Maharashtrian Bridal Looks That We Absolutely Loved!

By Garvita | 27 May, 2019

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Ever seen a Maharashtrian wedding? Isn't it an epitome of grace? Everything about their wedding is soo rich in terms of culture whilst being subtle and plain sailing! It's their bridal attire which screams resplendence and is full of vivid colors. We totally heart it!

Too say it out loud, the first thought that comes in my mind when I see pictures of Maharashtrian brides in the WMG Gallery is atiśaya sundar! :D

Elements like the Nauvari saree, nath, mundavalya, half moon bindi and green glass bangles, is what sets them apart from others!  To say the least, they stand out for their distinctive charm. So, for all you brides who are looking for some inspiration, check out these beauties who totally nailed the Maharashtrian bridal look, while staying authentic to their traditions! Scroll down to get mesmerised.

Amidst the haze, we spot a gorgeous Mundavalya!

Image via Pinterest

This one's simple yet soo stunning! May be it's the smile which makes it radiant

Image via Pinterest

The nath is definitely a stand-out element for this one!

Image via Klick MS Studio★ 4.7

That's one in a beautifully hued saree! Offbeat, isn't it?

Image via LightBucket Productions★ 4.9

This one who chose a modern hairdo! Can't take our eyes off her

Image via Pune Dusk★ 4.5

That jewellery is to die for! Stunning, isn't it?

Image via 35mmcandids★ 4.3

Love how this bride stuck to a traditional look!

Image via Tejaswini Makeup Artist★ 4.4

Love how this bride is looking so vibrant in an unconventional hued Nauvari

Image via Sheetal Dang Gupta Makeup Artistry★ 4.9

And this one who kept her jewellery minimal yet shined bright

Image via Makeovers By Gurleen★ 5

Woah! This bride wore choora, kaleere and a veil with her Maharashtrian bridal attire!

Image via Gaurav Hingne★ 5

We're hearting this upbeat color combination big time!

Image via Pinterest

.. And there are many more who deserve to be on this list! But alas, it'll be endless! However, these Maharashtrian brides did make a solid impact with their sheer beauty and simplicity. Don't you agree? 

Which look did you love the most? If you like reading about unique Maharashtrian weddings, then you should check out this simple Marathi wedding in Bangalore with lots of sunshine & marigolds! You'll surely love it.

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