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Ocean Pearl Gardenia

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Last Review Updated on 10 Oct 2019

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Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh0.5

12 days ago

I booked Ocean Pearl Gardenia for my engagment ! I have given the lowest rating coz one and only reason that is the Decor !! They have this policy of not allowing outside vendor and Thier empanelled vendor as shitty AF. The lady Pooja and company name Swagatam, she is extremely unprofessional and a big time fraud. She charged us a bomb , but the decor was shitty. not justified to the amount we were charged. Decor was not.complete by 9pm and event started to start at 7pm . We tried reaching Pooja to expedite her phone was switched off . There was one lady at venue who dint have the slightest clue what was discussed. It was a nightmare to deal with these fucktards. I will be filing a case against the decor company anyway but my event is spoilt and it will never come back. So pls guys don't book this venue for any function if they don't allow decor from outside coz venue PPL also could not do much about it . And a sorry cant make a dead man alive


4 months ago

A very nice place. Their manager Mr. mahendra is a very nice , warm and a very very helpful person. Their food is great too. But i feel like that they could just use a little bit of improvement on their decoration part. I was involved with the decor and i felt like their decor panel could just use some improvement.

Kaushani Swami
Kaushani Swami5.0

4 months ago

Ocean Pearl Gardenia is where we hosted our wedding. The venue is very nice, rooms are good, clean and huge enough. The house keeping services are always round the clock, it really feels like a 5 star hotel. They provided us with the decoration and it was excellent, even the food was too good, we had 3 food tastings and they made sure everything is according to me, we just had 200guests and I wanted to have some customised things like I wanted them to cook in olive oil and they fulfilled everything and made sure that I was satisfied. Totally loved their services. We had our cocktail at the pool side area, wedding was on the lawns, jyoti and mahender coordinated our events and both were so professional and well trained. We even had liquor on both our functions and it was within such reasonable prices, the music, decor, food, all the arrangements were just so good.


7 months ago

All thanks to Jyoti Pawar for making sure my wedding happened just the way I wanted it. Concept decorators did an amazing job for my wedding. I was sceptical on booking this place for my wedding after reading reviews on this platform. But I didn't hv time to look for any more venues . I crossed my fingers and put my faith in Jyoti and she delivered what she had promised. Everything was perfect from food to decor and even the rooms. overall a great experience.

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Poolside AreaProfessionalismBeautiful Banquets

9 months ago

Worst experience ever! The decor guys sucked big time. Shitty as hell decor without carpet and used flowers was displayed at the function and an amount of 5 lakh was charged. While this happened the management refused to comment or help. If you’re planning any function here, ITS A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN!! Do not book this place. Worst management ever! Bad services and super low quality stuff.

Surbhi Aggarwal
Surbhi Aggarwal0.5

10 months ago

My friend recently got married in Ocean Pearl Gardenia and it was a nightmare! To start with, the empaneled decorator Koncept, run by Amir S Arora did a horrible and hideous job. The agreed upon décor in a written contract was not provided, the drapes and cloth used for sitting were dirty, pre-used and tattered, flowers of extremely bad quality were used, the stage had no stairs!! so for the bride, groom and other guests to get on it was impossible!! The overall décor was extremely sub-standard and dirty. Harvinder, who is a kid in his early twenties was sent to manage the décor and after a complete disaster the family tried to reach Amir and at least 25 calls went unanswered. No senior from Kocept ever showed up, infact when refused to make the minor leftover payment, the Koncept team threatened my friends' family in the middle of the wedding and forced them to pay in full. Separately, in another recent wedding, the temporary structure set up as mandap by the resort and Koncept on the pool cracked down in the middle of the ceremony!!!!! - we met the groom who was literally in tears the next morning. In the middle of all this, the manager, Mahender had absolutely NO INPUT. He was a silent spectator. Getting hold of him is very difficult - he wasn't even present there to manage the wedding and was off to home by 7 pm when there were 2 weddings that evening. Again some junior official was assigned the job who royally failed. The baraat assembly point was pitch dark, no staff members were present and no arrangements were made for snacks as promised. The baraat had to change the entrance point last minute and manage everything themselves with NO support whatsoever from the management. The hotel services were very very very poor. You will be extremely lucky if the room service requests are EVER responded too. None of ours were. All payments by the hotel were taken in advance and promises were made to meet high standards of quality and service, none of which was provided. Overall, it was a bitter experience for both the host and us. It was the most unfortunate decision made to chose this venue and highly advise people to NOT book this hotel for anything important.

Neha sharma
Neha sharma0.5

10 months ago

Overall arrangements of the function by Mahinder, GM were pathetic. he escaped from the venue on day of function without making arrangements for baraat . Food layout highly disappointing. main course was tasteless. Lack of culinary skills and expertise in food. Amir decor guy was extremely rude, highly unprofessional and full of attitude. he refused to do decor 4 days before wedding. nothing was provided as per the contract. decor was shabby & hopeless. on complaining they threatened us In the middle of function that they would turn off the generator and we were forced to pay. We were helpless as we had our baraat at doorstep.If you wish to spend your hard earned money wisely, NEVER EVER book this venue. Even if it's the last venue on this planet, NEVER EVER book it.They are just hungry and greedy for money & will get down to all levels till the time you pay. The moment you pay, gradually you discover their true colours. big time cheaters, rude, arrogant and horrible management!!

Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh4.5

1 year ago

They made my engagement evening a memorable one ... The place looked beautiful... The staff & management cooperated well. The night went long & smooth. Thank you team ????

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ProfessionalismAmazing FoodPoolside Area
Priyaanka JHa
Priyaanka JHa0.5

1 year 10 months ago

Worst experience with Golden Tulip.I had never thought that the hotel staff would be behavinginsuch way to myguests.The decoration was not upto the mark.Services were worst.Capitalisation was zero from Golden Tulip. Everything is worthless in terms of Talking about Golden Tulip.It made me realized that one should never have trustoveranother. Being in corporate world one should rely on words and on commitment but with Golden Tulip all gone into vein. Highlydisappointed with hotel and all the staff. As promised the payment would be done but they have stopped the serving for guest as it was very humiliating for us.Moreover the decoration was just to make it not asshown. Foodmenu,discussed wasn't even with the matching list shared.Things were been discarded by the hotelontheir had thought that I would again approach Golden Tulip for my sister'swedding but after this service I would neverever think of any functin,spending money n not getting service is disherten for me. Thumbsdown


2 years 8 months ago

Weddings at Golden Tulip are just wow! We booked this venue for my brother's wedding! Special thank you to Ms. Shivani who took extra measures to make lot of impossible tasks possible. We opted for Premium Category catering which is top of the chart but they even made it Royal. The management & staff is so kind & Humble that they are only trained to say Yes. Hospitality is marvellous. Thank you Golden Tulip

Abhishek Mudgal
Abhishek Mudgal5.0

2 years 8 months ago

Me and my family attended my cousin's marriage in this venue and it was a very good experience. Right from the check-in, we were very warmly welcomed by the staff. They were very hospitable throughout our stay. The venue itself was very appealing to see. Nicely structured, beautifully decorated it is a very nice venue. Rooms were also very big and comfortable. The staff carried out the event very nicely. We loved the hospitality here and would strongly recommend this venue.

Gaurav Dheer
Gaurav Dheer5.0

2 years 8 months ago

We were looking for a good venue for reception of our friend and after recommendation of one friend and looking reviews on tripadvisor, we decided to go with this venue. And it turned out to be a very good choice. The venue was in very good location and was very beautiful. The lush green lawns and the pool was very beautiful to look at. The staff was very well behaved and was very responsive. They carried out the whole event smoothly. They decorated the whole place according to our plans and it was very satisfying to see their execution. Thanks everyone for making the event memorable for us!!


2 years 10 months ago

We booked this hotel in Q2 2016 for wedding in December. This was where the mistakes started. We spent a lot of money & most of the commitments made by the hotel management were not honored. The number of last moment changes that we got during our stay were endless. The manager Mr.Yadav is unprofessional. In the hospitality industry he doesn't care for guests & the issue seems to be top down from the supposedly top boss Mr.Jagat. ? Seemed to us that both these folks think they are the law of the land with no regard to commitments, integrity, promises. They need to make money we understand that but not by deceit & cheating. And this wasn?t a ?bad day? at work by the Golden Tulip guys, we heard the ?new marriage group? checking in & a ?parallel marriage group? with us haggling about similar issues that we faced as well. To Summarize ? unprofessional management, bad service, mood spoiler, renege from promises/commitments & cost escalations by 30+%. Stay AWAY from this hotel ! Marriage in December 2016


2 years 10 months ago

We booked this hotel in April for my sister's wedding in December.I think this was our biggest mistake.Spending a huge amount and not getting what was promised is the only thing that you would not want in your wedding. The number of last moment surprises(Read SHOCKS) that we got during our stay was endless. Some of them are: 1.The number of rooms booked in GT was 20 ,but we were allotted just 19.We only know how we adjusted our guests. 2.We were allotted all the rooms in the left wing of the Hotel and we planned our guest allocation as per the rooms allotted. But to our utter shock they had allotted some rooms in the left wing to their guests who for sure must be giving them a little more extra payment.....Professional attitude hahaha. 3. Welcome drinks promised was nowhere to be seen.After insistence the welcome drinks which is a Dhaba standard ....(Simple black orange soda) finally arrived. 4.They try to fleece from u at every point possible. 5.The manager Mr.Yadav is the worst person i have ever come across.He just doesn't care for guests.What he cares is about his Ego. Thinks highly of himself and is under a false impression that he will be able to take the Hotel to great heights with the kind of attitude he holds. 6.And the rot does not stem just at the GM level.Even the so caleed top boss Mr.Jagat was only interested in counting the cash. 7.They play their tie up with H Carlton (a hotel opposite them) to their own convenience.For things that suits them,they become part of the same company and for what does not suit them,they become "Independent" hotels. And what reinforced our perception about the hotel,that we are the unlucky ones that the marriage party checking in on the day of our check out was seen fighting precisely on the same points. i don't know how hotels like these get certificates from Tripadvisor.

Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh5.0

3 years 1 month ago

We booked this Hotel for my brother's engagement ceremony! The banquets are very spacious and vibrant.The rooms that we booked had all the comforts. The food was loved by the visitors and we were so happy that everything was upto mark.

Aditi Narula
Aditi Narula4.5

3 years 2 months ago

We went there for my brother-in-law's wedding recce and yes we did like the venue at the first sight itself. It was a great beginning of a grand celebration slated for January 2016. The days arrived and We enjoyed every bit from food, to decoration to services to the beautiful hotel property itself. Fr every ceremony, we had a different venue- the banquets, the lush green lawns, the classy poolside, and a different cuisine selection to compliment the same. Being the host, we had to ensure that the guests enjoyed every bit of their stay; and yes their comments and reactions were indeed very pleasant. For this I would specially like to thank Mr. Yadav and his super efficient and courteous team, who were their for our every need. Would recommend it!

Gaurav Narula
Gaurav Narula5.0

3 years 2 months ago

We were looking for a venue for my sister's wedding. After searching and visiting several venues in Chattarpur we landed up at Golden Tulip. We found this hotel to be more professional and convincing than other venues. The staff shared all the details upfront which we appreciated. Finally we booked the venue and trust me there were no hidden charges. Whatever the hotel committed they delivered. We were satisfied with the arrangements. But more satisfaction came when you get calls from the relatives appreciating the same feels good and it is worth to applaud you guys. A recommended venue for sure.

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma5.0

3 years 2 months ago

First time Attended my friend's Ring ceremony. Excellent location and great service. The Rooms are nice and clean, food is hygienic. Hotel staff is good and cooperative. If you want to have a budget friendly celebration in the heart of Delhi, you must check this one out.

Ritu Gera
Ritu Gera1.0

3 years 2 months ago

My sister got married at the Golden Tulip, Chattarpur& we were extremely disappointed. The food served during the food tasting prior to the event & that served during the event itself were monumentally different, the latter was absolutely devoid of flavour & bland. Tall promises were made by the staff & management, but they failed to deliver on those. The most disturbing was the level of deceit in their dealing with clients. We met their in-house decorator Ms. Nikita on the first meeting& found her to be extremely rude, arrogant. We clearly specified that we would finalise the venue conditional to another decorator?s availability. This was conveyed with absolute clarity to the manager, Mr. Yadav & extremely convincing assurances were provided by him regarding the same. Another decorator, a certain Mr. Kalra was present at the next meeting & all the details were finalised with him. However, much to our dismay, he turned out to be just a face for Ms. Nikita herself. A day prior to the event, we find her at the venue taking charge of the decorations & handling payments, etc. So close to the wedding, we had no other option but to go ahead with the event at the same venue, despite the outright lies & deceit of the management. I found this behaviour abhorrent & completely unprofessional. Also, seemingly little things like the food served through room service, promptness of service, cleanliness of the bed linen, etc. were all lacking & below par. I wouldn?t recommend this place to anyone with this level of unprofessionalism & unreliability. My sole purpose here is to bring a certain level of accountability for the errors in their ways & much needed changes along the same lines.


3 years 2 months ago

Overwhelming reviews for the venue,the services they provided were excellent.


3 years 2 months ago

It was my sisters wedding and the service,decoration,aura,ambience,food specially was very good.

Mira Malhotra
Mira Malhotra5.0

3 years 4 months ago

It was my friend wedding, Decoration was amazing and food was tasty. kalkifashion.com

Vijender Kumar
Vijender Kumar5.0

3 years 4 months ago

We were right to choose Golden Tulip! It was my cousin sister?s wedding. We decided for White and pink theme, the hotel supported us with good decoration. I saw happy guests & lot of people complemented food taste & service. A memorable experience. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives. The food and the service at the hotel is very good, and I would like to specifically mention the name of Ms Shivani, who was our event manager from the hotel. She was very helpful, and courteous, and was always on her toes to ensure that everything was executed perfectly.

PraVar KaNsal
PraVar KaNsal5.0

3 years 4 months ago

It was my friend's wedding. The decoration was amazing, i have never seen anything like this before. Great place for wedding with big open garden. The hotel was beautiful and charming and the rooms were spacious and comfortable. They provide the yummiest food and services that was appreciable. Hotel is far from city, but worth it. Since the gathering was high, food counters were managed very well. Service on snacks on the table was very prompt and fast. The front office staff, specially Mr. Gaurav helped us a lot in sorting out the guests expectations. I must recommend you guys to visit the hotel once.

Rahul Mannan
Rahul Mannan5.0

3 years 4 months ago

It was my Sister's Wedding Celebration Mehndi and Sangeet Party . Decoration was amazing and food was tasty. It was a package and we got large variety of Chat and Snacks then Dinner and Desserts. Overall great Team work and the Guests were very happy . The front office staff, specially Mr. Gaurav helped us a lot in sorting out the guests expectations. Believe me the staff was very co-operative and the Manager took personal interest . We appreciate their efforts to make our party a success.

Ocean Pearl Gardenia
Dear Mr. Rahul, Greetings from Golden Tulip Chattarpur. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a pleasure for us to know that you had a good time while staying at the hotel and our staff and facilities fulfilled your expectations. I have shared your complements with my team & they are honoured that you acknowledged their services. We look for... Read More
Prarthana Ahuja
Prarthana Ahuja5.0

3 years 4 months ago

Planning to get married, then Golden Tulip, Chattarpur is the place to be your wedding venue. Wedding in Golden Tulip has been just simply wow! If you want to make your dream wedding come true, then Golden Tulip is the right choice. Visited this hotel for a family wedding. Attended 2 functions which were organized by the hotel. A banquet was very spacious where the sagan ceremony happened. Open lawn for the wedding was big. Since the gathering was high, food counters were managed very well. Service on snacks on the table was very prompt and fast and overall had an awesome experience.

Ocean Pearl Gardenia
Dear Ms. Prarthana, Greetings from Golden Tulip Chattarpur. Thank you for your encouraging feedback. It is a pleasure for us to know that you had a good time at the wedding and our staff and facilities fulfilled your expectations. I have shared your complements with my team & they are honoured that you acknowledged their services. Thank You for st... Read More
Shonali Kapoor
Shonali Kapoor5.0

3 years 5 months ago

We booked this venue for my sister's engagement ceremony! The banquets are very spacious and rooms that we booked has all comforts. The food was loved by the visitors and veg and non-veg starters were too good and everything was upto the mark. We got a lot of cooperation from the staff and manager as well. I would say there are so many venues on the Chattarpur , I enquired most of them and then selected this venue and its worth.

Ocean Pearl Gardenia
Dear Ms. Shonali, Greetings from Golden Tulip Chattarpur. We would like to thank you for sharing your experience. It is a pleasure for us to know that you had a good time while staying at the hotel and our staff and facilities fulfilled your expectations. Once again, we would like to thank you for trusting & staying with us and we look forward... Read More
Neha Kardam
Neha Kardam0.5

3 years 5 months ago

I had my wedding on 16th april ,2016 in Golden Tulip Chattarpur. My contact person was SHIVANI. I had two events on the same day. One event was in Ballroom and the other was in Imperial garden whose decoration was done by Koncept followed by concern person ROHAN. They took all money in advance and trust me they are worst I have seen in my life. They did not do decoration on time. It was suppose to be started in 9 morning but due to no decoration we had to do it at 12 pm afternoon. Also regarding decoration they cost you so much but the things you mention them they did provide you at the time of event. Now about SHIVANI, she dont know how to manage the stuffs I am completely pissed off by her work she screwed by wedding day by her improper management. In fact she also did not provide the things I mentioned on my list. Honestly It was not value for money, worst management, they greet you with fancy words but at the time of event they spoil a lot of things which matters to you. They spoiled my wedding day. I will never suggest any one to go for this place. It was big mistake to go on brand name.

Nivedita Banerjee
Nivedita Banerjee5.0

3 years 7 months ago

We attended a wedding in this property,this was amazing.the staffs were very nice and humble.lot of variety in non-veg starters.5 rooms were booked by our uncle and the room we stayed in was swimming pool facing which was just soothing.Decoration was breathtaking.Overall had an awesome experience.

Ocean Pearl Gardenia
Dear Ms. Nivedita, Greetings from Golden Tulip Chattarpur. Thanks for sparing sometime to share your review with us. We are delighted to read your review & it is a pleasure for us to know that we were able to fulfil your expectations. Once again, we would like to thank you for trusting us and we look forward to have you again with us soon. Wa... Read More