The Cutest Proposal Photos We Spotted That'll Just Make Your Day!

By Sakshi | 19 Feb, 2019

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Just photos, nothing else. Whether you're looking for some ideas or inspiration for your own surprise proposal or shoot, or you just want a pick me up to fight the blues, here are some photos which are bound to put a smile on your face. Proposal photos are amazing, especially when they are candid, and these are the best ones we spotted put together! 

This adorable proposal!

Image via thedesidolls

Or this one which is too good to be true?


Image via @maleyphoto

This one with the genuine emotion! 

Image via Brides

This one in Maldives which is so creative!

Image via myoverseaswedding

This one that's gone all viral!

Image via theparisphotographer

This underwater one which is simply breathtaking!

Image via WeddingNama★ 5

This one with the puppy power!

Image via katerankinphotography


This one with the whole elaborate setup!

Image via @kaoverii_silva via @luxeproposal


Or this one on the bed that's so cute!

Image via @elliedanver

This one that's so candid and happy!

Image via @serena_genovese on Instagram

This one at the edge of the cliff!

Image via @isaacgautschiphotography

This one that's full of love!

Image via The Wedding Fotografos★ 4.5

This one with that gorgeous view!

Image via @stuartvivier_

Or this one against the snow!

Image via @weddingbellsmag

This one against the starry skies that's so beautiful!

Image via Tejs Photography★ 5

This one with the flying lanterns !

Image via Pinterest


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