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Wanna Make Your Wedding Heels More Comfortable? Follow These Tips And You'll Be One Happy Bride!

BY Sakshi | 23 Nov, 2016 | 1796 views | 4 min read

1470379496_1459609800_6G2A9539This one is not only for brides, but EVERY SINGLE GIRL! We all love our heels (especially under Indian wear), but it all comes at a cost, the cost of painfree feet! And weddings of course have a lot of running around, dancing and walking (sometimes on grass!), and at the end of the day, most of us really cannot feel our feet! So here are some cracking ways to make sure your heels are comfy and ready for all the wedding madness!

Never, wear heels for the first time on the wedding day

1472582327_DSC_1435Photo Courtesy: Memento of Shades Photography★ 4.6

It's such a basic point, but most of us never bother to adhere to it! Always remember to break your heels out before you commit to an entire wedding day of walking in them! This goes for not only the bride, but any other woman as well! Make sure to test drive a new pair heels for a day by walking in them to ensure there are no blisters or friction and you're comfy.

Shoe inserts can be your best friend

RECK-5038483171370-1Photo Courtesy: Scholl

Shoe inserts, especially gel insoles for heels can make such a big difference! There are so many products out there to reduce rubbing and and add arch support which will make things a lot easier! Soft gel inserts are our favourites, which make can end up reducing the foot pain at the end of the day by a lot.

Use Moleskin

71ksx7WJ6DL._SY679_Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Not real mole skin, but soft cotton flannel with adhesive backing. You can cut and customize the shape of moleskin to cover any trouble spots you have on your feet. It takes to the shape of your feet better than a bandage, and is generally more comfortable! You can buy it online here.

The tennis ball trick

tennis4Photo Courtesy: www.nuestepprocedure.com

A tennis ball can really help. Before wearing the heels and after taking them off, spend a few minutes rolling a tennis ball under the arch of your foot. This will massage your muscles and help in prepping them and reducing the pain at the end of the day.

Tape your toes!


Photo Courtesy: www.reveliststatic.com

As random as that may sound, the trick it to tape your third and fourth toes together. There is a nerve that splits between those toes which causes pain in the balls of your feet. If you tape them up, there is less strain on that nerve. Make sure to not tape it up too tight, which might interfere with the blood flow! Surgical tape can be used for this.

Take tips from Tyra Banks!

tyra-video-88625_0x440Photo Courtesy: www.vogue.it

So apparently, there is a certain way to walk in high heels that makes it more comfy. And who better to know that than former supermodel Tyra Banks? Here is a video where she elaborates on the right way and the right posture to carry high heels with grace and in a comfortable fashion!

Take a break!

1455026181_Screen_Shot_2016_02_09_at_7.17.24_pmPhoto Courtesy: Fizzy Goblet★ 4.6

So experts recommend that you do not wear heels all day for more than 2 days at a stretch. So if you are going to be spending 3-4 days at a wedding, space it out. Probably wear juttis for one of the functions and give your feet a break!

Leave a little wiggle room


Photo Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks★ 5

From going half a size up when shopping for heels to going shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are swollen from activity- these are little ways to ensure that your feet have a little wiggle room which can mean much more comfort!

Use deodorant!

IMG_1990Photo Courtesy: www.racheldavid.com

Yup, on your feet as well! Rub or roll some transparent deodorant beneath any area of the shoe (especially straps) to prevent chafing without being sticky! So all set to rock those high heels?
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