We’re Obsessed With These Sunshine-Themed Haldi Decor Ideas

By Garvita | 10 Jun, 2021

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There are endless decor setups doing rounds on the internet but the aura of timeless decor ideas is unmatched. Like, Haldi and shades of yellow? 

It goes without saying that the Haldi ceremony brings life to a wedding celebration. Then how can we expect its decor to be oldfangled, dull and boring? Think drapes, exotic blooms, or gold accents for a dash of freshness. These sunshine-theme decor ideas will easily complement the aesthetics of your home and set the perfect mood.

Read on & get inspired to give this timeless theme (with a modern twist) a NOD for your revelries.

You think yellow vibes are too mainstream for a Haldi? THINK AGAIN

Image via Aash Studio

Love how they included the banana trees in this breathtaking setup!

Dress up with a pop of vivid hues

Image via FireFlies Decor 

Those pink tassels look lovely!

Ditch the seating for a quirky swing

Image via Aashish Photography

.. and add cane baskets & pampas grass! In short, keep it modern & experiment with the ceiling.

Perk up a simple design with OTT florals

Image via Altair

Psst.. we'd suggest you keep those DIY-ed flowers post the celebrations.

All you need is marigold flowers in every hue

Image via Devika Narain and Company

Oh boy, imaging the funfilled Haldi pictures against this basic backrop filled with bright yellow blooms?

Don't forget to add Gold accents

Image via Vfactory by Venu Thumati

Just for a unique touch!

This dreamy haldi decor dipped in shades of yellow, is to die for!

Image via Vivahhika

Save for future inspo!

Brighten up your postponed intimate affair with this one

Image via 3Productions; Vivek Krishnan photography

Want something a offbeat? Opt for a sunflowers instead of marigold!

Play with fabric

Image via @rvreventzRVR Pro

We're floored by the use of similar fabric with motifs for the seating as well as the stage!

Make a statement

Image via Element Design India

Even if the celebrations are small-scale, your decor can scream LOUD!

Don't shy away from painting the town YELLOW when it comes to the Haldi ceremony! These decor ideas are a reminder that sunshine-themes are never going out of trend.

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