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#Trending On The Bridal Radar: Boudoir Bridal Shoots

BY The WMG Bride | 12 Jul, 2015 | 649 views | 5 min read


Photography via Lily and Iris

Yeah yeah , we know Indian brides are 'supposed' to be all coy and shy. BUT...ahem ahem, this photography trend involves the bride wearing a LOT less than her bridal lehenga. Whether or not you are risque enough to get a boudoir shoot done for your upcoming nuptials, we got you the lowdown on what it is. Because a little information never hurt anyone.

What are Boudoir Bridal shoots?

Essentially Boudoir means bedroom and these are shoots that the bride does as a gift to her groom, wearing precious little. Think lace teddies and all things sexy, in a totally classy, fun way. You could do 60's pin up girl, Victoria secret model poses, something Bridgette Dardot-ish or just playful in your PJ's. The images are usually bound in an album and gifted to the groom as a memory, but even otherwise - they are your chance to be supermodel for a day and remember the time when you were probably in the best shape of your life.

Who takes these pictures?

Well, surprise!Wedding photographers do. In India this concept is still pretty new, and you should probably ask your photographer if he understands what boudoir means and how to shoot it. But abroad, many photographers have embraced this trend to create the most stunning photos ever. Remember, that the idea of the photos is to create beautiful, sensual images in the most aesthetic way possible, so its important you openly discuss your vision with the photographer. More importantly, you need to have implicit TRUST in your photographer because these will be sensitive images of you on his hard drive.

Where do I shoot this & how much time does it need?

Typically, boudoir shoots are indoors. A fancy hotel room or a studio - the idea is to shoot you in somewhat of a bedroom scene or space. You can even save up on money by borrowing a friend's new penthouse or studio - add your personal backdrops to give it a cozy vibe. The amount of time you need to put aside is basically the same as your pre-wedding shoots- around 3-4 hours.

What do you wear to boudoir shoots?

This really depends on what you and your man think is sexy. You could go classic in a corset (it gives you great curves), or keep it girl next door in a bra-top and lace shorts, or do the whole Victoria Secret model thing in gorgeous lingerie and lace teddies. Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in- choose that, because this is the one day where you will get to feel like a supermodel. Don't forget accessories - your big fat engagement ring that makes the shoot all the more fun, nice diamond studs and maybe, body harnesses. Heels are a must - to add posture plus, they just make you look hot!

How do I stay classy and not trashy? 

A good rule is to pick colours like black, white, cream and maybe softer pastels with one change for a brighter colour thrown in. Animal prints, not so much! You want these photos to be like high end, fashion magazine style and the more neutral the colours, the classier it looks. Always make sure you have all your emergency arsenal at your disposal - pasties, different coloured bra straps, silicon cups, lacy thongs, garters and fun props. And know how much skin to show - that's the key!

How much skin can I show?

Remember, these pictures must never be X-rated. The trick is to wear something that doesn't make you look 'naked' but something that also doesn't make up your normal wardrobe . It's that delicate balance that can make your shoot sensual. So choose lace bras that come with full cups and push-up bras that don't have too much lace for best results. Never look at sequins and crystals - they can add the tack factor to the shoot. Besides, you want to look like a supermodel, not a showgirl.

When is a good time to shoot Boudoir shoots?

Ideally, when you are at your slimmest - after all, your fitness and body happiness defines the shoot. A week before your wedding is great since you must have worked out enough to get your body to a good place. Do not drink too much water on the day of the shoot so you don't feel bloated. Also, drink juices and try not to eat carbs on the day before.

What about hair & beauty - what do boudoir shoots need?

Make-up must be basic - do remember that you are not doing a fashion shoot, just a basic one. So keep your lips nude/ pink or peach. Wear foundation that looks natural - do up your eyes minimally. Smokey eyes and red lips are for those who can really carry it off - but often they can make the shoot heavy. Keep your hair in delicate waves. Hair that is processed too much or elaborate hairstyles that don't suit the mood are a big NO-NO.

Okay, so what else do I need to know?

You might want to carry a bottle of vino to loosen up a bit, put some music on in the backdrop so you can move those sheets for the camera, and overall just relax and have fun. Bring a friend along so you could have get some cute suggestions and have company. Just someone to loosen you up! Carry a few interesting props like feathers, lace eye masks and lots of faux pearls to add glamour to the shoot.

Would you be up for a boudoir shoot? tell us in the comments section!

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