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Everything You Need To Know To Organize A Destination Wedding In Goa

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Everything You Need To Know To Organize A Destination Wedding In Goa

Whether you are planning to organize a destination wedding at a gorgeous beach, or planning to host your friends and family on your hometown beach, a beach wedding can be a great experience for yourself and your guests alike. After all, it is like a mini vacation for everybody! What can be more romantic than the soft humming of the waves, the sand between your toes and the salty winds - a beach wedding is so much more fun than you can imagine! And if that is not convincing enough, everybody these days is having a beach wedding. So why not figure out what the fuss is all about?

  • Average cost of destination weddings in Goa is: Rs. 30 Lakh to 50 lakh

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Everything You Need To Know To Organize A Destination Wedding In Goa

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What Is The Best Time To Have A Wedding In Goa?

It’s always a good time to organize a wedding in Goa, however, we would still recommend going for a winter wedding.Temperatures in Goa during the summers(March- May) can get unpredictable, with heat spells and rains.If you are among the very few who wish to organise an indoor Goan wedding, the humidity in the air can make everything stressful for you and your guests alike.So, we recommend organizing your wedding during the Winter season.While the air can get a little chilly during January, it’s never too cold here!

Pleasant temperature, with breezy air means you can organize functions during the day as well, thereby reducing costs by 30 %.After all, you can then cut down on extra lighting and power backup.Also, pictures come out better in natural light!

How To Save Costs When Organizing A Destination Wedding In Goa ?

Beach Weddings are possibly the biggest trend of recent years, and we don’t see it dying anytime soon.After all, what could be better than combining your wedding celebrations and a beach vacation together ? But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to shell out more money.Here is how you can have a Beach Wedding on a budget -

  • Choose your location wisely - A place that looks naturally pretty would mean saving unnecessary expenses on decor.
  • Choose an off - season wedding date - This is a no - brainer.Prices of all services go down during off - seasons.You will also have better chances to get exciting discounts!
  • Book accommodation and events at the same venue - More possibility of getting discounts due to bulk booking, and reduced transportation costs! Also, this will help you save time during the celebrations.
  • Book as soon as possible - The sooner you book, the better chances you have to get cheaper deals.Also, if you make bulk bookings, you’ll be in a better position.
  • Keep your itenary crisp - Do not organise a lot of events - restrict to a 1 to max 3 day wedding.And keep your guest list as crisp as possible.We would recommend about 50 - 100 people.
  • Save on food and beverages by choosing local dishes and drinks for the wedding.Also exercise restraint in the number of items on the menu.

How To Integrate Goan Culture In Your Wedding ?

Goa is one of the most happening and modern wedding destinations in India.Ofcourse, nothing can beat the chill vibes at a beach wedding, but that’s not all that Goa has to offer.You can make Goan culture a part of your celebrations to add a twist to your celebrations.Include the mouth watering seafood, and local dishes in your menu - Portuguese, Konkan and Bahamani cuisines to treat your guests to an exotic delight!

Wondering how to make it easy ? You can find local caterers from Goa on the WedMeGood app! Enhance your experience by using specific features like your wedding city, and the price range, amongst other things and voila!

Planning A Destination Wedding?

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