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Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly

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About Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly is based out of Jalandhar and has been practising makeup professionally since 2016. She is a certified makeup artist from Dubai and has a team of skilled professional makeup artists. She uses all the high end bridal products such as Anastasia, Huda Beauty, Benefit, Becca for all her bridal makeovers. Do check them out for your wedding day makeovers. She also travels worldwide to offer her makeup services. Services Provided: Hair Styling Draping Nail Polish Change Extensions False Lashes Bridal Makeup Party Makeup Engagement makeup
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9 months 



Products Used

Anastasia, Huda Beauty, Benefit, Becca,nars,bobby brown,etc.all international. 



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Hair Styling, Draping, Nail Polish Change, Makeup, False Lashes 


Does Not Offer Airbrush 

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Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly

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Last Review Updated on 14 May 2019

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nishita rana
nishita rana4.5

2 months ago

Neetu got magic is her hands.... She's so humble and such a beautiful human being inside and out. Choosing Neetu as MUA for my engagement was absolutely the best decision. I can't thank you enough. she gave me a nude dreamy look with smoky eyes. 😍 The makeup was fabulous and required no touchups. The look Neetu gave was way better than that I have imagined in that outfit. Neetu and her team is so efficient and punctual ,they value time and will make u get ready on time. She's such a sweet soul, all the time she was making me calm as I was tired and nervous The moment I entered the studio her positive vibes made me relaxed. I never felt more beautiful in my life and this look made me more confident. She used original high end professional make up brands which she promised. She knows how to do justice with yours features and how to overcome the flaws. lots of love Neetu. thank you for making my special day more special 😗😗🤗🤗. all the best . way to go Neetu..💓💗

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Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Hey nishita!!i am so so glad that i could make u that happy ???? stay blessed sweetheart ❤️❤️????

3 months ago

Neetu Di was a pleasure to work with More like Family & had the best Friendly Attitude Any Bride would need before the functions (As there is So much Nervousness involved) ..... Having her do makeup at my Engagement & Wedding was one of the first (and best!) decisions I made while wedding planning. Makeup was one thing I knew I didn't want to Worry about on Any of the days, and it came out Wonderfully. Neetu di is a true Professional, and has a Passion for her Work. If you're thinking about Hiring her, go for it but Book Early because she is in Demand!! Highly Recommended..

Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Hey noor.lovedd working on you.thx for the love darling.????????????????????
Harsimran Shergill
Harsimran Shergill5.0

7 days ago

Is someone looking for a perfect makeup artist? Just go for Dear. Neetu Jolly , for a flawless makeup. Her creativity makes u feel the most special in your event. My wedding was a blockbuster and I advice others to be a part of her makeup for the same reasons.😘😍

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Heena 5.0

2 months ago

Neetu Di z magician... She works with her makeup brushes as magic wand!!! Loved her work❤️ she made me the best ever lukin version of the real me ... Best part was - I was lukin as the real me...😊❤️ God bless you.

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Quality of WorkPremium ProductsNatural Makeup
Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Hey heena!!m glad u loved my work darling.stay blessed❤️❤️
Ayesha Singh
Ayesha Singh0.5

2 months ago

Neetu jolly she’s talking about the review 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she only talk about the good reviews I guess so let me tell you about her work Coz she started with the reviews and show her as a good fake personality big time Highly not recommended to anybody especially for the bridal for their big day If you ever choose her on your biggest day for your life you will make biggest mistake of your life and regret whole your life that why you choose her🙄🙄 What a bad experience I have never ever ever ever have in my whole life Who is terrible in her job just terrible person have n ugly personality such a Highly attitude No commonsense for anything that what’s she’s doing if god give you something special Use it as a special person if he knows how to give you he will also know how to take it back if you don’t use it right. If I have a choice to go back in my life and change one thing in my wedding day that will be this Horrible lady Who Took 45,000 thousand for 20 mins for bridal look I will feel really really shameful if I was a make up artist and do these kind of bad job and making money out of it OK so I searched her on a Internet because I don’t live in Punjab I was in Delhi came from USA coz I didn’t have a time to search a lot of people so I found her Then I asked my husband to contact her coz he was in Punjab so he talk to called her and she did talk to my husband and took half of her payment and she agreed to come to my wedding day which was 11th February She call me and talk to me to and tell me how good she is on her job she said I don’t do this for money I only do this Because this is my passion and I’m so much passionate about my work and I love doing this just because this is my passion and give me all this kind of bullshit she’s this she’s that Blah blah blah blah🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Then she called us Couple days before the marriage and said like I don’t know the village my husband don’t know the village My family is not giving me a permission to come to your village and she’s like I hope you understand that and I hope you get it and I was like that’s fine it’s OK if you can’t do it that’s OK I completely understand that like I know you are a Woman so I get that And she said she going to return payment so my husband call her and say OK that’s fine if you can’t come that’s fine you can return our money then my husband said like I don’t know why you were afraid to come to this place because there’s not really village village is a good place to come it’s a good People here we are from USA but Still that’s OK if you you are not comfortable coming you want to return our money that’s fine We will look for someone as Then 10 min later she called back again and she said she is going to come I don’t know where that comes from but I was like kind OK and happy that OK she’s coming because coz you do want somebody good at on your biggest day of your life So we both agree and said OK fine but he do told her that please don’t give us hard time later on that you can’t come if you can’t come just let us now but she agreed to come 🙄Then she called me like few days before the marriage day And tell me you should go to the parlor for facial do you waxing and just take care yourself and blah blah blah And she said whatever the Hairstyle you want to do for your wedding day just send me a picture I go to the Google look for the picture for the hairstyle go to the YouTube search and search and search for a lot of picture and videos then I found one and I sent it to her a video of that She didn’t reply anything she didn’t say yes she didn’t say no I thought she is ok doing so I take it that as yes That was it . then she call two days before my marriage day for us to do rest of her payment Well she didn’t tell us that she want all her payment before she even started her job but my husband he is so kind And didn’t even want to tell me anything that if she was giving him that much Trouble about money I wouldn’t never let her come to my wedding day to do my makeup what a Greedy and hungry personality she is for money but my husband Ask her if thats OK she can Have the money when she get there greediest person I have ever seen my life for money. Then she supposed to come 7:30AM And she was there around 9:20 my phere in gurudwara Suppose to start in 10:00am so she was really really late even she know she was sooo late and I was waiting for her I Didn’t Slept all night coz I was so exciting For my big day As soon as she walk inside the house she started Calling my husband start bothering him that was so fucking annoying and said before I start doing her make up I really like you to make rest of my payment like really what that fffffffffffffffffffff Are you not sure that you are good at your work that’s why you want whole payment before you even started Then he made her payment and she start doing my make up As soon she start my make up coz Her husband just drop her and he was outside he just even get to the car after dropping her and start calling her and she was like it won’t take long I’ll be back in 20 minutes I will be done in 20 minutes I’ll be done in 20 minute she start talking like this that was so fucking annoying in 20 minutes I think he called her 20 time And she was like talking over the phone doing my make up that was so fucking frustrating I felt like terrible I feel so so bad that why the fuck I choose her to do my make up then the guy he came with her he start doing my hair style come to the hairstyle now The picture I sent her after searching searching searching all the videos and picture that was totally time waisted Coz he start doing my hair something I hate on my face So I just stop him like right away coz we didn’t have a time to play around because she was fucking late she couldn’t do my hair style the way I want it she was like honey this is a Christian hairstyle who give a fuck if I want that I want that you don’t have to make anything coz you are in hurry to leave They didn’t even do my hairstyle the way I wanted and guess what she left doing nothing on my hair she didn’t put the Flowers she just don’t do anything on my hair she do something that was easiest and quickest way to do it that time she forgot half of my jewelry to put it on she didn’t even draping a lehenga right she didn’t even put my kalire like she literally was running and I was like oh can you please put my kalire she didn’t even put my nose ring if you are giving me a bridal look how can you even forget the nose ring and bindi man like really how that possible Half of the jewelry I want to wear for my wedding day she didn’t even care she forgot my lehenga belt she forgot my hand bracelet she forgot my arms bracelet she forgot all my rings I want to wear She was just rushing whole time to leave Why you even just take the money if you was not even interested on doing your job right We would been hire somebody else who would love to take that money and more happy to do their job right Let me recommend you something if you are passionate about your job then focus on one bridal a day just Bez u have 4 place to go do Make up on one day you will never be able to Focus on no one I understand all you see is money But if you are good at your work more people will call you and you will make more money but if you are bad at your job nobody will ever call you back in their whole life and Just because making the money at the first You will lose the money rest of the time for forever I just hope God punish you big-time what you have done for me I’m a good heart person and I would forgive you if that was not my wedding day but I can’t forgive you just because it was my wedding day I was feeling really really helpless when you was doing my make up I was really really feel like punching you that time I wish I could do that now you can’t go nowhere in life if somebody gives you bad luck Worst make up artist ever Such a bad experience with n ugly personality👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Thank you so much for a great review.didnt expect this when you hugged me and said you lovedd it when i was leaving.also u should be a lil thankful.but i guess u have no courtesy and basically u r a just a show off.u should thank me for coming so far inside a remote area just to make u happy.ur husband requested me so much that i never wanted u guy... Read More
Akriti Chadda
Akriti Chadda5.0

2 months ago

Neetu Di was the first make-up artist I ever worked with - and because of that I was honestly very scared. I was gonna get full-on make-up done on my face, for the very first time, on the first big function during my wedding days. But boy, did she make me feel comfortable! We chatted through the entire process and I was so so happy with the result. She gave me the most beautiful smoky eyes and a flowery-braid - perfect for the mehndi night. I am so glad she was there for my first function otherwise I am sure I would have freaked out. I danced through the night and the make up didn't get cakey at all. I received so many compliments and as did my mom, whose make up was also done by Neetu Di. For the following functions of the cocktail and wedding, my sister in law and mother in law got ready with Neetu Di and they were extremely happy with the result too! So thanks so much Neetu Di :) You're a very very special part of my wedding days! I hope to be back and see you real soon! <3

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Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Thank you so so much my dear akriti.u have really really brought happy tears in my eyes.im so so glad that i could make u that happy❤️❤️????????????
Sundeep Kaur
Sundeep Kaur5.0

2 months ago

I highly recommend makeup artist Neetu Jolly. You are so amazing, everything you did was Flawless. I really had an amazing experience with you. Everyone was praising me alot. I never received such compliments before. Not only you have an extra ordinary talent with makeup but you’re a sweetheart to talk to. I will always recommend you for any event and look forward to seeing you soon for any other upcoming events.

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Quality of WorkPremium ProductsNatural Makeup
Kashika S
Kashika S5.0

2 months ago

You are a beautiful person both inside and out. I'm so glad I chose you for my special day. Thank you so much for dolling me up so beautifully. It was exactly what I always wanted. The best thing about you is your kind, loving nature and the way you attend your clients is remarkable. I wish you good luck.. It was an amazing experience being your bride !!

Inayat Khanna
Inayat Khanna5.0

3 months ago

Hi Neetu di..you are as beautiful from inside as from outside. I just can't thank you enough for making me so beautiful for mehndi and engagement. Each and everyone appreciated. You have magic in your hands. Hope to see you sooon. Lots of love di...

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Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Hey inayat!Im so glad that i could make u happy.lotsa love sweetheart❤️
Harpreet Bhatoy
Harpreet Bhatoy5.0

3 months ago

Neetu thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my wedding day. I was a little worried prior to the wedding day however you exceeded my expectations. You were so kind and polite throughout the morning. Once again thank you so much. I will definitely book again when I’m in India.

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On Time ServiceQuality of WorkProfessionalism
Makeup Artist Neetu Jolly
Hey Harpreet!glad i could make u happy dear❤️❤️


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