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Kunal Udeshi
Kunal Udeshi

2 years 1 month ago

Good hotel with good rooms. Had booked around 22 rooms for a pre-marriage event and the food was amazing and restaurant staff managed it very well. Chef Prem took very good care of all of our needs and ensured we got everything we needed. Veena, who is the banquet manager was helpful for the first couple of days, but on the final day we were promised the banquet, but she gave it away to someone else and this caused a lot of chaos for us. The worst thing that could happen to a supposed 4 Star hotel was that they ran out of water coz of some pipeline bursting somewhere and since the admin staff is run by people who couldnt think of a back up plan, my guests had to face this inconvenience. Add to this the blaring noise of their clubs that dont let you sleep coz they didnt consider that the noise from one floor would hamper guests on another. When we went to pay them and spoke to them about the management about this they had no reply. All in all not the best hospitality and quite a frustrating stay for my guests. 2 stars for the food and Chef Prem's hospitality, and one star for the restaurant staff and the rooms.