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1 year ago

I came to Asiana Couture back in November 2017. I had looked them up and was following them for a bit on social media. So when I flew into India, I was super excited to go here and buy all my outfits. I ended up getting my wedding outfit from somewhere else (and thank god I did that), but I got my mehndi and another outfit from Asiana. This was the biggest mistake ever. I regret it and wish no bride has to go through this headache with them like I did. My mehndi outfit was designed by Payal Keyal. I had told them I won't be able to come back to pick up my outfit, since I live in USA. They seemed very friendly and willing to work with me and were okay with my aunt picking it up. During my first visit when I picked the outfit, I told them i didn't want the long open back, they totally ignored my suggestion. I waited 2 month for my outfit to be ready. They didn't even bother to call me, I had to constantly follow up with them to confirm if my outfit was ready. My aunt picked up both of my outfit and sent it to me. Her biggest mistake, she didn't check my outfit when she left their store. The mehndi dress I had picked, the color and the design were totally changed. When I called the store and messaged the manager, he told me its due to lighting. Really? How stupid do you think I am. I will not be shopping here. These people are ridiculous. The manager still hasn't returned my messages. The Payal Keyal outfit my mom and i had fell in love with, is now a headache for me to find another outfit. The work went from silver to pure gold and the color became more bright and peachy. The fabric didn't even feel the same. You would think the fabric you tried on in the store won't be as good compare to the new one they are making for you, but the fabric used on my outfit was even worse. i had called them after to ask for detach sleeves and a dupatta. They gave my aunt the depatta, but tried to play it off that I never said anything about the sleeves. If that was the case, how do you remember I wanted the dupatta but forgot the sleeves. My other outfit is the way I saw it (thank god), fabric could have been better for what you are paying for though. The back, well they ignored my Suggestion. So now I have to get another mehndi outfit all in a month since my wedding is around the corner. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANY OUTFITS FROM ASIANA OR PAYAL KEYAL. I rather spend the extra money and trust the right people then someone like Asiana. Again, biggest mistake ever. Also, they don't let you take any pics after you purchase the outfit, they send you this blurry pic of the outfit you tried on after 10 days. Why? So when you get the original outfit, you can't figure out if anything has changes since months go by. I am not the only one who had this problem with them. I have heard others did as well. Thanks a lot for causing more stress in my life Asiana. Especially brides that live outside of India and cannot make it back to try on their outfit like I couldn't, don't trust these guys.