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Archana Rathod
Archana Rathod

4 months ago

These people are a big time unprofessionals. They have ruined the biggest day of my life! So I booked them for two functions, my wedding and my engagement. Like every other hotel, they had their own line of decorators to choose from, somehow I was obly given one option-Arun. He made big promises (and a big damn bill too). Showed jaw-dropping decor images, and promised (and confirmed it on mail too) to give exactly the same elements that we asked for. However, when we arrived for our engagement, we were stunned to see such pathetic decoration. It was just half-an-hour before the function was supposed to start. In the name of decor he used cheap plastic flowers, cheap chinese fake-candle like lights which eventually stoped glowing before the function was commenced. The guy-Arun stopped bothering about it, and was like-"it will look great in pictures". The lighting was so dim, that taking one selfie was also an impossible thing to do. Now coming down to food, these guys don't have the basic etiquette to put a name tag before the snacks while serving. They literally served veg and non-veg snacks together without name tags and as a result many of my vegetarian guests ended up eating non-veg (which is a big disaster) The guy called Abhishek is a loser, he doesn't knows how to deal with people and what is the standard of services that is expected in a 5-star property. After all the chaos on engagement after so many riff & tiffs we were promised that none of these things will be repeated on wedding. But, no. The decorator-Arun again did not deliver what was promised, the decoration was not complete while the barat was on the doors. None of the elements that he agreed for was added into my decor. The barat was at the door and the "milni-haar"( garlands) were not ready, he literally haf the audacity to give us floral strings and asked us to tie it and turn it into a haar! The food (since we had shouted and made a scene on engagement), was good on the day of wedding. However, the hospitality was the same. These people are big time unprofessionals with no knowledge of hospitality. They promise you big stuffs, make you taste great food and end up giving all kind of craps on the day of event. When they know the payments are already done, and you can literally do nothing about it but to shout, and then shut your mouth and go home because damage is already done. I wholeheartedly request you to not to choose this venue for any of yoyr events. If you choose/have already chosen, make surr Abhishek is not taking care of your event, do not I reapeat DO NOT say a yes to Arun in any given circumstances because he is the biggest fraud in this heard of sheeps!