Forget The Buffet System: Have These Live Counter Stations That Your Guests Will Love!

By Chandni Kumar | 24 Oct, 2018

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From a plethora of things that Band Baaja Baraat got right about Indian Weddings, one that they absolutely were spot on was the psyche of the wedding guest. You can spend a million on your wedding couture, decor, gifts, venue etc., but if there is one thing that will remain in people's head, it will be the food! Food plays one of the most significant part in any wedding function, be it your haldi, sangeet or the main event. So, while there will always be the standard buffet serving dal makhani and dum aloo, how about you try something new? 

The latest trend these days are the live counter stations! The food is fresh, hot, delicious and served in bite sizes that is easy to consume while wandering from one counter to another. So here are 15+ live counter food station ideas that will 100% leave your guests in love with your wedding cuisine.  



For Health Freaks!

Fruit chaat

Health food is the hip thing these days and there is a high possibility that your guests will want to stick to whatever diets they are following! So a fruit counter is a great idea. Exotic fresh fruits are a great way to begin your shaadi binge. For those who want a little spice, make sure you have some chaat masala right next to those fruits.

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For The Ones Who Love Street Food!

Craving for some chaat? Some golgappe with shot glasses are here!

Golgappe. Definitely a mouth-watering appetizer that is famous on Indian streets. So how about bringing it to your wedding feast? Brides! Do you know that you can play a lot with this tiny appetizer? Play around with how you can serve them or just make your paani a little alcoholic! Golgappe in skewers or in shot glasses is a way too cool for a live food station for your wedding. 


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Bhel puri with some twist

A quick Indian snacks, Bhel Puri is a refreshing appetizer that is perfect for your wedding guests. Easy to handle and delicious to eat - you can have a separate live counter station on your D-day and serve your guests in traditional cones or go the fusion way and serve it in martini glasses!

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Your Favorite Corners


No matter what your dietary preferences are, pasta is all time favorite. Cooked in white or red sauce with shredded chicken pieces or fresh vegetables, this live counter will surely be a hit with any and every guest. You can pick from a fixed menu or even ask the chef to customise it according to your guests' tastes! Serve it hot and see your guests enjoy every bite!  


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Pizza is a great live station item to serve. You can make them bite sized, or serve it slice-wise. With overloaded toppings and extra cheese this tempting treat will attract all guests! Freshly out of the oven, this hot appetizer could easily be the star of your live counter feed!

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Who doesn't love some chips? Nachos, wafers, potato chips, french fries and more! The options are endless. This is one station your guests will visit again and again. Chips are the perfect appetizer to start off the evening and they are a snack that will be popular through out. Serve with salsa, dips of different flavours and even with the addition of some seasonal vegetables, and this one counter will easily transform into your biggest hit!

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Ever thought to include mini burgers on your wedding? With a live counter, burgers become an instant option that anyone would indluge in. Serve them vegetarian with a variety of veggie patties or go the meaty way and serve delicious, melt-in-your mouth mutton patties! You can also go the 'Indian' way and serve vada pao or keema pao! 

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Popcorn Corner

Popcorn is another fun treat to enjoy at weddings! Add to it some delicious toppings and flavours and you've got yourself a quirky live counter. To add even more glam to it, think up of unique ways to serve them, like in a cone or in cute little boxes!

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Indian Sweets!

Assorted collection

It's rightly said that nothing can beat the Indian snacks. With perfect amount of sweetness - Indian sweets are a must-have at an indian wedding! Give ample amount of options to their guests with a big counter dedicated to Indian sweets like kaju katli, rasgulla, coconut barfi and more. 

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Jalebi is an Indian favourite, you can't argue! These swirling sweets make for perfect after food delight, specially in winter weddings. Hot out of the wok, gobble them up and have a blissfully happy stomach and a heart full of warmth! Tip: You can also have jalebi with milk and rabri to add that extra taste. 

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Toffees, those sticky sweet treats from your childhood! Bring back those days and let your guests go on a nostalgia trip by having a toffee counter! Also, if you wish to do something different, or something that screams 'fusion', go for paan flavoured toffees! 

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International Snacks


You might not be familiar with this but this fried-dough-pastry is a great treat to have as a live station on your wedding functions. Tasting like donuts, Churros, dusted with powdered sugar is something that your guests will love 100%. You can add variety by providing options like dark chocolate or silky caramel to dip them in. Serve it with coffee and be prepared to be praised by your guests in the years to come! 

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Refreshing Drinks on Wheels!

Winter day weddings is a perfect opportunity to experiment with 'Drinks on Wheels'! Adding a rustic look to your functions, using the thelas as the serving counter is a chic trend that will instantly lend some hip vibe to your functions. Serve ice lollies, or just chilled drinks if you want to keep it simple. 

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For The Bar Lovers

Thought we would not include this? Brides! WedMeGood takes care of all your wedding planning preparations so how could we miss this. From cocktail drinks to mocktails, bar is a true example of a live counter station that is your one-stop-shop for all the refreshing drinks. Be it a simple juice or a chilled beer - bar should be always at the top of your list. 

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For Chaat Lovers!

Chaat live station!

Super-duper craving for chaat? Well, Indian wedding is a place to be for all your sweet and savory cravings. Be it a aloo chaat or paprdi chaat - Indian chaat is a treat in itself. If you're thinking to keep a live station counter on your wedding then, do think of a chaat counter. Cooking the starters (like tikki, dahi vada, etc.) straight out of the pan, chaats are way too delicious and tempting to satisfy your hunger. 

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Mini samosa

Gone are the days when waiters or helpers use to serve samosa to the guests. Now a days a separate live station is being placed at weddings wherein the chef cooks fresh samosa and serve it with red or green chutney. To make it more interesting they also make potato chips to give that extra touch to it. 

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For The Ones With A Sweet Tooth

Candy floss

Come on don't lie that you don't love candies? Be it your mehendi or wedding day keeping a candy floss live station can be a cool way to impress your guests. Also, to satify your guests craving for some sweet - candy floss is best to offer them that is way too light like a feather and too tasty for a sweet tooth. 

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream! 

Ice cream scoops!

"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream"! Be it a kid, uncle, aunt, old person or yourself - ice cream is one thing that we all love it unconditionally. The creamy texture and a wonderful flavors, ice cream is a big YES for a wedding. Keeping a live station counter for ice cream with a plethora of flavors and sprinkles will surely excite your guests. Well, after all how do you satisfy your sweet tooth! 


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Khulfi or fried ice cream

Any idea when khulfi was started? Well, it was back then, in 16th century and we thank the Mughal empire to give us this sweet. With sprinkle almonds and pistachios this heaven can 100% satisfy your craving for a sweet. It not only ends here, we also have a unique fried ice cream that we bet you must haven't heard or seen before. Deep friend this ice cream is totally different and tasty too for your guests. 


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Isn't your hunger level high even more? Do let us know that which live counter stations will you pick for your nuptial ceremonies and wedding day?

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