Pratima Sharma
Pratima Sharma

1 year 8 months ago

What a horrible experience. I got married at this venue 5 days ago and I still cannot believe what a disaster my wedding was. The hotel recommended their wedding planner, Ms Simar Chabbra. She was always 2 hrs late to every meeting, never took notes and charged double for every service. She made hotel reservations and charged us Rs. 3000 per night when the hotel only charged Rs. 1500 per night. Same for my beautician who was priced at Rs. 12000 when in fact her charges were only Rs. 5000. My sangeet night was an absolute nightmare. The decorations were minimal with only fake flowers. The carpet was stained and dirty and the mandap like stage was made of torn wrinkled curtains. The dj had brought the speakers that truck driver village people carry on road sides. I was in tears when I saw the hall. Ms Simar was missing when the entire sangeet decor was put together. She showed up during the sangeet function asking me for inputs! My fiance had to step in and tell her to stop cutting corners. The next day we had to be on top of her every move to make sure the wedding is not spoiled further, yet more disasters happened. Inspite of me telling her repeatedly to use real flowers, still the decor was 90 percent fake flowers. The jaimala was 2 hrs late, so me and my husband had to put genda garlands on each other. The mandap had dirty white cloth as covers. We ordered a cake for our reception which never came. She showed up to my reception at 7 pm to harass my father for paying her remaining amount. He was embarrassed and pressured to pay her while everyone in our family was around. She was missing from the entire wedding until it was time to collect her paycheck. My father was in tears because his daughters special moments were ruined. Later that night we saw another wedding take place with my wedding setup. I believe Bella vista needs to blacklist such wedding planners. In my opinion Ms Simar is intentionally ripping people off, double booking wedding decors and harassing people for money at their vulnerable moments. I regret trusting her with my wedding and I only hope that no one faces what I faced on my wedding.

ITC WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Dear Guest, Thank you for choosing the WelcomHotel Bella Vista for your event. We regret the inconvenience and assure you that corrective actions have been taken. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service again soon. Best Regards