Fairy Light Decorations Make A Comeback!

By Anupriya | 01 Feb, 2021

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“Lights, camera, action!!”

This chronology fits equally well in Real life as much as it does in Reel one. Want to know how? Get married and you’ll know! There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding, but first things first- Let’s talk about lights today...More specifically, fairy lights!

Fairy lights are to wedding decorations what lehengas are to brides. They are a fail-safe choice and can instantly illuminate your celebrations. Be it for an at-home sangeet setup or an elaborate wedding decor, you can swear by these twinkling beauties to breathe life into your celebrations. Don't believe us? Scroll down and let these fairy light decorations talk for themselves!

Straight out of a dream!

Image via @strawberriesandchampagne_

A cascade of fairy lights came together to light up this Christmas-themed wedding.

Light up them woods!

Image via @dazlproduction

Planning your wedding amidst lush greens with vibes that are downright enchanting? Deck up them trees with fairy lights and dine in the middle of a fully lit up garden.

Ethereal is the word!

Image via @dianekhouryweddingsandevents

This starry wedding entrance ornamented with countless strands of fairy lights is truly magical. Tick it off for your reception ceremony and wow your guests with all the dreamy deets!

A sky full of fairy lights? Hell, yes!

Image via  @vincenzodascanio

Imagine dining under this sitting lounge that resembles a star-filled night sky! Isn't it perfect for your table settings?

One-of-a-kind installation!

Image via Altair★ 5

Despise the use of animals at weddings? You can add a fairy light illustration like this elephant one to your wedding decorations instead.

A magical walkway!

Image via Wishtree Weddings★ 5

A tunnel-like entrance created with a cluster of fairy lights always works wonders!

Of cozy vibes & flickering lights!

Image via Inayat & Amaneet

Planning a sundowner mehendi at home? Pull out them furry rugs, jute mats, fuzzy cushions, and tent up a corner.

Fairy light orbs are a thing!

Image via @gideonhermosa

Keep it simplistic yet attention-grabbing, and hang fairy light balls down the ceiling to create a glam statement!

A complete LIT affair!

Image via Altair★ 5

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you rate this thoroughly lit decor that boasted of fairy lights, Moroccan lanterns and all things fancy!

Mandap ceiling goals!

Image via Altair★ 5

When your mandap ceilings are a combo of fairy lights and your favorite blooms, it's a sure shot win!

Rustic with a touch of bohemian!

Image via Atisuto★ 4.6

Nothing like a sit-down setup adorned with gleaming fairy lights that look oh-so-pretty!

Fairy light curtains for the win!

Image via @arnaoonweddings

Take your table settings a notch above with a setup as dreamy as this one!

Fairy Light Decor + Pool = Ultimate Combination!

Image via Pinterest

Who'd say no to a setup as romantic as this one! From whimsical floral arrangements to sequinned table runners and fairy lights, we loved it all!

Lastly, this hypnotic cave of light!

Image via Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla★ 4.9

Archway decorations are a surefire winner! But when they are done with fairy lights, it's double the charm.

How are you planning to infuse these twinkling lights into your wedding? Share with us in the comment section!

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