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Photo Credits: Naman Verma Photography

Best 20 Wedding photographers in Gurgaon


Our Wedding Chapter

Gurgaon, Delhi NCR
5.076 reviews

per day

Our Wedding Chapter is a renowned name which specializes in wedding photography and films. Based out of Delhi, distance has never been a barrier for them and cover different kinds of weddings from all over India. They’ve been a part of the photography business for around 5 years now. The range of events that they cover is fantastic. From pre-wedding shoots which are at its creative best to even maternity shoots, they’ve got every moment covered and beautifully captured. In their own words, “We love couples with crazy stories... If you are one, then you are meant for us.” Services offered: 1. Candid Photoshoot 2. Traditional Photography 3. Wedding Albums 4. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 5. Wedding Films

Working with Param and his team at Our Wedding Chapter was an amazing experience. Not only did they provide us with top quality coverage of our wedding but they also became a part of the wedding festivities and added to the entire experience that made it into the fairy tale wedding it was for us. Param himself came across as a friendly and patient guy who made all the little tweaks we wanted in the final footage without making a fuss. I would like to highly recommend him to anyone that wants to add a spark to their wedding. Thank you Our Wedding Chapter.”

Reviewed By: Pooja Devgan

28 May 2018

Sheer Hitch

South Delhi, Delhi NCR
4.875 reviews

per day

"Hitesh Shivani photography" - why this watermark on the precious memories of your lives? OUT OF THE BOX, THE EYE FOR THE UNSEEN and much more for you to unfold when our craving to capture those hidden emotions behind the smile of the to be bride hugging her mom one last time before beginning the journey of a woman with responsibilities become a frame. The curiosity to grasp those super exciting moments of the 16 shringaar for the man of her life and freeze them forever. The Keen urge of a Traveller who wanders with a thirst for new experiences are all on hold with us. The heart warming times of a baby out growing from the arms of their parents to balancing steps is made a movie for lifetime... These were few clues but more to unleash because we make sure to give you memories that always stand out of the box because the smile of our clients is the VISION of our team here. "An artist is not paid for labor, but for his vision". Hence, we begin with an idea and it becomes your story.

Well, what can we say? We found Hitesh to be a professional, creative and very entertaining photographer. The lengths he would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended. Hitesh, the work you did, was just wonderful!!! We cannot thank you enough for all you time and effort into making our special day, one to remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you ever so much!”

Reviewed By: Jyoti Aggarwal

15 Apr 2019

Lenseyezia Productions

West Delhi, Delhi NCR
4.986 reviews

per day

Lenseyezia Productions is a framework of love and emotions that comes straight from the heart of two souls,who were once bestfriends now business partners,Akanksha & Arushi. Akanksha being a photographer and arushi being the whole business module manager.

The two young owners of the company are unprofessional and inmature. The amount I paid for prewedding was not at all worth it. The final data was a mess and selecting photos from the 50 folders and thousands of duplicate snaps was like playing puzzles. The final data was committed to deliver days back and they stopped responding calls and messages because they are not ready with the data after 3 days of commitment of final data delivery.surely we will not recommend them to others the work done by them gave disappointing memories rather than pleasing memory of most important occasion of our life.”

Reviewed By: Nikhil Khanna

23 Apr 2019

North Water Star

South Delhi, Delhi NCR
4.964 reviews

per day

We shoot extremely powerful shots of emotions and laughter, cries and joy. For us each picture is an Art to Create. Join us by visiting our website and check us out. Having Shot four major international weddings in the US for the American, Chinese and Islamic Weddings, our work has taken us across 7 seas. If you like what we do and want to hire us for either your wedding or destination pre/post wedding shoots or anything that's candid enough, do get in touch with us. We Truly will be the Perfect Choice for your creative needs.

Before starting this post, i wanna say that this is not just a feedback or a testimonial, This is a very personal heartfelt, sincere and a warm thanks to the most amazing team of ppl who simply create magic out of your moments without you even realising it. Choosing North Water Star for capturing the our journey was one of the best decisions we took which felt right from the day i first approached them n the belief just kept getting stronger with every single day thereon. Not even for a single moment in our journey together from pre wedding in Andamans to Wedding in Delhi and finally the post wedding shoot in South Africa, did we feel as if we were actually shooting for a camera. Such comfort level, natural and completely random shoots and the air of friendliness and warmth they create around you that you will never realise your love story has been captured naturally and made into such a beautiful movie and pictures which are truly class apart. Few instances i would specifically like to mention from our experience here : 1. Our first ever interaction for our project and you end up talking for straight 45 mins without even realising it( never seen this happen as i spoke to tens of firms before) . That’s the kind of connection we developed with Pulki (Pulkeshin Tiwary - the owner). He made us realise how important it is to choose the right team for the most memorable occasion and the kind of connection you ought to have together. 2. This is not just a team of most talented and skilled photographers and cinematographers, this is a crazy group of super passionate, dedicated, professional and creative ppl who are madly in love with their work. We were surprised to see the extent to which they go in terms of choosing the perfect lighting, location, colours, dresses , poses, angles ,music ,story, flow and god knows what all to get the perfect shots. They never worked till we were satisfied, they always worked till the were convinced that they got perfect shots ( n screwed us many times for that 😜) 3. For our post wedding shoot, the entire team took an 11 hour long flight from Phuket to Capetown immediately after finishing an exhaustive 3 day wedding shoot because of our time constraint, reached the shooting location directly from the airport and straight away started just to capture the perfect light on top of Table mountain with their heavy accessory bags on. (Salute you guys) 4. They specially reached a day earlier in Port Blair and did the location research for an entire day just to find the perfect locations with natural lights for our movie. 5. Specially created an artificial location in the park outside my home to capture the groom shots in perfect natural light for the wedding movie. Such was the experience of working together, that in North Water Star, we found some friends for life. The biggest and the most special thanks to one of the most amazing man Pulki, the main lead behind the camera , director and sootradhaar of our movies and most importantly, a very dear friend. Kudos to the extremely talented Majji and Bhargav for the creating the magical pre wedding and wedding film, Anjay and Hyatt ( the most sweetest and the gifted photographer and cinematographer) for the wedding and post wedding shoots, and Yogi( the crazy photographer who can climb any rock, terrain, mountain etc to get the natural and candid shots 😜) and the entire team involved. A sincere thanks from me n priyanka and all the very very best for all your future projects. You guys simply rock...”

Reviewed By: Mrinal Arora

28 Mar 2019

Ankit Goel

Delhi NCR
5.061 reviews

per day

I'm a Dilli guy, and usually nobody dies when I shoot.

There are really not enough words to say how fantastic Ankit and Dipika are. This website was where I landed on Ankit's profile and now when I look back, I cannot imagine I could have made a better choice. Ankit is an amazing artist, who is extremely talented, truly professional and a pleasure to work with. From the very first email, I dropped in Ankit's busy mailbox, he was prompt, patient and accommodating. The way Ankit covered each and every event, big or small, during my brother's wedding, it just made the whole experience n-times delightful. It's a pleasure to watch him work as he keeps amazing you with the ideas he has. There were several instances, where Ankit suggested to us ideas that improved the overall experience and surely got the emotions captured even more beautifully. We looked at a few pictures and were totally stunned at how talented this guy is :) Besides being an amazingly talented artist, Ankit is an awesome human being, who is very intelligent and one of the nicest persons I have come across. I truly cherished all the conversations we had, either on phone or on WhatsApp or in person. I may sound tacky, but I wish I could rate you any higher than 5 here, LOL. So glad to have you as a friend now :) To the folks looking for someone to capture their candid moments - Please don't look further. You can never ask for anyone better :) ”

Reviewed By: Smit Dixit

28 Mar 2019

Eye of Turtle

Gurgaon, Delhi NCR
4.953 reviews

per day

"Eye of Turtle " are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us, photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving what you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything, taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Anand want to say thank you for great work in my wedding it was really very great experience with you guys.The deliverables you have given was really awesome especially Album,photos and video.”

Reviewed By: Anil Thereja

23 Apr 2019

Vivekk Vikas Photography

East Delhi, Delhi NCR
4.752 reviews

per day

Over the last 30 years, team Vivekk Vikas, a unit of Anjalis, has captured the most creative, professional and timeless photographs for every event and occasion. An unlikely band – Vivekk, a tech nerd from MIT who loves to be behind the scenes is your resident creative genius and Vikas, the more social animal honed his craft in one of the better MBA schools. Photography, the shared passion not just brings them together but also acts as the best way to experience and explore new places, meeting people and making new friends. The constant strife to be better than yesterday is what gets them up every day. Based out of Delhi but not restricted by it, their experience has made them a favourite for destination weddings. Services offered: 1. Candid Photoshoot 2. Traditional Photography 3. Wedding Albums 4. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

I was amazing experience working with their great team! Captured all my momemt very beautifully ! Whenever i go through my picturet or video i live that moment again! Their team was their till the end of the function and always on the time on the next day! I was not supposed to call them and give a remember! ”

Reviewed By: Hunar Behal

30 Mar 2019

4.943 reviews

per day

Wedding is the purest sacrament for us then how could we miss any moment of it? So, come and let’s capture every single tic of your special day with Amrit Arora Photography. Love is a canvas, furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. Money is not the criteria but our sole motive is to satisfy your thirst for perfection and love that you would taste through our work even after ages of your wedding. WE BELIEVE, that your wedding album should be self spoken piece of art that tells a story of love that after 10yrs from now, when you will look at it, it will still give you goosebumps, as your wedding day will give you now! Framing those super special moments of love and togetherness to cherish forever and pouring down all of them in a classy album is an cherry on the cake. Embrace the happiness and give us a chance to help you make your special day even more special.

Wedding files made our wedding extra special by capturing beautiful pictures. The efforts put by the team was exceptional. They not only made beautiful portraits but captured candid moments perfectly as well. Would highly recommend them.”

Reviewed By: Sukriti Sureka

4 Feb 2019

4.941 reviews

per day

"We capture the true emotions behind every single picture and present them in the most beautiful manner since these are not just pictures, but life long memories"- Meet Lakshya, an MBA, photographer, musician, die-hard cook, & traveler who claims that he can make you laugh your lungs out with his 'self-proclaimed' sense of humour; secret recipe to make his work fun, super-natural (not literally!)

Exceptional cinematography and photography! Warm and friendly staff!! It was a beautiful experience shooting with the team !! Thank you!”

Reviewed By: Ria Sachthey

12 Apr 2019


South Delhi, Delhi NCR
5.038 reviews

per day

Weddingrams, led by Divyam Ramji Mehrotra, is an ensemble of highly spirited and talented visual storytellers, dedicated to carefully curating your most precious memories. From having covered weddings in the mystical palace city of Udaipur, the colorful landscape of Jaipur, the unfazed wilderness of Jim Corbett to the jazzy beach sides of Bangkok, they have mastered the genre of destination wedding photography. They re-invented the way weddings had been covered traditionally, and take great pride in that. It was at a time when brides and grooms realized that there is always more to weddings than what meets the eye. Thus the concept of pre-wedding photoshoots and wedding films came into being. At Weddingrams, the team has not only photographed couples against spectacular backdrops of Ladakh, Srinagar, Thailand etc. but have also been extremely successful in capturing endearing moments and sparkling chemistry between the couples, even in the most modest of spaces. What’s more! Seasoned professionals at Weddingrams carry over a decade of experience in cinematography. We know that choosing someone to capture the most precious moments on the biggest day of your lives is a daunting task. We understand what it truly means to you. That's why, we capture memories that you can cherish for a lifetime, and years on when you look at them, those beautiful memories will still feel like it was yesterday.

Extremely talented and creative team! Divyam and team are very patient, humble, friendly and a focused team! Had a great experience.. ”

Reviewed By: Rahul Soni

16 Apr 2019

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How to choose the best wedding photographer in Gurgaon?

Firstly, we recommend you to browse through various photographers’ profiles and find that particular style of photography that brings out the best in you. You could make use of the best wedding photographers in Gurgaon based on user ratings and reviews. Or, choose from the complete list of candid photographers in Gurgaon, pick the budget and speciality preference. Check their profiles for pricing and reviews and of course, their work (albums and portfolio).

Now that you have shortlisted a bunch of photographers, it might be difficult but try to meet with the photographers before you book them for your wedding. Speak to your photographer and tell them what you are looking for. Finally, have a brief talk with how many ceremonies your photographer should shoot. Do you want him to focus on just the wedding and reception? You could opt for a lesser known candid photographer for the smaller functions and save the more expensive ones for the wedding and reception.

How does WedMeGood help?

WedMeGood’s vendors list has a handpicked and featured category, where only high quality photographers are listed based on their work quality, with rating, reviews and pricing packages. Genuine reviews by users help you make the right decision.

What are the services offered in wedding photography?

The services offered will be displayed in the photographer’s profile. Usually it is a full day’s attendance, from pre-wedding preparation to the reception, and photographers are on hand, all day, to capture the key wedding moments. Typically from a full wedding day, around 400 to 600 images are edited and presented ready to display in your wedding album. Depending on your location there may be additional travel and accommodation fee. Few photographers arrange for a large HD wide screen display of fully edited wedding photographs during your evening reception, allowing evening guests a chance to view the key moments of the wedding day. And an album package is delivered within a certain time after the wedding.

Is pre-wedding photography included?

Usually, their terms are mentioned in their profiles. But you could always contact the photographer, asking if it’s a part of their package. Otherwise, you would have to hire a separate photographer for a pre-wedding shoot. We advise you to stick to the same photographer throughout so that similar pictures and poses aren’t being clicked over and again. A single and stable photographer would know how to bring out the best in you, as he works with you.

Difference between candid and traditional photography.

Candid wedding photography involves taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are having their pictures taken. The photographer is always on a FLY – simply capturing the scene without actively altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo.

Traditional photography is the style of photography which we all have witnessed over the past few years, where you have photographers approaching you on regular intervals at a wedding asking “LOOK HERE, SMILE PLEASE”!

By now, you know the difference between the two, so depending upon your need & budget, you can hire one. However no matter what are the functions, candid moments can always be captured all the times.

I am confused whom to choose, can you help?

At WedMeGood, we have the WMG genie service where we send recommendations to users and help them decide and negotiate the rates to get them the best deals from their selected photographers for their weddings in Gurgaon!


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19 Apr 2019

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