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Treasure Tokens for Every New Bride: Bridal Must-Haves For Your Trousseau!

BY The WMG Bride | 31 Oct, 2015 | 619 views | 4 min read

The bridal trousseau is in many ways is the ideal box of treasure - it is almost like a bottom drawer in the new home that contains all those beautiful memories that the bride has gathered over the years. The trousseau is not limited only to clothing, but also vintage china that has been saved up for special occasions, granny’s heirloom jewellery and many more of those unforgettable tokens that are sure to become part of this box. Traditionally the trousseau, word, comes from the old French word “trusse” for bundle - it was meant as a box of ideal things that the bride needs to start her new life! But what does a modern bride need to put together her beautiful trousseau? We found 6 amazing ideas that make for classic trousseau choices

1. Mom’s Beautiful Porcelain

11181723_1064693763550437_1234870831400699358_n Everyone of us know how much our folks loved china and porcelain and all that beautiful cutlery that was displayed on the family dining shelf. We were forbidden to touch it because it was to be pulled out only if the Queen came home. How we gaped at it and hoped one day, it would be ours. Top reason why porcelain cutlery is yet another great gift you can bring from home. Our Recco: Bring your mom’s vintage cutlery or buy your own at Good Earth’s Cutlery Collection!

2. A Pashmina Shawl

© The Kashmir Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A good shawl is like a warm hug - and that’s a one-time thing. Before you buy a shawl though - look for good fabric, a pashmina (a pure pashmina) is rare and is absolutely a big treat. Do remember that pure pashmina is weightless so silk needs to be added to it to give it body. Wear it over a sari and you’ll look like a dream. Our Recco: The Kashmir Company puts out some great pashmina shawls. We love!

3. A Beautiful Piece of Jewellery with a promise of everlasting blessings from your parents and family

mehendi7 Well, every new bride needs to know that apart from all that bridal heavy jewellery, there is a go-to piece for days you want to go modest. Not just that, if the said piece is crafted in a precious metal like Platinum, it stays with you all your life. Platinum EVARA’s versatile designs can be perfectly paired with traditional and contemporary ensembles and are sure to make you the showstopper at every occasion. What makes this addition to your bridal trousseau even more special is that it is an expression of eternal love and blessings, marking the beginning of a memorable and precious journey from your parents and family. Our Recco: The Platinum Evara, Mumbai blessing neckpiece - a real beauty that will keep you company through the good times and tough ones. A memory from your family!

4. A Handloom Sari To Stay On The Right Side Of Indian Textiles

Hanwoven_How_To (1) A handloom sari is all about Indian textiles and culture and beautiful craftsmanship and in all that woven goodness lives true fashion. So make sure you have one good handloom sari in your trousseau - it can be a Benarasi, an Uppada, a Chanderi, a Linen sari, a Maheshwari or even a Kanjeevaram. Our Recco: Opt for some great linen saris or a festive sari by Anavila at Ogaan to keep your closet textile-happy.

5. Monogrammed Linen

Desktop41 Oh every bedroom is the same without some beautifully monogrammed sheets to help jumpstart the couple’s journey. And if they are monogrammed, then that’s just pretty and so personal. Look for satin ones or even linen sheets to work the magic - but really, anything with a logo does the job! Our Recco: You can pick and choose and customise your monogrammed linen at Neiman Marcus, so cute! ****Sponsored Post: EVARA Platinum Blessings, as the collection is called, is a new range of bridal jewellery for the bride and groom who seek exclusivity and cherish the blessings from their families closer to them on their big day. The beautiful and delicate designs stand for blessings of eternal love from parents and family. A piece of jewellery that stands the test of time, just like the love that brings the couples together. It is not just exquisite and surreal, it is symbolic of the coming together of two families to create a beautiful, new relationship. Plus, it matches your bridal trousseau just right!
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