqua.

If your lehenga is multi colored all over.

Then pay attention to the color of the first dupatta. If this is already a diff color to your blouse / lehenga then pick your second dupatta as the same color as the first dupatta,  or as the same color as your blouse. Adding another different color will create too much of a mish- mash and not really work as a cohesive look. 

  • Pick a dupatta in a color which already exists 

In this case, this bride balanced her multi colored lehenga by picking a red dupatta- which is the color of her blouse

Color Guides

Lehenga is Gold

Pick colors like: Peach, Off white, Pastel Pink

Avoid colors: Darker or brighter hues.


Lehenga is Red

Pick colors like: Red, Off White,  Green apple, teal, orange, light pink, gold 

Avoid colors: Turquoise , Purple, yellow


Lehenga is Fuschia

Pick colors like: Emerald, Mint green, light pink , red , orange , gold , Turquoise

Avoid colors: Purple 


Lehenga is Light Pink

Pick colors like: Mint green, Tiffany blue, gold, deep pink

Avoid colors: Darker blue, Darker green, Purple


Lehenga is Orange

Pick colors like: Bright pink, Pale Blue , Gold, Peach,  Off White, 

Avoid colors: Greens and Dark Blue


Lehenga is Peach

Pick colors like: Orange, Gold, Mint green, Aqua Blue, Pastel Pink , Off White, Red

Avoid colors: Blues & Dark Greens


Lehenga is Turquoise

Pick colors like: Gold, bright pink, dark blue , light pink , Lavender

Avoid colors: Green

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