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Who to & Who NOT to bring when shopping for your bridal outfit

BY The WMG Bride | 23 Jun, 2015 | 8039 views | 5 min read

Photography by Morvi Images. From the post: Red Carpet bride at Aza

Who NOT to bring

- Your in laws (unless they are the ones buying you the outfit): If the outfit is a gift from your in-laws, go ahead and shop with them. They should have a say in what they are gifting to you - but incase of a bridal outfit, go with just the minimal amount of people necessary. If you are super comfortable with mom in law, go ahead and take her but when you aren't as comfortable with your in laws, it becomes harder to voice opinions on what you like. WMG Reader Shaina says " I purchased an outfit with my in laws and they absolutely loved it. Even though I didnt, with the number of people who were praising it, I got kind of taken in .When I got home I realised that I just didnt want my big day to be in that outfit, and I had to go change it the next day. If you are taking in laws, then make sure your sister or someone goes with you who really knows YOUR style and can guide you into what you would love". - Your brother: Umm, in most cases  they have no interest in your wedding other than 1.) Getting drunk on your cocktail and 2.) Hitting on your hot friends . Okay, we exaggerate - they do get all emotional and will miss you the most when you leave the house, but their patience and attention span is of a 3 year old, they get hungry every half an hour and they think red and maroon are the same color. You don't want to be shopping with someone who gets impatient pretty quickly and will rush you into buying something !   -Your fiance: We get that you may want his opinion, but what is the fun is showing your entire bridal look to him before the big day? There needs to be an element of surprise there, and here is the thing- wear something YOU LOVE, irrespective of whether your fiance does or not. However controversial that statement may be, its true. YOU need to feel like a princess in what you wear.   - The friends who are too nice: Those super sweet friends of yours who have stuck by you through thick and thin and always give you an ego boost - Not the best companions for bridal shopping- you need the friend who tells you - " I AM NOT going to let you wear that on your wedding - it looks hideous". Honesty over niceness. Not always..But definitely for bridal shopping!   - Any group in excess of 3 people: The more opinions you have, the more confusing it gets for you to shortlist. One person loves it but two hate it, and you don't know how you feel about it? You tend to get stuck in a limbo and not take any decisions.   -Nieces: They are adorable, and super cute but they are kids. Outfit shopping is an exercise in patience, in emotions , and in people management and when you have little cuties running around the store whom you have to manage, it can be a bit of a buzz kill

Who to bring

- Sisters and Moms: Sisters are your best friends, your worst critic and fashionista's rolled into one. They will be patient, as excited as you, and will probably give you the most honest feedback . Plus, when you are arguing with your mum about how a low back is really quite alright, they will come to your rescue.   - Friends who are the same shape and size: A big part of choosing your lehenga, is going to be seeing it on someone else. Sometimes when you see your outfit from a distance, is when you can tell whether you love it or not. So go with someone who is close to you and is also the same type of body structure.   - Family members who are extremely patient: Seriously- the most important thing while lehenga shopping is patience, and you need atleast one person in your posse who is going to say that its ok to look at just that one more shop when everyone is at their wits end   - The friend who knows the store owner well: Have a friend who knows an area like the back of her hand? It's amazing how much time you can save with someone who knows her way around town. Also whether we like it or not, connections will get you faster service, more variety of lehengas to choose from (half of the stock is lying at the back of the store and the sales assistant is too lazy to get it out), as well as discounts. At the end of the day, who you bring is also a huge part of who you want to involve in your big day. While these pointers may be a reference point, go ahead and throw them out of the window and bring someone you absolutely love and who is special to you as this is a special time.
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