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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For 2021 As Per Telugu Calendar

BY Meenu | 18 Apr, 2020 | 77489 views | 6 min read

With lock down 2.0 in place and safety being the first priority we completely understand that wedding planning is now totally restricted to taking screen shots and book marking all the things you want on your big day. For all those who are in the midst of deciding your wedding date we bring to you the Muhurtham dates as per the Telugu calendar for the year 2021.

Image Via: Ashwin Kireet Photography

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For January 2021

18th January 2021                                                              Monday

After the year of many cancelled weddings, lockdown weddings and zoom weddings, do not think that the start of the year is slow. It is just building up the craze for the season. Giving us a few days after Shankaranthi helps you to plan all the pre wedding festivities too!!

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For February 2021

14th February 2021                                                           Sunday

15th February 2021                                                           Monday

16th February 2021                                                           Tuesday

Consecutive Muhurtham dates starting with Valentine’s day!! Plan your wedding on this special day or have your pre wedding festivities revolving around hearts and flowers. Whats better, if you can to get married on either of these pelli muhurtham in february, then the pre wedding festivities can take place over the weekend making it a long weekend of wedding celebrations. Plan well with your favorite Wedmegood app.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For March 2021

Though there are no marriage muhuratham in march 2021 but of you want to opt for a court marriage or just want to get done with the registered wedding before the actual wedding ceremony then this is the perfect time for you. Otherwise, this is the time to take a breather guys!! Summer weddings are approaching with a bang and you need all the rest you can get in March. Use this time to plan your outfits if you are a wedding guest and also do the Sangeet practice to rock it during the April and May weddings.

Image Via: Studio A

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For April 2021

17th April 2021                                                                    Saturday

22nd April 2021                                                                   Thursday

24th April 2021                                                                    Saturday

25th April 2021                                                                    Sunday

26th April 2021                                                                    Monday

27th April 2021                                                                    Tuesday

28th April 2021                                                                    Wednesday

29th April 2021                                                                    Thursday

30th April 2021                                                                    Friday

Guys what did we tell you about crazy summer wedding dates? Around one third of the month has muhurthams and calculating the pre wedding days and all it is quite the heavy month. There are 9 marriage muhurtham in April 2021 telugu panchangam, you can pick the one that suits you best. Whether you are looking at a weekday or a weekend, there are many options for you. Oh and the weather conditions are quite pleasant at this time, you can wear those gorgeous sarees without any worry

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For May 2021

1st May 2021                                                                       Saturday

2nd May 2021                                                                      Sunday

7th May 2021                                                                       Friday

8th May 2021                                                                       Saturday

9th May 2021                                                                       Sunday

13th May 2021                                                                    Thursday

14th May 2021                                                                    Friday

21st May 2021                                                                     Friday

22nd May 2021                                                                    Saturday

23rd May 2021                                                                    Sunday

24th May 2021                                                                    Monday

26th May 2021                                                                    Wednesday

28th May 2021                                                                    Friday

29th May 2021                                                                    Saturday

30th May 2021                                                                    Sunday

About half of the total days are pelli muhuratham. This is as crazy as it can get you guys!! Most muhurtham dates on the weekends, this is the perfect summer wedding calendar rolled out!!! Choose any telugu marriage date and all you friends and family wont be able to give you any excuse of not getting a leaves to attend the wedding ceremony. ;D

Image Via: RVR PRO

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For June 2021

3rd June 2021                                                                      Thursday

4th June 2021                                                                      Friday

5th June 2021                                                                      Saturday

16th June 2021                                                                    Wednesday

19th June 2021                                                                    Saturday

20th June 2021                                                                    Sunday

22nd June 2021                                                                   Tuesday

23rd June 2021                                                                   Wednesday

24th June 2021                                                                    Thursday

If you dear wedding guests were not exhausted by May, June is another crazy wedding month. A pro tip to all brides and grooms going in for customized outfits - Looking at this wedding craze we suggest that you get your outfits up front to avoid any delays or fitting issues.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For July 2021

1st July 2021                                                                        Thursday

2nd July 2021                                                                       Friday

7th July 2021                                                                        Wednesday

13th July 2021                                                                      Tuesday

15th July 2021                                                                      Thursday

Just like in other South Indian states even telugu weddings take a break after the second week of July. It is considered inauspicious to hold weddings in the month of Aashada/Shravana. So if you are planning to host a monsoon wedding, then go for any marriage dates in 2021 telugu calendar in the first half of the month of July.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For August, September, October 2021

The festival months of the calendar sees no Telugu Shubha Muhurtham days due to the Chatur month. So again, these are the perfect month for a court marriage or a registered wedding. Use these months wisely to plan everything for the season that starts in November!! Ensure all bookings are done upfront, trials are done as Diwali and a heavy wedding season in the upcoming months is sure to get tricky!! But if you or your family is someone who doesnt really believe in subha muhurtham dates, and would want to get married on a date as per your convenience, then this is the best month for you. You can easily find vendors who will be available due to the off season or lesser booking, you might also get some great deals and there is a high chance that you get your favorite vendor onboard who otherwise is not easily available during the peak wedding season. So all in all, these months are great even though there are no good dates for wedding in the telugu panchangam.

Image Via: Ashwin Kireet Photography

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For November 2021

15th November 2021                                                       Monday

16th November 2021                                                       Tuesday

20th November 2021                                                       Saturday

21st November 2021                                                        Sunday

28th November 2021                                                       Sunday

29th November 2021                                                       Monday

30th November 2021                                                       Tuesday

Now after a break of 3 months of no auspiciuos wedding dates in 2021, November is the start of winter wedding season. With 6 muhuratham dates, you can pick and choose the one for you. And because its the winter season, you can wear those heavy kanjivaram sarees without the tension of being all uncomfortable on your wedding.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December 2021

1st December 2021                                                           Wednesday

2nd December 2021                                                          Thursday

6th December 2021                                                          Monday

7th December 2021                                                          Tuesday

11th December 2021                                                        Saturday

13th December 2021                                                        Monday

As we come to the end of the calendar year 2021, there are six auspicious days in the telugu panchangam to choose from, for your winter wedding go right ahead and you can surely plan your honeymoon for a white Christmas!!

These Shubha Muhurtham dates for telugu weddings are from a specific calendar. We would advise you guys to check based on your horoscopes to find your special day. Like we always say, keep multiple options, check on what is happening at that time in terms of weather, political scenes before you freeze the pelli muhurtham date. For everything else there is WedMeGood. So what are you waiting for Download the WedMeGood App for all things weddings.


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