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Bridal Lehengas in Chandni Chowk: Stores With Price & Pics

BY The WMG Bride | 19 Nov, 2018

When I first visited Chandni Chowk, it was  5 months before my wedding. I had limited knowledge, and  it was a spur of the moment decision to just hop on the metro to go and see if we could find some lehenga options that were cheaper than the lehenga I had loved. Two girls on the metro were discussing places to shop there so I was shamelessly eavesdropping on their conversation and made mental notes. Since then however I have been to Chandni Chowk close to 20 different times, with 20 different people- some clients, some friends, etc and so I think I am finally in a position to write this!

Okay, so you have probably read about a dozen newspaper articles about how Chandni Chowk is this treasure trove of the most amazing bridal lehengas and what not, but when you actually land there, all you see is shiney, mind numbing bling (and people climbing on each other) that is totally un-drool worthy. Chances are, you haven't gone to the right store in Chandni Chowk yet!! Take it from somebody who writes only about bridal lehengas all day long, a self confessed bridal shopping expert (hey, I'm paid to help people find lehengas!) , and someone who is pretty obsessed with finding nooks and corners that sell bridal lehengas- these are probably the only places worth knowing.

Lehenga from Asiana Couture. 

1) Asiana Couture 

Relatively new kids on the block but already making a ton of waves in the Chandni Chowk bridal scene (LOL- I make it sound like Chandni Chowk has a 'scene') . I hadn't actually heard of them when I went shopping for my lehenga, but over time I have seen brides wear some lovely pieces from here. Then I actually visited them and absolutely loved some of their stuff- a lot of new , current styles and very high quality pieces which if you follow Indian designers, you will know! Prices are not super cheap! Again, stay far away from custom.

See more of Asiana Couture Collection:   here

Discounts: Does not bargain unless you have a discount coupon.  Also need to set a prior appointment


Left: Photo by Dipak Studios Wedding Photography★ 4.8 , Lehenga by Om Prakash. Right: Anarkali by Om Prakash

2) Om Prakash Jawahar lal (Naya Katra):

These guys need to start paying me now, because I first put them on the map 2 years back when I wrote a post about where to buy bridal lehengas in Delhi. Compared to the rest of the riff -raff, they have nice, elegant pieces in similar style of Sabya and Manish etc. The downside-  I found that the level of flare was slightly lesser than what you would get in some other shops.

Price Points: A good one will cost you upwards of 80,000 INR and the ones I absolutely loved (an orange and pink one which was somewhat like an Anamika Khanna piece (see photo above)) was 1.2 lakhs. The flare though annoys me- i had a HUGE flare on my lehenga and somehow didn't find that anywhere in Om Prakash.

See more Om Prakash Jawahar Lal photos here

A lehenga from Sunehri : Price 75K

3) Sunehree

Sunehree too is relatively new in the Chandni Chowk market, present since past 5 years. However their work and designs are a steal. The collection here ranges from heavy royal pieces, Couture collection to lighter pieces. You can score some nice lehengas and couture outfits in the  budget of (80k to 1.5lakh) most of their beautiful pieces start from 60K.
Their shop can be easily located once you step into Chandni Chowk, as you just have to look for the big board of SUNEHREE. My friend got her wedding lehenga from here which was a  very nice shaded peach and coral bridal lehenga .



Both lehengas above at Ram kishan sarees. 

4) Ram Kishan Sarees

Tucked away in a corner near Kamal bhai, this small store is a hidden gem. The lehengas offered are all stunning and the prices can range from 40K rupees for a lehenga to 1.5 Lakhs and the styles are very current with styles inspired from Sabyasachi etc. Also spotted lovely Gota patti anarkalis and floor length jackets for engagement. While the number of pieces may be lesser the pieces in themselves are unique.

See more Ram Kishan sarees photos and contact here


Lehenga by Dalmia

5)Dalmia Fashions

High quality fabrics and embroideries and a great variety has ensured Dalmia Fashions by Aditya and Mohit stay a must stop for every bride. While earlier this was a smaller store, they have now completely revamped it to make a super swanky store for your bridal needs. Apart from lehengas, they also have some nice jacket silhouettes, and a lot of Sabya inspired outfits.  They aren't super expensive in terms of prices, with bridal lehengas starting at 50K and going over a a lakh

See them here: Dalmia Fashions by Aditya and Mohit★ 4.6

Lehenga by Shrangar

6.) Shrangar 

Shrangar has been one of the oldest names around in Chandni Chowk and have recently gone through an overhaul with some great new collections added. If you are looking for a heavy bridal lehenga or reception lehenga you can definitely give it a visit and they also stock some sarees for your mum and sisters. It's located in the Maliwara area in Chandni Chowk but a lot of people know where it is so if you do ask around they are likely to guide you to the right place.

See them here: Shrangar Chandni Chowk★ 4.6

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

7) Sudhir Bhai

Have you noticed how all shops sound similar? Everyone is a Bhai or a Chand or Lal or a Singh!! Sudhir Bhai is another semi well known shop in Chandni Chowk and once we exited OPJL , this is where we went next. This has some stuff which is really nice and cheaper prices too! But sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss because the variety keeps changing. My friend scored a lovely peach and yellow lehenga for about 35,000 from here for her sister's wedding.

8) Tek Chand Arjit Goel

On my first trip to Chandni Chowk I had only gone to two stores- one was OPJ and the other was this one. While Tek Chand has lesser variety, it is also cheaper and the store staff there are helpful to help you customise your outfit.  It's also a nice place to maybe buy your sister of the bride outfits , and something for your mom. They're situated in Moti Bazar

See more from them here: Tek Chand Arjit Goel★ 4.9


Photos of Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam

9) Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam( Katra Pyarelal Gali)

Another hidden gem that nobody really knows about - they sell styles similar to Om Prakash.  However the variety is kind of limited so at times it is a hit, and at times a miss. I saw a monotone deep red lehenga with gorgeous soft gold work all over which I had also seen at Frontier as well as Roop Sarees - but here it was half the price. I didn't pick it up because I wanted a color-blocked lehenga at the time- something with contrast.  Co-incidentally, my friend turned up in that red and gold lehenga on her wedding.I have also seen some gorgeous customised pieces and while they turn out nice the finishing never ends up being like the one had you just ordered off a sample. Prices  just a tad bit cheaper than OPJL but not more expensive than everyone else.

10) Lehenga House

These people advertise a lot and you will see their big-a** hoardings every where in Chandni Chowk ! Umm..personally I didn't find anything here- they have variety but I didn't find anything unique or different from what people generally wear. They are cheaper than the shops I have mentioned and you may find something here but I didn't find anything that looked super high end, you know?

11) Pakeezah Plaza

You will have to hunt here, but sometimes you can score some nice stuff. SOMETIMES. Still may be worth a visit as it is cheaper than the big names and has quite a bit of variety! Real Bride Urvashi bought her lehenga from Pakeezah Plaza. See her beautiful orange and blue lehenga with gotta patti here

12) Kala Shree Regalia

I haven't personally been to the store but I have seen some brides wear lovely pieces from here!  Trust me, their designs are a steal!  You can score some nice outfits and lehengas from here, at fairly decent pricing. So, win win! 

See more Kala Shree Regalia★ 4.7

13)  Payal Keyal Designs 

Payal Keyal is relatively new in Chandni Chowk, but definitely worth a try! You’ll find contemporary and offbeat designs in fresh, yummy colors! They weren’t around when I had gone for my lehenga shopping, but over all these years of looking at wedding pictures, I have seen brides wear some stunning pieces from them!

See more:  Payal Keyal Design ★ 4.8 photos and contact here

14) Mehar

If you’re looking for gorgeousness on a budget, I would suggest you give Mehar a try! You can find good bridal lehengas here for as good as 50K! You’ll find lots of options in traditional karigari and designs that will be hard to put down!

See more from them here:  Mehar★ 4.2

15) D’vasa

Again another new store that wasn’t around when I was getting married. But I visited them fairly recently for a wedding in the family, and I absolutely loved some of their stuff! You’ll get a fair share of variety in experimental range. Basically, they have something for everybody.

You can visit them here: D'vasa ★ 5

Smaller shops like Tek Chand Arjit Goel★ 4.9 , Chetan Saris, Shringar Saris, Kalakriti : These are nice for saris and stuff (Specially kalakriti is great for anarkalis and Shringar has nice saris) but the variety of lehengas here is pretty limited. You can wrap up your lehenga shopping in the first three places I spoke about. I saw a white lehenga at Tek Chand whose border I really liked so we spoke about customising and he told me he could give me a beautiful white and pink lehenga for about 75K, but ultimately I didnt trust getting something customised from scratch so I let it go and I am glad I did, I wouldn't have found my lehenga otherwise (I still am wholeheartedly in love with it)

CTC , Chabbra, & some other well marketed stores:.  I went inside one such store that a lehenga agent recommended to me and the guy made me sit and had a 10 minute discussion of what my 'style' was. After I told him that I dont like bling- I like stuff like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra etc. He agreed and said he would show me something DITTO same. Out came a red lehenga with A LOT of Swarovski and sequin work which quite frankly even a bride in the 1960's would have been terrified of.  Of course these places are really cheap so the lehenga was under 50K, for example, but the quality was just not there, at least from my experience!

So, is Chandni Chowk the best place in Delhi to shop for lehengas? : Personally, I dont think so - it's definitely a must visit for bridal shopping just because it helps you gauge an idea of the vast variety they have, however do remember they take at least 4 -5 weeks to make a lehenga . Plus, if you compare prices, there isn't a very significant difference according to me. So while a trip to Chandni Chowk is nice, don't get too caught up if you don't find your lehenga there. I *almost* did, but then I didnt.

Points to remember

  • Those of you from outside Delhi- Chandni Chowk is like having a gazillion people fit inside a 10 feet box with lanes so narrow that only 1 person can go at one time. I am NOT exaggerating. Its not an easy to place to navigate in the least and honestly none of the shops have addresses
  • Be careful of those random lehenga agents who take you to shops they get commissioned on. Don't ask them directions for shops because they end of taking you to totally different ones. True story- a girl wrote in to me saying that she went to what was Om Prakash, but turned out to be a different Om Prakash than the one I recommended. That 'different' Om Prakash was a scamster and the shopkeeper dissapeared with their money!
  • Bargain. It works in Chandni Chowk.
  • Changing colors, a little bit of embroidery on the blouse or little changes to dupatta is fine but do not ask for a major overhaul of a lehenga here.  It is best to order on an existing sample!
  • Don't forget to stop for some chaat and some Karim's mutton korma. Even if you land up in the hospital the next day with a heart disease , or diarrhea, its bloody worth it!
  • Remember most shops in Delhi work with smaller 'masterjis' and 'workshops' who do the work. So chances are you see the same lehenga in 3 different stores. My aim was to find one that I did NOT see in every store , and I'm ecstatic that I chose what I did, but don't be disheartened if the lehenga you like in one store is very expensive. Go to a few others and you will hit jackpot !

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