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Wedding Invitation Video Templates - For Whatsapp & E-invites

BY The WMG Bride | 08 May, 2021 | 31061 views | 6 min read

Really, what do we know about videos - apart from the big one that you will get to see a few weeks after your wedding? Nothing, coz no one really experiments with that medium. That's why we decided to take it upon ourselves to get you a list of wedding invitation video templates you need to make through out your wedding so you can pass it around and remember the moment without waiting for that super long one to reach home. Plus, these days no one comes home and asks you for the boring video, whatsapp video  invitations are a thing now,  they want small edits, tiny glimpses into your day and the 'gist'. So why not make your wedding video a  bit creative?

Video via Click My Dreams★ 4.4

Save-The-Date Video

These days, Save-the-Date cards are going the whole hog and now, there are even virtual wedding invitation videos that tell you if you please 'save-that-date'. So make it cool, ask for a few interesting ideas and make a nice 30-seconder with just a date so it can totally go out to all your BFFs. Save the larger time frames for bigger videos, but keep this one to less than a minute. 30 seconds and less is even better!

Wedding Video Invites

A natural progression from Save-the-Date, the wedding video invite is pretty much two people telling everyone else, the date, the time, the location and the RSVP details in a creative manner. This one can be a bit longer than 30 seconds and you can include reception and sangeet and mehendi edits and even personalise it for those you want to invite specially for each of these events.

Video via Sayed on YouTube

Lip Dubs

Lip Dubs are the hottest thing to happen to wedding videos. Essentially you pick a song and then the entire wedding party sings along to different lines of the song to create one cohesive video that looks like an awesomely shot music wedding video.

Same Day  Video

This one's really a rage abroad but we are thinking India will catch up soon enough.  Your videographer will shoot the entire wedding and then edit a short video into snippets so that you can show to your loved ones a short marriage video on stage at the reception. How fast can you do it? With Insta + Vine and so many online wedding invitation maker apps  - why can't we?

Video via Amour Wedding Films★ 5

A Stop-Motion Wedding Video

If you want to gather after the wedding with all your family members and have a little laugh over the events of the day or even if you want to display all pictures on social media that are #hashtagged in your name, then this stop-motion video is for you. Take all the hashtagged pics, ask a cousin to collect them and use an online wedding invitation video maker to make an album with some cued-in music. That's really cute!

The Trailer Video 

If you want to give a little insight into the wedding video that up and coming, then this is the time to do it. Make a trailer, like a film and totally let it loose on your BFFs. The trailer can add a surprise element to things and can also, give a peek into the bigger picture. Trailers so so cool if they can make anyone bite their nails in anticipation to see the whole show.

2-Minute Wedding Video

Who wants to watch that long wedding video? Not us. Maybe the groom and bride and an assortment of family members. But these days, if you want to just show off your wedding, you just need a 2-minute wedding invitation video that you can pass on Whatsapp and Facebook. Two minutes = choicest happenings at the wedding with a special message thanking everyone for being part of the wedding.Cute!


What is more romantic than beaches? This pre-wedding invitation video is no less than a fairytale, the scenic views compliments the couple’s chemistry. You can add save the date texts and make a pleasing to the eyes digital wedding invitation video! 


Getting videos of your smaller functions, compiling them and releasing it just before your big day as your e-invite for your wedding is just so creative! Take inspiration from this peppy sangeet video, not necessarily to be done by your photographers but any of your friends/ family with the skills can take random clips and compile it using any online wedding invitation video maker. 


Interviewing the bride  and groom while the wedding preparations go on and adding their voice overs with music and some heart warming family clips is all you need for the perfect virtual wedding invitation video, take notes from the very elegantly done wedding video above.


 Make your whole wedding into a short happy glimpse and send it as a thank you wedding video to your guests, so chic! 


Take ideas from the above clip and create a nostalgic video by adding your snapchat/whatsapp videos of you with your partner, the places you have visited and just both of you doing cute stuff together compile them using any wedding invitation video maker app and make it into a very quirky yet heart touching and pass it on as a  whatsapp wedding invitation. 


Take inspiration from the above video, choose a party bgm and some clips of you and your partner from say your engagement function compile clips and make your own wedding invitation video so irresistible for people to look forward to and drop in! 


Such invitation video templates can be used as a formal, simple and an elegant wedding video template.

Of course, you need to discuss the whatsapp wedding invitation invite with your videographer before-hand and get things done. Make him include all of them in the same package. But some of them, you might just want to try them out yourself or ask a helpful techy cousin. 

There are a lot of online invitation video makers, wedding invite apps and websites which are handy and you can make them yourself.  We got you a few resources to edit and work on your own videos.

  1. Magisto.com
  2. Moovly.com
  3. Wideo.co
  4. Gifmaker.com/Videomaker.com
  5. Animoto.com
  6. Flixpress.com
  7. Stupeflix.com
  8. Kizoa.com
  9. Goanimate.com
  10. Wevideo.com

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