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The Cutest Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media! (*Coz It's Not Official Until It's Shared & Liked)

BY Sakshi | 20 Jan, 2017 | 656 views | 4 min read

That proposal you'd been dreaming of just happened, and now you just can't wait to tell everyone on social media about it! But hold on! Please realise that this is something that has to be done right, otherwise, a. you might end up ticking off some people or b. you might end up looking like a show-off, rubbing it into every single girl's face. How do you not do that you ask? Well, follow our tips and you'll be right on track!

1430909831_AH-66cImage via Hitched and Clicked★ 4.8

Before we tell you ideas to announce the big news, here are some guidelines to keep in mind!
  • Contact close friends and family personally and give them the news before posting on social media. You don't want anyone to feel bad now, do you?
  • Try to stand out and not be cliche or corny. No 'I'm marrying my best friend' type stuff.
  • Do not overshare details! No one on social media needs to know how many carats that diamond is or how much did it cost.
  • Stick to one announcement per social media platform. Do not overdo it in your excitement!
OK, now that you have these pointers in mind, here are some cool ways (we think) to make that all-important announcement!

A cute video on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to break the news, and this mannequin challenge one we spotted is simply brilliant! You could also do a simple and cute Boomerang video one with you jumping with excitement, a quick kiss or showing off your ring!

With a mug and a marker

c532890deb82210fd33abc6394e691f01Image via Pinterest

This is an easy peasy DIY idea! Get a plain white mug, a permanent marker, write something cute like this and post it on social media! You can choose to or not show your face in the background!

Proposal shoot

f413cc1d472ab1ed85d6c0d5493109beImage via Pinterest

So a proposal shoot is a cool new wedding photography trend, with a lot of guys hiring photographers to secretly film the whole surprise. But if that wasn't the case for you, then reenact the scene, with either of you going down on the knee at the same spot where it happened!

Share a cute photo of the ring

dcb9834576b2fbf3f1b2d20b058d07dcImage via Pinterest

We love some cute ring photos- here's some inspiration on how to go about it. But the one with the doggie is our fave! Find more ideas here.

The 'I Said Yes' photo

c532890deb82210fd33abc6394e691f0Image via Pinterest

Write it on your hand with the ring or any other creative way- it's a simple and cute way to get the point across!

Say it with sand

b9902b044b11fa5500a42e377ca284faImage via Pinterest

A dreamy vacation proposal brought to life! Such a cute idea!

Wordplay with a chalkboard prop

cb426a20029977e03881f0aebaaa8a78Image via Pinterest

Get a chalkboard or a slate (or two) and write something cute on it- like the future Mrs. X or a simple 'We're Engaged'. You could even hold it forward and kiss or hug in the background.

With Starbucks cups

1935c2abc7205281c332a71711b684cbImage via Pinterest

Get Mr and Mrs or 'Bride-to-be' and 'Groom-to-be' written on Starbucks cups and just post a simple photo!

Spell it out

fb41003056b6f9a6078daa1cf5d76d97 792306aefa524bc4d7fc027bdd9591ab

Image via Pinterest

Spell it out with plastic alphabets or scrabble tiles- or just simply a 'LOVE' with 'O' being the ring. This is a good way for camera-shy couples to announce their engagement!

Just click a selfie!

ed68307752e197feb25d55af629961f0Image via Pinterest

This is also such a cute way! Just hold up your phone, click a selfie, while showing off your ring! It's so cute and the black and white just adds so much more character to the image!

Simple and straight!

9c0e10b2ae1ca1debf049374a21b9f62Image via Pinterest

So exciting! DIY it or get it printed, it's another adorable idea!

So, any more cute ideas you know of?
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