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Ashmitha Reddy
Ashmitha Reddy

1 month ago

Extremely disappointed with the quality of work from The Bridal March. As newly weds, my husband and I were very unfortunate to be at the receiving end of their services as they were doing the decor for our post wedding reception. The Dream Theme(former name) was one of the good wedding planners in the city and I believe it was solely because of its former partner. With all due respect, I had the worst experience with Meera Ravi (The current owner) . My wedding was one of the first few projects she worked on after becoming ‘The Bridal March’ and was definitely one of the worst I’ve seen. She never suggested any new themes when we were willing to experiment. We had to come up with something all on our own. She simply forwarded pictures from Pinterest ( which I already had ) and asked me to decide on the one I liked. Or she would just send pictures of their previous works and charge THRICE the amount for it. We repeatedly requested her for a sketch/rough drawing of how it would all come together and also so our parents could have an idea as to why they were paying SO much. But we never got to see anything. She demanded to be paid in full a month before the event. And on the day of the event, she went MIA right after she set up the place which looked nothing like what I had asked for - the entrance was just a rectangular flex while I had asked for a 3D fairytale book, the floor flex design on the stage was old, highly pixelated and did not have the design we had asked for, the furnitures on the stage were broken and torn - the list just won’t end. She didn’t pick up any of our calls for the next 24 hours and when she finally did, she pretended like she had no idea what went wrong with the decor. She refused to meet us after the event, no texts, no calls for more than two months and finally sent us a text agreeing to return one lakh as compensation. But for the huge amount we’d payed her, one lakh was NOTHING. Thankfully I had another decorator who was working on my other events and they did such a brilliant job. My husband and I still regret hiring her as our wedding planner. She might have had one bad experience with our wedding but I do not think any bride-to-be would ever want to take the risk. My advice to anyone looking for that perfect wedding planner, Bridal March is definitely not the place.

The Bridal March & Co

Hello Ashmitha, Thank you for your review. Firstly, I have handled multiple large scale events single myself the reviews of which you can find below & the ones soon to come - so please get your facts right before you make any statement/assumptions in public out of personal preference & without knowing a single detail about how we function. Secondly, I was always available to meet & on call every step of the process. Inspite of which if you were so only uncomfortable dealing with me, our terms & rates (which I was unaware of), you could addressed them then and there even after which if you were uncomfortable you could have discontinued our services which is what any normal person with this much discomfort would have done. In case you had given me an advance, I would have gladly refunded that back to you as well because comfort is priority & I’m not one to hold you back. Thirdly, we get two kinds of clients. Those who know what exactly they want, those who look it from me and we progress further accordingly. In our very first conversation you had sent me exactly what you wanted! I think this is obvious but whether or not it’s what you suggest or what I suggest, there’s no need for me to hike up the rates in favour because the work, time and energy is the same from my end every single time I do setup. Again, without knowing a single thing that goes on behind the scenes, do not pass such accusations. Also are you saying a sketch makes one understand more than a picture (which I never committed to at any stage because we were clear with pictures) Fourthly, I don’t stay through the course of the events but I ALWAYS stay back at least till a family member arrives, which I did. Do you expect me to an answer call (which by the way I had no idea was coming from your side) after an entire night or staying up for the setup? My health didn’t permit me to travel but I immediately called you back the next day, the minute I knew it was your call! Lastly, there was an unfortunate incident which happened with one of the workers on site (which I immediately told you the very next day) Inspite of which I did every single thing I could to finish your work & also stayed back till the guests arrived, not just till the work got completed. Since you were upset even after knowing what happened, out of humanitarian grounds & Good will, I refunded you an amount even after which you tried to push me around and still are. There is a limit. But even after this, its so alarming to read such one sided, misleading reviews.