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Sharath Padaru

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Last Review Updated on 2 Jul 2018

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Harsha Muralidhar
Harsha Muralidhar5.0

2 July 2018

Sharath is a fantastic photographer who specializes in candid clicks. He was the guy in charge at our wedding a couple of years back and the only problem we encountered was trying to choose our favorites, because there were so many amazing shots. We were camera shy initially but he made us feel comfortable and did a great job in taking beautiful pictures. I would definitely recommend Sharath to anyone!

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of WorkOn Time Service
Pavan Kallumuttlu
Pavan Kallumuttlu4.5

23 June 2018

Sharath Padaru's work was done to such a high standard, he is very professional and confident in his work which I think is really important. He captured our wedding perfectly every little detail was captured to treasure as precious memories forever.We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, we never thought we would have pictures like these. We would highly recommend him to other couples for their wedding day as he did such an amazing job on ours.Thank you Sharath :)

Recommended for:
Quality of WorkProfessionalismPre weddings
Ajit Balasubramanian
Ajit Balasubramanian5.0

14 January 2018

Sharath is a friend of my sister-in-law, so he was as much an honoured guest at our wedding as he was a photographer. He was very polite and friendly and calmly remained in the background, allowing the proceedings to flow naturally without camera breaks ;) The pictures have come out with superb clarity. My wife and I were probably a shy lot, but Sharath did a great job with his candid shots. The moments filled with emotions, expressed or subtle, do not miss his eye. I would definitely recommend his services.

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of Work
Sharath Padaru
Thanks so much Ajith for your kind words :) I really enjoyed capturing so many beautiful moments of your wedding. Thanks again!
Sakala Sastry
Sakala Sastry4.5

12 January 2018

Capturing those precious moments and highlighting tiny things in a big ocassion is an 'art'. And Sharath proved that he is capable of doing both single-handedly! Very few people possess that special 'eye' which sees things that no one else can see and Sharath has that 'eye'. He is calm and quickly analyzes that special moment and captures it. Aug 2, 2017 was a special day in my life when I and Srinidhi started "happily ever after" chapter in our lives. To make this big day memorable and to cherish those fond moments even after we grow old, preserving pictures in an album is the best way! Neither I wanted to pose for a snap nor follow those typical wedding photography trends. I discussed this with Sharath in prior and he definitely did not disappoint me. It was a typical Kannada Brahmin wedding which went on for 2 days comprising of many customs and rituals. 'Dhaare' or the 'Muhurtham' is when there are maximum number of tiny events happening along with 'tieing the knot' ceremony. It's the best event where you get to see diversity in emotions, ages, colors, clothes, showcase materials, jewellery and so on....It all depends on how a photographer focuses on such detailings. That evening was all dazzling and glittering with lights, kids running around with dripping ice cream cups, decked up beautiful ladies and gentlemen suited and well-groomed, wide spread buffet and what not !! Now you know it was our 'reception'. We broke the tradition of standing on the stage for hours together giving fake smiles in front of the camera and welcoming those guests we hardly remember....Instead we moved off the stage. Personally met each and every person present. Totally informal....Also we didn't have to starve since we ate with the guests. No queuing up for photos or videos since there were lovely photo points created and people took selfies with their favorite gang! I understand, it was quite tiring for Sharath to run about the entire hall capturing those candid moments. But he did it !! Thanks Sharath for making my wedding album a priceless possession! I highly recommend you all to take his service for any kind of special occasion that you have....And listen, he doesn't over charge! Cheers Sakala-Srinidhi ♥️

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of WorkOn Time Service
Sharath Padaru
Thank you so much Sakala for such a warm review. It was indeed a pleasure to shoot the wedding :)

10 December 2017

We requested Sharath to do our engagement photography. We were so impressed with his work that we ended up engaging him for the wedding and the reception as well. And here are our biggest reasons... ->Very punctual and very proactive - he is at the venue much in advance taking stock of the place and all the setup he needs to get his best work. He would even suggest a few edits in the decoration if necessary and choreograph a few things for you (but only if necessary). -> Sharath does not come with a fixed agenda in mind and is always looking to improvise as per the situation. -> He is intelligent. Sharath seems to have paid good attention to all the sequence of sub-events within the wedding. With that knowledge, he seems to be at the right place at the right time which is such an important aspect of photography. -> He is also very non-intrusive and in a good way. He is not asking you to replay your every single action. Unlike a lot of weddings, where the photographers seem to be running the show, directing every move of everyone on the stage and then asking for multiple re-takes, this is hardly the case with Sharath. You can concentrate on what you gotta to do and maintain the flow while he does his. -> He is also non-obstructive(literally) :). All the weddings I've been to and sat in the audience, I'm forced to end up watching the bums of the photographers instead of catching the wedding. This is different with Sharath. He is somehow never in the way (and yet you have all the shots you want). He's like Harry Potter in his invisible cloak. -> Finally, his taste of editing is also something to be highly appreciated. Doesn't overdo it, has a great coverage and the results are very natural and lifelike. Oh and another thing. He has a lovely smile stuck to his face and is so easy to talk to. He makes you so comfortable right from the beginning that you end up feeling as if you've known him for a long time. Working with him was a very enjoyable experience and something we'll always remember! I would trust Sharath with any assignment in the blink of an eye and I wish him all the very best. Ragini

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of WorkOn Time Service
Sharath Padaru
Hey Ragini, I am so touched by such a detailed review of my work! I am so glad you took time out to jot down so many points :) Thanks a lot!
Anjali Shivananda
Anjali Shivananda5.0

8 December 2017

When my husband and I divided the task for our wedding, I was required to identify the photographer. While I did my part of the research and asked people around I wasn't captivated by the photos and finally, my husband was acquainted with Sharath through a friend. The first thing I told Sharath was to capture the emotions of my sister and my mother as I will not be able to witness it myself. I must say, that he did an EXCELLENT job. He truly understood what I wanted out of the photos, not just mine and my husband's images but also of the people who mattered to us. A good photographer for me does not ask you to pose for photos but captures the candid images, by the word candid I mean, not asking you to pose candidly?, but just click. Thank you, Sharath for the amazing memories you have given of my wedding.

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of WorkOn Time Service
Sharath Padaru
Hey Anjali, Thank you so much for your kind words. Loved shooting the emotion filled wedding of yours! It was a memorable one!

29 November 2017

Photography is a beautiful art and a photographer , a beautiful artist! Being a very talented and amazing photographer, you have captured precious moments of our life i.e., Our Wedding. Thanks a ton for giving those moments in the form of photos. Your photos tell a story which even million words wont be able to express this beautifully. You are really amazing and the best photographer I have ever met.

Recommended for:
Quality of WorkProfessionalismOn Time Service
Sharath Padaru
Thank you so much Bhavana! Your unique wedding in hosahalli is special for me. I am glad that I got an opportunity to document it. Very glad that you liked my work :)
Shubha Chandra
Shubha Chandra5.0

28 November 2017

I knew from the time of my engagement that I wanted Sharath to capture all the precious moments of my wedding. Being his friend, I was apprehensive about his availability because he was busy shooting celebrity weddings while my parents were apprehensive because he had taken up photography only as a hobby. When he accepted my request, it was the best gift I could have ever had. Hailing from a large extended family, wedding is when I get to meet all my relatives. Seeing them come to wish me put a warm smile on my face throughout the day and the night of back-to-back rituals and meetings and greetings. Sharath has captured all those happy smiles, generous laughs, subtle emotions, curious peeps and also the boredom few of them felt. The top notch quality of his photos and the artistic ingenuity in each of them gives no much room for crafty editing. My parents unanimously agreed that no one else could have done any better. I may not have mentioned this to him, but he has become sort of a celebrity himself in my family. I have won so many accolades on behalf of him, I feel elated myself. Thanks a ton Sharath for putting up with my rigidity, yet giving me beautiful memories packed in frames.

Recommended for:
AccommodatingQuality of WorkB & W Shots
Sharath Padaru
Hi Shubha, thank you so much for such a gushing review of my work! I am so happy to read this :)
Neha Prabhakar
Neha Prabhakar4.5

16 November 2017

When my husband spoke about his friends work into photography I couldn't get enough convinced until I got to see few clicks and We were so sure to handover our wedding photography to Sharath . Me being a photo entusiast did happen to check his clicks apart from wedding genre and each picture is a unique and splendid with a tinge of creativity . He is very dedicated and professional in his work gives his 100 % to not to miss on those subtle moments of your fairy tale wedding which are cherished for years to come... Thos well timed shots speaks endless joy ...mix of emotions from a kid dancing to those fast beats to a lovely bride and groom exchanging cute guestures. I take this opportunity to thank Sharath for all d exquisite moments captured and I'm extremely happy to write this testimony. Good luck with your ventures and looking forward for an opportunity to freeze some memories soon.

Recommended for:
Quality of WorkProfessionalismBridal Potraits
Sharath Padaru
Hi Neha, It is so good to see your comments on my work here. It was a pleasure to shoot your wedding. I am glad that you had a good experience with my service. Thanks again for taking your time out for this.