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Last Review Updated on 11 Jul 2019

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Chaitanya Venkat
Chaitanya Venkat5.0

4 months ago

To be frank and honest I wasn't so sure that Shantan and Teja would do the job and meet my expectations. But boy I was wrong, they are just amazing and super creative at taking pictures. They not only met my expectations but crossed them for every single event we had. They always take into consideration of what you like and are always listening to your needs. They don't treat you as a client, they become a part of your family and do such an amazing job in capturing those perfect one time never repeating moments. They make you feel comfortable and become your close friend during the days of the events. Shantan and Teja always go an extra mile to deliver you the best pictures they possibly can. Always show up on time for the event ( most of the times they are the first to be there at the venue :P ), no matter what time of the day it is. We love the pictures they delivered so much that we hired them for 2 more of our family events and even before we knew it they became our family photographers. I highly recommend Digital Stories for your next big event and to get the best pictures just make sure you stay in touch with the them (at-least one of the dynamic duo) and discuss everything and anything about the shoot and pictures you have in mind. They would be more than happy to answer all your questions. No matter how stupid the questions are ! :P

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Digital Stories
Thanks a ton, Chaitanya! You've really made our day! :D
Siddharth Moturi
Siddharth Moturi5.0

4 months ago

Shanthan and Kaka (krishna Teja) are close friends but this review is not biased. I promise. Firstly, they have a great work ethic. Very hard working and will put the client’s needs first. If you are shy and are a camera conscious groom like me, Shanthan is the guy for you. He’ll let you be yourself and before you know it he manages to click amazing photographs. DS photographers are like flies on a wall. They always manage to capture your special moment without being intrusive. Finally, they are unique in their approach to photography and editing. I didn’t want my weeding photographs to be like stock photos of an Indian wedding. Shanthan made sure they are unique from everything else out there. For anyone looking for a wedding photographer, I recommend you these guys because they original and honest. Love you my brothers!

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Wedding Films
Digital Stories
Thanks a lot, brother!!!! Love you!
Varsha Chitturi
Varsha Chitturi0.5

4 months ago

they are very average photographers and poor video editing skills. They don't give great suggestions or have any kind of creativity into taking wedding photography or even basic photography. They give this blank face if we ask for any idea for getting a good couple pose for picture. there is no point in paying so much even a normal photo studio person could do a better job than them. they took highly average photography for my wedding. I wouldn't suggest anyone to go for this..if they want good memories for your wedding. For example in our wedding film out of 11mins video they added 3 to 4 mins of reception which isn't completely reception they took part of pictures from wedding and added in to 4 mins of reception part. They shot around 3-4 hrs of reception event and can't even make a quality edit of 4 mins for just reception event. Who expects this kind of video editing who calls themselves candid photographer.

Digital Stories
Hi Varsha, While we’re deeply disappointed that you have reached a point of dissatisfaction with our services, we feel that there is a certain degree of unfairness in this review, and we would like to provide a few counterpoints to not only you but anyone who may read this review in the future. Your wedding took place during March of 2018. We had virtually no correspondence with you prior to the wedding or after it, until the review. After radio silence for around a year and a half, with all services provided, to suddenly chance upon a scathing negative review makes us wonder, why were we not informed of any of your concerns during the time when our services were being rendered. I undoubtedly respect yours or absolutely anyone else’s opinion on our photography, our style, and our output. However, I feel I must remind you that it was not us who “gave blank expressions” when asked about poses for couple pictures. In fact, if memory serves me correct, my partner and I had to convince and persuade you to take part in couple pictures as you were averse to the idea of couple portraits during the reception for whatever reason. As for the supposed lack of creativity, I feel extreme pride in our vast portfolio and collection of what we consider our art displayed magnificently on our website, www.thedigitalstories.com, for any and all to view and judge for themselves. Regarding the video, I have no idea where you got the impression that we inserted our photographs into the wedding film. It genuinely baffles us, as one simple viewing makes it clear to anyone who is even paying half of their attention span that there is not a single photograph placed at any point in what is, through and through, a video. Lastly, I must also admit that I am very proud that your family contacted us and arranged for us to be the photographers of a wedding that came after yours. I can only believe that they were happy and satisfied with our quality to have us return for such a precious event. Also, we’ve been told by various members of your family that they were and are happy with our quality in many private conversations. It truly does hurt us that we could not reach that level of fulfillment with you. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you well. I would also like to share with you and anyone else reading this review to form an opinion on our work the links to our claims. https://vimeo.com/267244001 https://vimeo.com/274430395 Sincerely, Team Digital Stories Read Less
Akshita Arun
Akshita Arun5.0

9 months ago

These folks are just amazing! They're the most humble people i have come across and with zero interference in any of the events they delivered the most memorable moments of our lives! They surprised me with their traditional photographs as well, they're equally candid and every photo they delivered has a special moment behind it so when i keep scrolling through the photos it seems like i am re living my wedding day ! Having said that, I had no idea whatsoever about wedding events or what kind of expectations i need to set for myself on my big day. Me and my husband grew up in a nuclear family and were never in touch with most of my relatives all our lives. We live in San Francisco and wanted to hire a friendly face so Shanthan and Krishna Teja happened to be one of my mutual friends and I trusted my friend(Richard's) recommendation on hiring these wonderful artists. I met them before my big day where Shanthan asked me if had any specifications that he needs to keep in mind - i said no, "just do your magic"! I completely missed stating the fact that my husband is a man of few words and expressions, just to make sure they're aware but I missed a lot of details in our conversation. To be honest I wasn't that great client who made it easy for the vendors but OMG! Digital Stories truly did their magic. They promised less delivered more! The crowd at my wedding was massive and i hardly knew 50-100 people out of 1800, it was a culture shock myself being a telugu bride. It looked like my marriage was for the people and not for the bride and groom. But I couldn't emphasis more on the Shanthan and Teja's hard work - in all of that hustle, the team made sure they captured the right moments and happy moments only, that are so special to us and I couldn't have been more satisfied looking at the photos now. Hire them if you want to create memories that are unique and beautiful. They know it all, even if you mention it or not! :)

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Value for moneyProfessionalismOn Time Service
Digital Stories
Thanks a lot for the review, Akshita! You guys are awesome!!
Madhuri Galidevara
Madhuri Galidevara5.0

1 year 5 months ago

We’d been watching their work for a while and were very excited when we could get them for our wedding. We found them very approachable and easy to deal with. The dreamy and timeless quality of the pictures has to be my favourite thing. It gives us such joy everytime we go back to the photos. And to think that none of the photos were scripted or posed for, but just genuinely captured at the right time, adds to why we cherish the memory. Glad to have gone ahead with them. A big thanks to Shanthan and team.

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Value for moneyQuality of WorkOn Time Service
pratik mahendrakar
pratik mahendrakar5.0

1 year 8 months ago

From the plethora of wedding photographers that are out there, we are so glad we chose - The DigitalStories. Shanthan, Teja and their team are very energetic and creative photographers. What we truly loved about their work is how unintrusively they have captured memorable pictures for us. And with their friendly attitude and smiling faces, they made us feel very comfortable to pose in front of their cameras! We highly recommend them to anyone without second thoughts and would definitely approach them again in the future.

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Value for moneyQuality of WorkWedding Films
Digital Stories
Thanks a lot, Pratik!
Jeevan Vemulapalli
Jeevan Vemulapalli4.5

1 year 8 months ago

August 28 2017 - the day a vital cog of a very important event started falling in place! For every brother, there's hardly anything that comes close to seeing the smile glow on his sisters face, and when the event is her marriage, you just know, that one face, a million stories, and you've got to capture them all! Sister thy bride, Bro-In-Law thy groom, the mothers, the fathers, the grandmothers, the grandfathers, the aunts, the uncles, the family, the friends... and then of course us the brothers ... moments upon moments, memories upon memories and the ton of expressions and exchanges, some as silent as others are loud, as many on the inside as there are on the outside. It's definitely not easy to click great pictures, but even that does not compare to capturing a ton of unseen special moments, round the clock! But then, at the end of it all, as you sit back and get the chance to reflect on all the excitement and chaos through umpteenth pictures, you'd know that it was all worth its while! You know the little unexpected smile that pops up on your face when you first read their about page? - That's just about it, you begin with that smile, and at the end of it all, you'l end up with just another one, maybe this time, after all the treasure that you see, - and keep, a little more expected. Digital Stories, you guys have been amazing. And hey, what do you know, the smile I was talking about early on, now we have a million everlasting captures of all that, and so much more! - Haven't forgotten your moments too groomie! The bride and groom can wait, but first, biryani, rasamalai and cameras! Digital Stories has got your back, and not just pictures, but your stories covered! Look no further!

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Value for moneyAccommodatingQuality of Work
Digital Stories
Amazing review, Jeevan! Thanks a ton! :D
Mrudula Mynampaty
Mrudula Mynampaty5.0

1 year 8 months ago

Digital Stories was the best investment during the wedding. They captured the real moments that matter. Shanthan and Kaka spend time in getting to know the couple and understanding their needs and personalities. The photos and videos capture just that, your true spirit. The best part of the wedding was we never had to "pose", everything that was captured was so very natural and candid. They have a great a work ethic, are never late and we won't have to worry about any nuances of the wedding photography. They take care of it all and are incredibly best at it. The team is going to be more than photographers. They offer immense support and guidance. Don't be surprised if they become your friends by the end of the wedding.

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Quality of WorkWedding FilmsPre weddings
Digital Stories
Thank you so much Mrudula! :D

2 years 2 months ago

Shanthan, Krishna Teja, and team were wonderful, and I am so happy that we chose them to be a part of our wedding. I told them about wanting very casual and authentic pictures that reflect the mood of what was going on at all my events. I did not want candy floss, dramatic, and over-the-top photography and they were excellent at making sure to cater to my needs. I am in love with the pictures, and especially the wedding videos they shot. So, so beautiful. The best part about the wedding film was that not ONCE did they ask me or anyone at the events to pose. Every single picture they took and all the footage they shot was candid, such an unintrusive team!! This is so important for people like me and my husband who like personal space during the big and small moments in life. I also think its the mark of good photography when someone can create beautiful images/ vidoes without staging or scripting. When I look back at these pictures and videos decades later, I will cherish all the memories with a smile on my face. So, thank you digital stories for making that happen!

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Wedding FilmsB & W ShotsOn Time Service
Digital Stories
Thanks a ton, Soundarya! We had an absolute blast shooting your wedding!
Divya Ganti
Divya Ganti5.0

2 years 3 months ago

Shanthan and Krishna Teja are truly a pleasure to work with. They really do have an eye for capturing raw emotions, of not just the bride and the groom, but their families as well. They were very open about what would work and what wouldn't. There were no surprises regarding the cost. We had discussed the different type of event coverage (candid, traditional, video) in detail beforehand. Most of my conversations were with Shanthan. He did not push any type of service. He gave his honest opinion, and really worked with me to make sure that I was happy with the decision. For all the events, their team was present well before time. This was the first wedding in my family that we had Candid photography for the events, and it wasn't an easy idea to sell to my family. The final pictures convinced even the most sceptic of my relatives. I loved candid pictures, from everyone laughing and enjoying in the sangeet, to the glistening eyes of my parents at the marriage ceremony, all emotions were beautifully captured. I am very happy with the way the events were covered. Thank you guys for the beautiful memories :)

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Value for moneyQuality of WorkPre weddings
Digital Stories
Thank you so much Divya!
Srinath Kondaveeti
Srinath Kondaveeti5.0

3 years 1 month ago

Shanthan, Teja and team did a great job of capturing moments during our wedding. We went with a couple of our friends suggestions and selected this team based on the work they did for their weddings. We completely trusted them with our life's biggest event and we are extremely happy with the choice and never thought otherwise. For all the occasions, they were always there at-least 15 minutes before no matter what. Speaking about their work -- Their work speaks volumes. Just to give an example, for our photo-shoot we went to an architectural place and we only had 15 minutes and their work in such a short time that too with many distractions around, is truly commendable. Even though we were more than happy with the photos from this photo-shoot, Just because, this photo-shoot was rushed by the local authorities, they were gracious enough to offer us another one in a different setting couple of days later. They surely have a quality photographer's eye. I think their best was for our wedding trailer. It is so cinematic, unique and looking at the photos and videos makes us feel like getting married again. They are no less than any renowned photographers in India or anywhere and yet they are reasonable. They are also receptive to any ideas that we might have at the same time giving us suggestions if we are open to any. Would highly recommend this team without a bit of hesitation.

Digital Stories
Thanks so much Srinath & Susmitha for trusting us your big day!
Aishwarya Reddy Rekulapalli
Aishwarya Reddy Rekulapalli5.0

3 years 3 months ago

With a plethora of options available online and for somebody sitting in a foreign land, choosing a wedding photographer was a 3 month task. I was on a liking spree and all the photography pages looked similar. I was looking for a team who would portray our wedding from our view and not from the photographer's view (no offence). I am the "My wedding and everything will be my wish" kind of a bride. I happened to contact Teja and from the very first reply I was sure these guys will be the right choice. All I had to do was just tell what exactly I wanted. I hardly heard Shanthan speak but his work speaks louder. Entire album, trailer and the wedding film were just the way we wanted; the video reflected our personalities in such a simple yet innovative way. We have absolutely no regrets for choosing these guys to cover our big day and we felt we were being clicked by our friends, we were at so ease with them. I am very sure they are going to be the next big thing in this industry. All the best guys :)

Digital Stories
You're the best, Aishwarya!!

3 years 4 months ago

I spent months online searching for not just good but a great photographer and great comes with big price tag too. Right when I was at the edge of exhausted one of my friend suggested Digital stories sharing there work for his wedding and then I fell in love with the pictures instantly. They are simply amazing with great potential and very reasonable pricing :). Digital stories were part of my wedding beginning to the end. Every moment/emotional turned out into a great picture. I couldn't be more happier with the way they turned out. They truly captured All the love and all the laughter. They were, friendly, helpful, professional, punctual, and fun every step of the way. A big heart felt Thanks guys! I would recommend them time and time again :)

Digital Stories
Thanks a lot, Manasa! You guys were super chill!
Apoorva Ala
Apoorva Ala5.0

3 years 4 months ago

Me, once a misogamist, couldn't break the tradition/society's cycle, went ahead and followed. Hired beauticians, florists and photographers. Wanted to get over the wedding thing as soon as possible and it did. Done and dusted!! We (Digital Stories) met over a cup of coffee and as they say - a lot can happen over coffee, it indeed happen!! They understood me, they knew what I wanted, they knew how I was and my opinion on wedding. Thanks for capturing those moments, for showing me how much my family loves me, for showing care in my husband's eyes, for making me believe in Love!! They've now become friends, friends who've changed my perception, friends who gave good memories to cherish. Big thanks for making my story look beautiful through Digital Stories. P.S: Please do hire them if they have dates, they are getting bold and famous!! Who knows, you might end up writing a review like this.

Digital Stories
Apoorva, thanks!!! We should meet soon!