How To Layer Your Bridal Jewellery: Tips For South Indian Brides

By Meenu | 17 Aug, 2020

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Gorgeous heavy jewelry is a common sight on South Indian brides. We just love the way how they artfully wear that mix of temple jewelry, antique and diamonds. We checked out a whole bunch of pics, spoke to some real brides and here is what we wanna tell you about layering your jewelry right.

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You might be wearing this absolute stunning statement necklace on your special day, but it might just not even be visible cuz of the garlands, and loads of other jewelry. So what best can you do here?

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Choose your jewelry up front. You know the ceremonies that line up to your Muhurtham. So decide what you wanna wear and when. Obviously there is going to be more than one piece. Do you wanna go all temple jewelry? Do you wanna do a mix of antique and temple jewelry?

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Look at how this bride has layered her jewelry, mostly traditional pieces with a statement choker. The effect is perfect.

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This bride has opted for a complete temple jewelry look. The way this works with a Kanjeevaram saree, this can never be a wrong choice.

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Choosing two statement pieces and layering it right is an art you guys. This bride has totally nailed it!! The heavy saree and blouse is a huge plus.

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Notice how this bride has opted for a complete diamonds look. A heavy choker and a few cascading diamond pieces. You can try this look even with yellow gold or antique jhumkas- the effect will be bomb!!

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This is one of our fav looks. A classic that never goes out of style. Heavy antique gold jewelry, paired with a heavy red Kanjeevaram. This is total Muhurtham goals.

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If you are choosing diamonds, you can add emerald or ruby jewelry too in the mix. This bride has chosen the emerald mix. You can see that the gold she has used on her earrings and the matha patti does not clash with her diamond jewelry.

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This is a perfect Mallu bride. With heavy gold jewelry. Try to layer your jewelry till the part where your waist band is tied. More layers tends to make it way overboard.

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If you are confused about your jewelry layering, these are some easy pointers. Yellow gold with temple jewelry works. Only temple jewelry or temple jewelry mixed with antique gold jewelry works very well. If you are layering your diamond jewelry or thinking of mixing your gold and diamond jewelry go for it, but make sure one kind of jewelry does not go above the other. Create a balance. Make sure your garlands do not block your jewelry out. So essentially have a statement choker.

Hope these inspo pics and pointers would help you nail your bridal look!! For everything bridal download WedMeGood now!!!

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