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harsh kay
harsh kay

4 months ago

so, RPR residency has both hotel and Girls PG Hostel I am here to talk about Girls PG Hostel which is taken care by the rowdiest of woman (I didn't even care to know her name) She literally traumatizes the girls living there by her constant shouting like a mad woman. The hostel is a moderate place to live in but that lady makes it a living hell. The warden doesn't care and give respect to even those above her age. I had a very bad experience with her because she expects everyone to be her slave but I refused to be one. I have all the photographic and audios of her shouting and making threats. From the moment I arrived at the hostel, it became evident that the warden took pleasure in exerting control and instilling fear among the young women. Any deviation from what she commands was met with harsh verbal abuse She verbally and mentally abused me by her shouting's and she also bodyshamed me to other residents. Initially, knowing her devilish behavior I completely avoided interacting with her. During that time, she has spoken ill about me to other residents. But I just ignored everything and lived my life peacefully. Again and again she tried to poke me by inspecting my room when I was not present and badmouthing me to fellow residents A word about the food – She claims that the food which comes from RPR Hotel which is connected to this hellhole from the backside is the tastiest of food. But I have found the food having human hair in it. And also, there is not sufficient food available for everyone. Many-a-times I have gone the day without having food because it gets over when other people takes it. Her name is Kayal Vizhi. I have attached a picture of her. She is a disgrace to the society and a demon to people's lives. Fortunately, I got to stay there only for some days. I worry about all the other poor residents who are being trampled on by her every day. They are unable to voice their thoughts and fears and complaints. I hope this helps people. Thank you, safe living guys! Link to that woman's Instagram Page: https://instagram.com/kayal8739472022?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==