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Latest Bengali Bride Jewellery Designs ( 2 photos )

All Indian brides love dressing up for their wedding. In fact, jewellery is a very important part of Indian weddings. The jewellery that the bride wears is often considered to be a way of showing how affluent the family is. Bengali brides and families are no different. Bengali wedding depicts the rich culture of Bengal and a bengali bride look is all about a gold affair. The bengali brides wearing vibrant sarees in hues of traditional red colour paired with glory bengali gold jewellery, will leave everyone smitten. The bengali bridal jewellery has a traditional charm to it which look timeless and the bengali brides adoring these traditional gold jewellery look mesmerising.

Different Types of Bengali Jewellery

Most pieces of Bengali jewellery are similar to what is worn by brides all over India, such as earrings, bangles, necklaces etc. However, they differ in their design and style. There are other pieces of jewellery that are worn exclusively by Bengali brides. Lets see what these are and how they are worn.

  • The ‘Sonar Mukut’ or the Golden Crown You may have seen pictures of Bengali brides wearing this tiara-type piece of jewellery on their heads. Most modern brides prefer wearing smaller ‘mukuts’ and these are generally gold-plated silver. Some have family heirlooms, which have been passed on from generation to generation and are made from pure gold.

  • Bun Pin The bun pin is a beautiful piece of jewellery meant for the hair. As the name suggests, this is a pin meant to cover a bun. It is round, shaped like a flower and makes the bun look elegant and pretty. These days, hardly anyone wears a gold bun pin, unless you have a family heirloom, which can be in gold, decorated with beautiful meenakari etc.

  • The ‘Nolok’ or the Nose Ring The nose ring is an important part of the brides get-up. It looks elegant and pretty. This is generally a thin ring with a few beads and it is attached to the ear by a chain.

  • ‘Saat Noli Haar’ The ‘Saat noli haar’ is a seven-layered gold necklace. This can also have five layers. The necklace generally has a central piece to which all the layers or chains are attached. Bengali brides like to wear a lot of necklaces. Along with these layered necklaces, they also like to wear a ‘chick’, which is a choker worn close to the neck. It is known for its beautiful craftsmanship and is 1 inch to 1.5 inches in width.

  • Bangles and Bracelets Bengal is known for its beautiful gold craftsmanship and the various types of bangles that the brides wear. The most well known of these are probably the ‘shankh’ (conch shell), ‘pola’ (coral) and the ‘noa’ (iron bangle). These are an essential part of every Bengali bride’s jewellery. These may be plain or may be embellished with some fine gold work. Bengali women also wear a number of plain gold bangles and thick gold bracelets known as ‘baala’.

There are a number of other accessories that Bengali brides wear such as the nupur (anklet), the ananta (armlet), kamarbandh (waist belt), tikli (worn on the head to keep the veil in place) and so much more. But where do you get authentic Bengali jewellery? Designs, the latest trends? Wedmegood has all this information and much more. All you need to do is download the app and start browsing. You will get hundreds of images and some beautiful ideas on how to style your accessories to get the authentic Bengali bride look. We have curated the pictures of latest bengali gold jewellery designs that we have spotted in trend. These images shows the best bengali gold jewellery designs. Browse through these photos collection to get ideas of bridal jewellery for your extravagant bengali wedding.

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