Shobhit Puwar
Shobhit Puwar

4 months ago

Highly not to book it until you want to ruin your function and waste your money. One of the worst staff and management we have ever experienced, only hungry for money, ruined our marriage function totally, didn't give a damn to Customer satisfaction, only they care about is money. Until we gave the money the Manager bhuvneshwar(lying machine) and his assistant shared vishwakarma continously called us to pay the full amount, without which they are not going to proceed further and tone was very polite also promising to make the event memorable, but as they get the money there tone and behavior got totally changed, no such arrangements made as promised, delay in everything. We had made a biggest mistake by booking this for Marriage function now we are regretting only. They took money for all the 3 Banquet Halls for full day but on the function day they gave one hall for some other event to different customer without informing us and even after asking so many times that what's going on nobody told the truth until the other Customer came for ceremony. And after that assistant sharad told us that he didn't know about this event and told us to speak with bhuvneshwar cause he made this booking, and bhuvneshwar said this hall doesn't belongs to you for day time. Pathetic. After taking all the money they come up with different scenario. Further, Welcome Girls came after entry ended, most of the AC's not working, rooms were dirty, no running water in some rooms, no service, hall was full of suffocation. For every small item they ask for money in advance, without taking the full money they were not ready to arrange anything not even extra plates. The Management is also not supportive including owner Goplani and not ready to listen a single word against them. They charge you fully but will not provide facility according to arrangements needed. Now we get to know why they were asking money in advance cause after seeing arrangement and management nobody will give a single penny to them. Pathetic Experience. Will never recommend such worst place.

Suncity Celebration

Mr puwar . we have no bookings relating to your name kindly do not misguide any one