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4 years 1 month ago

The good - the wedding food was good per our wedding guests - the inhouse make up artist for family-friends makeup was actually really good - the staff was really sweet and courteous What could be better - cellphone connectivity is bad. Phone calls, whatsapp calls dont work. Only whatsapp texts go through. The wifi barely worked. It was really hard to coordinate with folks unless you used the room phone which is not always an option. This was very stressful during the wedding. I'd strongly recommend to carry along walkie-talkies? to coordinate with your folks, the wedding planner. and be self-reliant in this regards. - I was not involved in working out the logistics with the resort but I've repeatedly heard from family that the management was tough and constraining. They did not enjoy interacting with the management right till the end. I think this is an important factor to consider when picking a venue for a large event because this is a long road - from the time youre given a quote till the transaction ends and you dont want to constantly be fighting an uphill battle related to so many constraints and limitations in almost every department. Some poor experiences I heard from our guests after checkout: - Some pre-allotted rooms went unused because the hotel messed up by not checking-in some guests correctly. Example, causing 9 guests having to share 2 rooms instead of the allocated 3. They (neither the hotel not our guests) never let us know about it either and this ended up with a bad experience for our guests and the paid-for room wasted. - Similarly, instead of providing a 3rd *bed* in triple occupancy rooms as agreed, the hotel provided *mattresses* instead.The charge for a mattress and a bed are different, bed being higher - i can't exactly say what the motivation would have been, but I wish we were kept informed about the change of plans by the hotel. Again, we were charged for the bed and not for the mattress that was actually provided. - there were more strange things that happened at our event, like airport pickup and drop which was not smooth either. Some of the guests waited for as long as 2+ hours at the airport to join the other guests landing later to maximize the bus capacity. Again, poor guest experience. Wish we were given a heads-up that potential wait times could be 2hrs+. We could have informed our guests at the very least. I'm not sure why these things happened or if they were a one-off, but it is little things like these that leave a lasting impression and that's how I think of Caravela now. I'd honestly only like to go there as someone else's guest to enjoy the beach access and south goa rather than deal with hotel logistics and the management myself.